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Saravali 1-9

– 9 –


1Indeed, the impregnation declared by me is the superior means of the complete ascertainment of the time of birth. When well ascertained in that, I will explain the chapter on birth.
2When a head rising (zodiac sign) is in the lagna, the birth is by the head. Otherwise when rising, with the legs. When a both rising (zodiac sign), with the hands. When aspected by a benefic, the birth is comfortable. Otherwise, difficult.
3Here always the childbirth of women is to be known in the place like the aṃśa (portion) of the zodiac sign. In the aṃśa (portion) of a mixed (dual) zodiac sign, on a road. Thus in the aṃśa (portion) of a fixed zodiac sign, in one’s own house.
4When the navāṃśa of one’s own zodiac sign is in the lagna, the childbirth is in one’s own house. When different, it is located otherwise. From the strength of the planet of the father and mother childbirth, it should be in this or that (father’s or mother’s) house, respectively.
5Child-bearing is by a river, a tree, or enclosure with benefics situated in debilitation. If the planets are similarly situated (in debilitation) and do not aspect the lagna and the Moon, the birth is in a great forest.
6When the full Moon is situated in the fourth, first, or tenth house in a watery zodiac sign aspects a watery zodiac sign, thus one should know the childbirth is in water.
7When the full Moon is situated in one’s own zodiac sign with benefics in the lagna, when situated in a watery (zodiac sign) with benefics situated in the fourth house, or when the Moon is situated in a watery zodiac sign in the lagna born of water, [similar results are predicted].
8But when Saturn is in the lagna of Scorpio or Cancer and aspected by the Moon, the Yavanas declare together with the Maṇitthas the childbirth of women is in a hole.
9When Saturn is in a lagna born of water and aspected by Mercury, childbirth is on a playground. By the Sun, in a temple. And thus indeed, by the Moon, on saline soil (barren soil).
10When the lagna is in a forest zodiac sign (Aries, Taurus, and Leo), on an impassable forest on a hill. Thus when the Sun is in the lagna aspected by Mars, at a burial ground. By Mercury, at a decorative home.
11When aspected by the Sun they declare the birth is by the dwelling of a cow, a lord, or the divine. By Venus and Mercury, at a pleasant place. When aspected by Jupiter in a human lagna, by a fire sacrifice of a Brahmin.
12When Jupiter is in one’s own exaltation in the tenth house, the childbirth is in a two, three, or four storied house. In an aṃśa (portion) or zodiac sign of Saturn with benefics situated in the fourth or tenth house, by a rampart.
13Two by two zodiac signs situated from Aries are among the east, etc. and those two-bodied (zodiac signs) are among the angles in the division of the house. But indeed the lagna should be with those foremost of those.
14Among the angles of the circle of the zodiac sign in the division of the directions among the planets are the rooms of that. When having predominance of strength in Capricorn or Sagittarius, the house will have two and three rooms, respectively.
15When Venus, the house should be bright and new in this case. When Jupiter, solid. When Mars, burnt, When the Sun, entirely of wood. When the Moon, new. When Mercury, created by many craftsmen. When Saturn, old.
16The bedroom is from the placement in the seventh house. The door is from the ruler of the direction endowed with strength. With those associations with the planets with the zodiac signs should be those neighbouring houses to be considered.
17Thus, is a temple, water, fire, treasury, recreation, rubbish, and place of sleep of the earth from the association with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury.
18The position of the cot are the bed characteristics similar to the planet joined like the zodiac sign. One knowing the divine should know those are performed by the aspect of a benefic.
19Beginning in the east each pair of zodiac signs are the zodiac signs of the legs (of the cot). There, the head up to the knees of the bed is the same characteristic of the planet.
20Joined to a planet or connected with depression among the dual form zodiac signs and the sixth, third, ninth, and twelfth houses are the legs of the bed. The limbs are the remaining zodiac signs.
21When the Moon is situated in debilitation there is resting on the ground (the birth is on the ground). Or even if in the fourth house or the lagna, those births are to be known similar to the planets joined to a weak point in the lagna or with the Moon.
22The interior they declare with those contained in the unrisen half of the zodiac. Otherwise, external in the one. The association with the characteristics, forms, and ornaments of those ornaments is from the association from the benefics.
23Ugly bodies, those destitute of lucky marks, and those very wild and dirty with malefics. Mediocre forms with the mixed. Thus all those are to be determined with those situated with strength.
24When the Sun is solitary in the twelve bhāgas (portions), thus the lamp in the bedroom is among the movable, fixed, etc. caused to be declared at the time of birth.
25As much as is risen from the lagna, so much is related to the condition of the burnt [wick of the lamp]. The lamp is full of oil when the Moon is full and lessened when the Moon is waned.
26When the Sun possessed of strength is aspected by Mars, one should declare many lights. With the others with strength by position with those begotten, the light is by grass.
27Then when the Moon is in an aṃśa (portion) of Saturn or a watery aṃśa (portion), or when joined together with Saturn in the fourth house or when aspected by those; one should perform the birth in darkness, without a doubt.
28When the Moon is not aspecting the lagna, the birth is when the father is situated out of sight. When the Sun is situated in the tenth house or in a movable zodiac sign, the birth is when the father is situated in a foreign country.
29When the Sun during the day and Saturn during the night is aspected by Mars, also the father was in a distant place. When joined or aspected in a movable sign [with the above combination], there is the death of the father in a distant place.
30With malefics in the fifth, ninth, and seventh house or with those aspected by malefics from the Sun; the father is confined in foreign place, in one’s own place, or on the road from the influence of the zodiac sign.
31With those malefics situated in the seventh, fifth, and ninth houses, the birth is destitute of happiness. With benefics situated in the tenth and fourth houses there are great successes.
32If Jupiter is not aspecting the Moon and the lagna, the Sun with the Moon joined to a malefic, or the Moon with the Sun; one should be born of an illicit lover.
33The Jupiter, the Moon, and the Sun in debilitation during child-bearing or Saturn is in the lagna and the lagna, the Moon, and Venus not aspected by benefics, thus the birth is by another.
34The suffering of the mother is with malefics joined with the Moon situated in the fourth and seventh house or malefics aspected by Mars in the seventh zodiac sign from the Moon, for the death.
35The Sun joined by a malefic in the tenth house from the Moon causes the death of the mother. In the fifth or ninth houses from Venus joined Saturn or aspected by that.
36Saturn in a trikoṇ a (5th or 9th house) zodiac sign from the Moon during the night produces the destruction of the mother. Thus indeed, Mars aspected together by a malefic during the day.
37When Mars and Saturn are in a trikoṇa (fifth and ninth house) and the Moon is situated in the seventh house, [the child] is abandoned by the mother. When aspected by Jupiter, endowed with comfort and long living.
38When the Moon is in the lagna and Mars is situated in the seventh house aspected by malefics, the [child] abandoned dies. Thus, Mars and Saturn situated in one’s own eleventh house from the lagna.
39A benefic possessed of strength aspecting seized like those, such like those is the birth. Or when aspected by benefic and malefic planets seized with the others, one dies.
40When Saturn and Mars are situated in the same aṃśa (portion), one is abandoned by the mother. When Mars in the seventh zodiac sign from the lagna when aspected by Saturn, the result is the same.
41That which is like the benefic aspecting creates the quality of the offspring similar to that. Resembling the father and mother of the Sun and the Moon from association with the strength.
42With Leo, Aries, and Taurus in the lagna, and if Mars and Saturn are in the lagna, the offspring body portion like the aṃśa (portion) of the zodiac sign is wrapped with a tube.
43When a malefic is situated in the lagna in the drekkāṇa of Mars or Saturn or when joined to the Moon with benefics situated in the second and eleventh houses, [the offspring] is wrapped with an umbilical cord.
44The Sun situated in a quadruped zodiac sign and those strong remaining situated in a two-bodied (dual zodiac sign), indeed it produces twins with wrapped bodies with those wombs.
45Those similar to the ninth bhāga (portion) in the lagna from the planet associated with strength or also from the union with the Moon in the ninth bhāga (portion) there is the declaration of the appearance of the offspring.
46If many are joined to strength, then the mixed form is caused to be declared. Having known the race, caste, place, and the man, the wise one should declare the information.
47The Sun situated in the thirty bhāgas (portions) of whichever planet is similar to that. Thus should be the material nature. The sages determine.
48Having known friendship and enmity at that time, strength, and the endowment with debilitation and exaltation and having known their own planetary natures, from those another is also to be considered.
49When the waning Moon is with a malefic, the mother dies. When the Sun, the father. When aspected by those possessed of strength it is possessed of that. With those mixed, there is disease. With benefics, there is comfort.
50The spacious and bright Moon situated in one’s own exaltation or the Moon in one’s own zodiac sign joined to Jupiter and Venus aspected by Mercury or also the Moon in the fifth house indeed is giving excessive comfort of the mother. Indeed, also the Sun likewise always of the father.
Thus, in the Sārāvalī composed by Kalyāṇavarma is the ninth chapter on birth.

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