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Saravali 10-18

Saravali 10-18

– 10 –

Evils at birth

1In the absence of knowledge of longevity, attempts to know other information are futile. So I explain below Arishtas (evils) in order to determine longevity.
2Male planets are strong in odd Rasis, bright lunar half and day-time. Female planets are strong in even Rasis, dark lunar half and night-time.
3There are three kinds of evils, explained by astrological expounders. These are preordained, accidental and Yogaja (arising of planetary combinations). The third kind is dealt with below, while others are explained later on.
4Should Jupiter be in 8th and in a House of Mars and aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn, the child dies in 3 years.
5If Saturn is retrograde in a House of Mars, while Moon is in 6th, 8th, or an Angle and aspect Mars, the child born lives for two years.
6-7If Saturn joins Sun and Moon at birth, the life-span is only nine years, according to Brahmasaunda. Should Mars, Sun and Saturn be in Taurus identical with 8th, the native lives for one month even though Lord Yama may try to save him.
8-9Even, if there be a single malefic in 8th House, owned by Venus and aspected by other malefics, the native lives for one year only in spite of the fact, that he may drink nectar. If Venus is in 12th, 6th, or 8th, owned by Sun, or Moon and is aspected by all benefics, the life-span is six years.
10-11If Mercury occupies Cancer identical with 6th, or 8th from Ascendant and is aspected by the Moon, life is only up to 4. The efficacious Raja Yogas expounded by Yavanas may produce persons of high descent. Even such children are subject to premature end in this case.
12-13If the birth star is identical with the one, in which Ketu rises, the native lives only for two months. Should the Sun be in 10th House identical with that of Mars, or Saturn and aspected by strong malefic, the native faces immediate death.
14-15Should the Ascendant fall in Nigala, Sarpa, Pakshi, or Pasa decanate and be occupied by malefic planets, without the aspect of the decanate Lord concerned, the native lives up to 7 years only. If Rahu is in an Angle and aspected by malefics, the longevity is only 10, while, according to some, it is 16.
16-17If malefics are Angles and Trines, while benefics are relegated to 6th, 8th and 12th, one born at the time of sunrise dies at once. If the three planets, viz. the Lords of Navansa Lagna, Moon Sign and natal Ascendant, are combust, the person lives just for a few years.
18If the 6th is occupied by the Ascendant Lord, death occurs in the year corresponding to Rasi concerned. If the occupant is the Lord of rising decanate, death occurs in the month corresponding to Rasi concerned and, if it is Lord of Navansa Lagna, the Rasi concerned causes death in so many days.
19If Saturn is in the Ascendant in aspect to malefics, longevity is only 16 days. If Saturn in the Ascendant is in the company of malefics, death occurs in a month and, if he is alone in the Ascendant without malefic connections, the child lives for one year.
20-22If weak Moon is in the Ascendant excepting Cancer, Taurus and Aries and is aspected by malefics, the child passes away (soon). The Moon in 6th, or 8th, if aspected by malefics, causes death in one year, while, when aspected by benefics, she kills in the 8th year. Should the aspect be from both benefics and malefics, the life-span is only 4. This should be decided according to the strength of such bodies.
23-24Should benefics be in 6th, or 8th and be aspected, or conjoined with retrograde malefic, without the aspect of benefic, the child lives only for one month. If malefics are in 12th, 2nd, 6th and 8th, without connection of benefics, the child dies in 6, or 8 months.
25-26If the Lords of Lagna and the Moon Sign are together in 6th, 8th, or 12th and be combust, the child dies in the year corresponding to the Rasi. Should the Lord of the Ascendant be in 7th, defeated by a malefic and be without a benefic’s aspect, death occurs in a month. Similar clues should be drawn from Moon and her dispositor.
27-28If Moon is conjoined with Mars and Sun and be in 2nd, or 5th unaspected by benefics, the child doubtlessly dies in the 9th year. Sages declare, that, if the Ascendant Lord is in 8th in aspect to all the malefics, who are with strength, the child dies in the fourth month.
29-30If the Lord of Moon Sign, the Sun and his son are in 8th, the child dies in the year corresponding to the Rasi concerned. Should the Moon be with malefics, be in 12th, 8th, 6th, or Ascendant and be not aspected by benefics, while benefics are non-angular, the child dies at once.
31-32If malefics are in the oriental half of the Zodiac (from 10th to 4th Bhava Madhya) with benefics relegated to the occidental half, birth in Scorpio Ascendant causes what is Vajra Mushti Yoga. One born in such a Yoga does hardly live. According to Yavanas, if weak Moon is in Lagna, while malefics are angular, or in 8th, (instant) death is caused.
33-34One born in twilight does not live long, if the Ascendant falls in lunar Hora, while malefics are posited in the end of the Rasis, which are angular, along with the Moon. Should the Moon be amidst two malefics and be in 7th, 4th, or 8th, even Gods cannot save one from (instant) death.
35-36If the Moon is hemmed between two malefics, be in the Ascendant, 7th, or 8th and be in aspect to weak benefics, (infant) death follows. Should malefics be in 7th and 8th and be aspected by malefics, the child dies along with its mother. If there be aspect from benefics in such a case, the mother becomes sick (there will not be immediate death).
37-38If the Moon be eclipsed and be in the Ascendant along with malefics, while Mars is in 8th, the child quits the world along with its mother. The mother dies of weapons along with the child, if it be a solar eclipse with Sun and malefics in the Ascendant, while Mars is in 8th. Should weak Moon be in the Ascendant and malefics be angular, or in 8th, without benefic’s aspect, death is imminent. This view is of Satyacarya.
39-40The undermentioned combinations cause death soon. Sun in 7th, while Saturn, or Mars is in Ascendant. Sun in Ascendant, while Saturn, or Mars is in 7th. Saturn, or Mars joining Moon and she not aspected by benefics. Malefics in Ascendant, 8th, 7th, 4th and 10th, the Moon be decreasing in 12th.
41-42Moon, Sun, Saturn and Mars are capable of inflicting infant death, if they are together in Ascendant, 12th, 9th, or 8th, unaspected by Jupiter. If Ascendant is tenanted by Sun, or Moon, while malefics are in Trines, or 8th and be not aspected by, or conjoined with benefics, according to Yavanas, infant death is caused.
43-44Venus joining the Sun and Saturn causes instant death. This combination doubtlessly gives death in the 9th year, if aspected by Jupiter. Death in childhood occurs, if Moon is conjoined with Mars, Sun and Saturn, provided unaspected by benefic planets.
45-46If Sun is aspected by Mars and Saturn in the case of a day birth, it soon leads to death of the father. The Sun joining malefics (for day birth) also indicates the same effect. The child’s father and paternal grandfather will face early death, if Sun is in Ascendant along with Mars and Saturn, but unrelated to Mercury, Jupiter and Venus.
47-48If Sun is hemmed between two malefics, or is conjoined with malefics, one born during day-time loses his father early without any doubt. The child’s father at once quits the world, if planet Sun has Mars and Saturn in 8th from him unaspected by benefics.
49-50If at birth Sun is in a Movable Rasi along with malefics, the father of the child dies of poison, weapons etc. Malefics (or even a malefic) in 8th, 9th, or 7th from Moon can cause death of the child along with its mother.
51-52The father of the child was away at the time of birth, if Sun is in a Movable Sign, in case of day birth and aspected by Mars. Saturn in a Movable Rasi and in aspect to the Sun in the case of night birth denotes same results.
53-54In the case of night birth, if Saturn is in a Movable Sign along with Mars, the father undoubtedly dies in a distant place. If Sun joins Mars and Saturn in any Rasi, the father dies before the birth of the native.
55-56If malefics are disposed in Ascendant, 8th, 7th, 6th and 12th, the child dies along with its mother. There is no doubt in it. Should only 6th and 8th be occupied by malefics, the mother does not die, but the child dies. The reverse is true, if malefics are in Ascendant, 8th and 7th.
57-67Mars, or Saturn in 12th can deprive the native of his eyes. Saturn right and Mars left eye. The native becomes blind, if Sun and Moon are in 12th, while 6th and 8th are occupied by malefics. Even, if one among the Sun and the Moon is in 12th, damage to eye is indicated (Sun affects the right eye, while Moon affects the left one). If Rahu is in Ascendant, while Sun is in 7th, the native is blind by birth. Should 2nd and 12th be occupied by Moon and Sun, while malefics are in 8th and 6th, the person born is blind. If Moon is in 6th, Sun in 8th, Saturn in 9th and Mars in 2nd, simultaneously, the native is blind. Should Moon be in the company of Mars and Saturn and be posited in 8th, or 6th, the native looses his eyesight due to bilious and phlegmatic imbalances. Should the said Moon be conjunct other malefics, apart from Mars and Saturn, in this combination, if the House involving Moon is the 8th, the damage is to the right eye and, if it be the 6th, the left eye is damaged. Should, however, this combination be aspected by benefics, the damage is not at birth, but will be later on. If Moon is in 8th, or 12th along with Saturn and be aspected by malefics, eyesight is lost due to windy and phlegmatic complaints (here also 8th indicates right, while 12th the left eye). And, if benefics aspect the said Moon in 8th/12th, the loss is not at birth, but in the course of time. If Moon is thus associated with Saturn and Sun (in several ways), damage to eyes is to be predicted.
68-70Moon in 11th, 3rd, or Ascendant along with malefics causes defects of the ears. If she is aspected by malefics, the effect is along with birth (i.e. immediate). Should 9th and 5th be aspected, or occupied by malefics, ear defects at the time of birth exist. Malefics in 9th affect the right ear, while in 5th they damage the left ear. Benefics aspecting, or occupying these Houses cause on the other hand good in respect of ears.
71-73Whatever Rasi is indicative of a disease shall be treated, as the limb to be afflicted by such disease. The Moon Sign can also be similarly considered. Benefics cause birth marks on the right, or left side of the body, according to their occupation. Should malefics aspect these benefics, loss of concerned limb should be expected. Malefics and benefics according to their association with Moon and the visible and invisible halves (counted from Lagna) cause bad and good results in this respect.
74-76The Sun and the Moon in the 3rd House identical with Pisces cause illness from birth and the child lives only for three days. If the Moon is in the 10th from the Ascendant, while the Sun singly, or with all others is in the 3rd asterism from that occupied by the Moon, the child lives only for one night. The life span is just one week, if the Sun and Mars are in the 7th from the Moon.
77-82The following combinations prevailing at the time of a disease cause death in so many days, as indicated: 1) Malefics in 4th and 8th from Lagna-10 days. 2) Malefics in 2nd and 12th from Lagna10 days. 3) The Sun in 5th, while Moon is in 9th from the Ascendant12 days. 4) The Moon in Angle, while the Sun is in 4th, or 8th 3 nights. 5) The Moon in the 4th, while the Sun is in the 6th 18 days. 6) The Sun in the 5th, or 9th from the Moon20 days. 7) The Sun in the Ascendant, or the 8th and in aspect to Saturn and Mars will finally inflict death on the patient.
83-88Mars in Lagna, or other Angles, while Jupiter is not so causes death. The Sun in Lagna, Jupiter non angular and malefics in the 8th cause immediate death. Similar results should be predicted, if the Moon is in the Ascendant, while Jupiter is in a place other than Angles and malefics are in the 8th. Malefics in the 7th from the rising decanate, while the Moon is in the Ascendant will also cause death at birth. (In this case, the Moon shall be in the rising decanate, while malefics shall occupy the l9th decanate). A majority of planets in the 8thprimarily maleficsindicate longevity ranging from seven days to one month. A dead child is born, if Saturn is in the Ascendant, while Mars is in the 8th, with Jupiter being not in an Angle.
89-90Saturn in the rising decanate, while a malefic is in the 5th and another in the 9ththe latter two should be exactly on trinal decanates, as Saturn isindicates disease. Mars in the place of Saturn in the said combination denotes (infant) death, while the Sun so placed indicates disease, deformity, or death.
91If at birth Mars is in the Ascendant, while Venus is in an Angle, Mars causes death, when he resumes the same point in the next round in his transit.
92If Jupiter is in a Trine, Ascendant Lord in the Ascendant and Mars in an Angle to one of them, it can cause immediate death.
93-97The native lives for 108 years, if the 8th House is not occupied, while Ascendant is free from malefic residence and Jupiter is in an Angle. A span of over 108 years is granted, if Jupiter and Venus are in an Angle, while there are no malefics in Trines and the 8th. Predict 120 years of life, if Venus is in the Ascendant, Jupiter is in an Angle other than the Ascendant and the 8th House is not occupied by malefics. Similar span of life is given, if Jupiter is in Cancer Ascendant along with Venus, or the Moon, while the 8th House is not occupied. If Angles, Trines and the 8th House are not occupied by malefics, one’s longevity is comparable to that of Gods.
98Weak Moon along with malefics, if posited in the 8th, 7th, 12th, 1st, 5th, or 9th and unaspected by benefics will only grant elapsed longevity, i.e. immediate death.
99When the child with powerful infant mortal combinations is in its first year, death will come to pass, if the Moon with strength passes over the natal position of another qualified planet, or on its own natal position (i.e. Janma Rasi), or natal Ascendant. In all these cases, the Moon should be aspected by malefics.
100-103Any one group of the following planets joining in one House will cause death in five years: d) The Sun, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter, 2) Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon, 3) The Sun, Saturn, Mars and the Moon. Even, if a child is on the God’s laps, it will die in 11th year, if the Sun conjunct Mercury is aspected by malefics. Death within 7 years of age will occur, if the Sun is in the Ascendant along with Mars and Saturn, while declining Moon is in the 7th House in a House owned by Venus, provided this combination is not aspected by Jupiter. Should the Sun and the declining Moon be in Angles and be conjunct with, or in aspect to Mars and Saturn, the child has a longevity of only 4 years. In these cases, i.e., where child mortality is indicated, there is no use of making any calculations.
104If waning Moon, or Lagna Lord be in the Marana Pada and aspected by all the malefics, but not benefics, the length of life is only 3 years. Notes: Marana Pada has been interpreted, as 8th House by some. But it actually means the Rasi counted so many Signs away from the Rasi, in which the 8th Lord is, as he is away from the 8th. Note how many Signs away the 8th Lord is from the 8th. So many Rasis away from the 8th Lord’s Rasi is Marana Pada.
105-107If all benefic planets are in the visible half of the Zodiac, while malefics are relegated the invisible half Rahu be specifically in the Ascendantat the time of birth, the longevity is only 3 years. Should Rahu be in the 7th House in exclusive aspect to the Luminaries and be unaspected by others, death before the age of 12 is denoted.
108-110If Rahu is in Aquarius, Leo, or Scorpio identical with the Ascendant and is aspected by malefics, the life span is only 7. If Dhuma Ketu rises followed by fall of meteor and strong gale and, if birth occurs in Raudra Muhurta, or Sarpa Muhurta, the subject invites early death.
111-114The Moon is capable of inflicting death, if she is in any of the following degrees at birth: Aquarius 21, Leo 5, Taurus 9, Scorpio 23, Aries 8, Cancer 12, Libra 4, Capricorn 20, Virgo 1, Sagittarius 18, Pisces 10 and Gemini 22. If the Moon is in such degrees at birth, death is indicated in the corresponding year and the native cannot be protected by even God Yama.
115-118Assess the strengths of Ascendant, Angles etc., at birth. Jupiter is life spirit of all natives. The time of death should be known through Jupiter. If he is in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th, or Ascendant, he proves fatal at the age of 5 10, 46, 20. 30, 40 and 50, respectively.
Thus ends the 10th Ch. entitled Evils at Birth in Kalyana Varma’s Saravali.

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