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Saravali 1-9

– 6 –

Yoga kārakas

1If those are situated in one’s own zodiac sign, (mūla)trikoṇa, or exaltation among the angles, those should be each other’s kārakas (agents), indeed, among the angles considered of Hari.
2[For example], Saturn situated in Libra, Jupiter and the Moon in the lagna in Cancer, and Mars in Aries joined to the Sun, these are one another’s kārakas (agents).
3Planets situated in an exaltation, friend, one’s own zodiac, or aṃśa (portion) are declared kārakas (agents). And Cāṇakya says, “From its characteristic difference, the Sun in the tenth house.”
4Situated in the lagna, together with the fourth house, and also situated in the tenth house, all those are kārakas (agents). Also some desire in the eleventh house. That is not considered of the great sages.
5One born in a low strata with kāraka planets goes towards preeminence. Born from the lineage of a lord of the earth there is a lord of men without a doubt.
6The creator of the kāraka (agent) possessed of strength is the cause among the yogas declared by Hari. Therefore, the ascertainment of the result is caused to be declared with those creators of the kārakas (agents), etc.
Thus, in the Sārāvalī composed by Kalyāṇavarma is the sixth chapter on the kārakas (agents).

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