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Consideration of the meaning of the word horā

1The garland of syllables, which are written by the creator on the forehead, an astrologer should study that manifested with the spotless eye of the Horā.
2Ahorātra (day and night) is Horā from the dropping of the first and last syllables and connected with that is the manual, from which this association of the planets and zodiac signs is considered.
3The wise state the cause of obtainment of the result of the actions [missing text]. Horā is the name of the manual. And others state it is of the lagna and also of the half of the zodiac sign.
4The jātaka (astrological calculation of the nativity), which is renowned in the world, here that is called the Horā or rather the method of the investigation of that related to the divine (fate). Indeed, this is the oral tradition.
5Having abandoned the jātaka (astrological calculation of the nativity), no other counsel exists in the proper time of an expedition, a boat in an ocean of misfortune, or a friend of men in the acquisition of property.
Thus, in the Sārāvalī composed by Kalyāṇavarma is the second chapter named as The consideration of the meaning of the word horā.

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