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Saravali 1-9

– 5 –


1The chapters on the knowledge of the division of the zodiac signs and the division of the planetary sources has been declared. Now I shall explain the entire and comprehensive miscellaneous terminology.
2The nine states of a planet with the Sun, [etc.] are Dīpta (illuminated), Svastha (content), Mudita (pleased), Śānta (pacified), Śakta (able), Nipīḍita (painfully squeezed), Bhīta (terrified), Vikala (defective), and Khala (mischievous).
3In one’s own exaltation it is Dīpta (illuminated), in one’s own zodiac sign it is Svastha (content), in a friendly zodiac sign it is Mudita (pleased), situated in a benefic varga it is Śānta (pacified), and dense mass of bright rays it is Śakta (able).
4Vikala (useless) is declared when it’s light is elided by the Sun; Nipīḍita (painfully squeezed), defeated by
a planet; Khala (mischievous), situated in the company of a malefic; and Bhīta (terrified), in debilitation.
5In Dīpta (illuminated) a man with the body encircled with fortune, the tribe of the enemy burnt by radiant and vehement fire, and the surface of the earth moistened with the mada (fragrant secretion from the temples of elephants in heat) of elephants roams about.
6Svastha (content) at birth, one engages in wealth, pleasantries, heaps of gold. governorship of punishment of the king, and increase of the household, grains, and houses.
7In Mudita (pleased), a pleased man amuses oneself. A man is possessing happiness, has the entire side of the enemy subdued, and fully satisfied with charming women, gold, and gems.
8In Śānta (pacified) a pious, beneficent, wise, calm-minded man, who is the friend of the king, and having a share in comfort and wealth is born.
9Always, a man of great fame amuses oneself with a garland of perfumes, garments, and women and is renowned and beloved of everybody in the named Śakta (able).
10But with unpleasantries, diseases, and enemies one is painfully squeezed in the named Pīḍita (painfully squeezed). Tormented by the separation from kinsmen one wanders from a place to place.
11Even a king with abundant resources is painfully squeezed, strength completely destroyed by the enemy, and come to submission obtaining ruin and misery in Bhīta (terrified).
12Deprived of one’s own position, dirty, destroyed strength, and attention greatly startled by the strength of the enemy, one enters a hostile place in Vikala (defective).
13Also, how does a man afflicted by the unpleasant support of women and thoughts fixed on the impure and loss of one’s entire wealth abandon the burden of sorrow in Khala (mischievous)?
14[A planet] is strong in an exaltation zodiac sign and retrograde. Therefore, here [a planet] in deep retrograde and in one’s own exaltation based on great abundance is desired of time. Not so by others (others
disagree with this principle).
15Those situated in one’s own exaltation are in most excellent strength, in mūlatrikoṇa and in one’s own zodiac sign they are in medium (strength), and those aspected by a friend or situated in a friendly zodiac
sign contain smaller strength.
16In the first ten days of the waxing of the Moon, medium strength is declared by the wise of the Yavanas, in the second set of ten is the best declared, and the Moon is of trifling strength in the third (set of days).
17Very full, bright and continual circle of the collection of the conceived Moons, here the Moon produces unimpeded strength in success.
18The lord of which zodiac sign occupied by the Moon, the lord of the lagna, or also Jupiter in the angle, there happiness in the middle of the period of life of that.
19With the strength of the zodiac sign and the lord of that is the result of the division of the zodiac signs to be calculated. At the same time, is the determination to be done of the acquisition of a single result.
20When there is equal strength of the planets in the horoscope, Nisargaja (innate strength of the planet) is
to be considered by the ācāryas (preceptors). In the book, the Cūḍ āmaṇ i states the strength (of the lagna)
is equal to the lord of the lagna .
21The exaltation strength of Mercury in Virgo is always with those exaltation portions (degrees) (0-15° Virgo). Further, with five portions (degrees) are produced in the (mūla)trikoṇ a (15-20° Virgo). Further, born in one’s own zodiac sign (20-30° Virgo).
22The exaltation of the Moon is three of the portions (0-3° degrees) in Taurus and the other portions (degrees) (3-30° degrees) are (mūla)trikoṇ a . Twelve portions (0-12° degrees) in Aries is the (mūla)trikoṇ a of Mars, but the others is one’s own zodiac sign.
23Ten portions (degrees) (0-10°) in Sagittarius is the (mūla)trikoṇa of Jupiter and the others are one’s own zodiac sign. But the (mūla)trikoṇa of Venus is with five (degrees) (0-5°) in Libra and the others (5-30°) is one’s own zodiac sign.
24Twenty portions (degrees) in Leo is the (mūla)trikoṇa of the Sun and the other (degrees) is one’s own zodiac sign. In Aquarius the (mūla)trikoṇa and one’s own zodiac sign of Saturn is similar to the Sun in Leo.
25A planet situated in one’s own exaltation achieves a full benefic result, but situated in a debilitated zodiac sign it achieves a fruitless benefic result. In enemy’s zodiac sign a planet achieves a little of the benefic. In a friendly zodiac sign a planet achieves a quarter (one-fourth) of the benefic. In one’s own zodiac sign a planet achieves half more than a friend (one-half) of the benefic result. A planet possessed of
the position in (mūla)trikoṇa achieves three-fourths of a the benefic.
26Indeed, a planet situated in a debilitated zodiac achieves all the malefic (result) and somewhat lessened in an enemy zodiac sign. Fruitless in one’s own exaltation. Three quarters in a friendly zodiac sign. A achieves half of a malefic (result) in one’s own zodiac sign. Possessed of the position in a (mūla)trikoṇa, a quarter.
27Planets’ rays ellided by the Sun (planets combusted by the Sun) are calamitous, reviled in debilitation and situated in an enemy zodiac sign. Planets conquered in battle cause destruction of auspicious results. Planets in a higher degree in the sky cause an increase of inauspicious results.
28A planet joined with the strength of exaltation causes one to be accomplished in great power and so also in the companionship of men. Possessed of strength in a (mūla)trikoṇa, strong lordship.
29Joined with the strength of one’s own zodiac sign one is possessed of good fortune, grain, wealth, and delighted and with the strength of a friend it causes to be born a man possessed of fame,…
30…possessed of tejas, great good fortune, very steady wealth, and wealth obtained from the protector of men. Joined to the strength of one’s own horā it causes to be born one who is valiant, to be thoroughly considered.
31A planet with the whole strength of one’s own drekkāṇa achieves a share in virtues. A planet joined to the strength of one’s own navāṃśa causes a renowned man.
32Joined to strength in the saptāṃśaka (seven divisions of a zodiac sign), bold and abounding in wealth and fame. And indeed, joined to the strength of the dvirasāṃśa (twelve divisions of a zodiac sign), assisting others and delighted in action.
33Thus with the strength of triṃśāṃśa, one should achieve abundant comfort and be possessed of virtues. One joined to the result of an auspicious aspect one should cause a man to be possessed of wealth, fame,
good fortune, eminence of all, beautiful body, and good comfort.
34With the strength of the male and female zodiac signs one causes a man honored by people, skilled in the arts, delighted thought, cleverness, and timid of other worlds.
35Joined with the strength of position a man should have comfort in position, be good-hearted, abounding
in fortune, brave, steady in what is understood, and be active in one’s own doctrine.
36A planet joined to directional strength ascertains one’s own direction in the sky. Having ascertained, it
causes a man possessed of comfort, conveyances, accessories, and garments.
37Joined to āyana strength it should give association with various kinds of means in one’s own direction.
38Wherever a planet is joined to strength of motion it sometimes gives dominion, honor, wealth, and distinguished fame.
39But those retrograde benefic planets with great strength give dominion and malefics planets of those unfortunate men perform foolish wandering.
40A planetary lord with the strength of victory springing from the easily done with the planetary conjunction of one’s own position (victory in a planetary war) brings about complete auspiciousness, dominion, and an entirely conquered enemy.
41With planets complete in night or day strength, a man with an increase in heroism brings discredit on the side of the enemy and with the acquisition of land and elephants enjoys fortune.
42Those double lords of the month, day, and horā of the lord of the year with the increase of the regular course should give double in comfort, wealth, and fame among one’s own daśās.
43From the strength of the pakṣa (waxing/waning phase of the Moon) those should give destruction of the enemy furnished with gems, garments, and elephants, and obtaining women, gold, land, and fame of dazzling white lunar rays.
44Those planets radiant with praised, pure, streams of light of the masses of light of the entire rays of light should give everlasting dominion, comfort, and exceeding desire.
45Men with benefic planets joined to strength are joined to purity, auspiciousness, virtue, good conduct, well-formed, splendid, understanding the performed, devoted to the divine of the twice-born, and delighting in garlands, garments, perfumes, and ornaments.
46With malefic planets joined to strength, those are greedy, delighted in bad actions, devoted to one’s own actions, quarreling and hostile with sādhus, conquering with tamas, always cruel, delighted with killing, dirty, destroying the accomplished, backbiting, and with bad appearance (ugly).
47The name is Bāla (infant) of the planets situated in one’s own friendly zodiac sign and the indicated name is Kumāra (child) of those planets situated in one’s own (mūla)trikoṇa).
48The name is Yuvarāja (heir-apparent) of those planets situated in one’s own exaltation and Vṛ ddha (old age) of those situated in an enemy zodiac sign. Thus is it declared.
49It is named Maraṇ a (dying) of those planets situated in debilitation. Indeed, the daśā of the planets should be joined to the result of the daśā, respectively.
50A lord of the earth (ruler) with those strengths related to the Yuvans (adolescence) is happy and good-tempered. With those strengths of the Vṛddhas (old age) there is increase in debt. Dying and loss in Maraṇ a (dying).
51With those situated in male zodiac signs with benefic planets possessed of strength, those brave and guarding against hostile encounters are born. With those motionless malefics, those good at being ruthless and fools are born.
52Among those situated in the young female’s zodiac sign, those men are gentle, fearful of a hostile encounter, delighted in water, flowers, and garments, are auspicious, healthy, and pleased with one’s own
Thus, in the Sārāvalī composed by Kalyāṇavarma is the fifth chapter on miscellaneous.

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