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Saravali 1-9

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1The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are the lords of the day, etc. In the month beginning in Āśvina on the lord of the day and in the year of the lord of the day.
2Those fourth are the lords of the year, but the sixth are the lords of the horās (hours) of time. There should be 24 horās (hours). But thirty days are those [months] increased by one.
3The months are multiplied by thirty elapsed days and the days are apportioned into sevens. From the lord of the year those are to be calculated. But when elapsed by the day, etc. in continuity.
4Joined with thirty portions (tithis) each of Caitra, etc. of the planets, etc. in due order it is to be known at the calculation commencing at the bright fortnight of the Moon.
5That which is the state of whichever planet, one declares the karma (action) of that in the zodiac sign, when situated in that upacaya, and when a planet is situated in that lagna.
6Indeed, that karma (action) of those on the day of the planet during the time of the horā (hour), year, month, those are increased by a quarter or the result of time should be among those.
7The Sun is the lord of lions, wool, mountains, gold, cutting weapons, poisons, fire, medicines, lord of men, barbarians, oceans, stars, the indigenous, wood, and mantras .
8The Moon is the lord of ornaments, women, ghee, sesamum plants, sesamum oil, sleep, clothes, and among poets, flowers, food, jewels, silver, conch-shells, reaping, and water.
9Mars is the lord of the earth, lord of men, declines, fainting, bilious temperaments, thieves, blood, plants, copper, beautiful colors, saffron, quicksilver, the mind, rocks, etc.
10Mercury is the lord of birds, couples, fame, the vanaspati tree, things made of gold, the heard, written, crafts, physicians, dexterity, messengers, and jokes.
11Jupiter is the lord of gold, beds, vehicles, seats, grains, houses, sons, good fortune, dharma, nourishment, greatness, acquisition of knowledge, business, towns, and kingdoms.
12Venus is the lord of cow dung, pathology, knowledge, sexual intercourse, silver, diamonds, jewels, ornaments, marriage, fragrance, the desired, garlands, and maidens.
13Saturn is the lord of vile women, commodities, slaves, the poor, initiations, tin, lead, iron, inferior grain, dead relatives, the ignorant, and hired servants.
14The Sun apparent in the province of Kaliṅga, the Moon is apparent among the Yavanas, Venus is apparent in Samataṭa (a country in eastern India). Jupiter is apparent in the Sindhu territory.
15Mercury is apparent among the Magadha (southern part of Bihar), Saturn is apparent among the Saurāṣṭra (Gujarat), Mars is apparent in in Ujjayinī, but Rahu and Ketu are apparent in Drāviḍa.
Thus, in the Sārāvalī composed by Kalyāṇavarma is the seventh chapter on the kārakas (agents).

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