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Saravali 19-27

Saravali 19-27

– 19 –

Effects of 6 planets in conjunction

1Mercury-moon-sun-mars-jupiter-venus yoga. If these six planets join together, the native will be learned, virtuous, will have an emaciated body, be acquainted with many languages and will have distinguished knowledge.
2Sun-moon-mars-mercury-jupiter-saturn yoga. Should these planets be together, the native will be liberal, helpful to others, fickle minded, of Sattvik disposition and will gratify his sexual desires in lonely places.
3Mercury-moon-sun-mars-saturn-venus yoga. Should these six planets join in one House, the native will be a thief, be addicted to others’ women, subjected to leprosy, discarded by his own men, be a dunce, deprived of position and be issueless.
4Venus-moon-sun-mars-jupiter-saturn yoga. If these six planets are together, the native will be mean, will do others’ jobs, suffer from tuberculosis, breathing and sneezing troubles (i.e. sneezing etc.) and will be blamed by his relatives.
5Sun-moon-mercury-jupiter-venus-saturn yoga. One with this six-planetary conjunction will be a king’s minister, fortunate, patient and will suffer from grief. He will have no wife and wealth.
6Mercury-mars-saturn-jupiter-venus-sun yoga. If the said six planets are together the subject will always wander in shrines, be deprived of issues and wealth and will live in forests and hills.
7Mars-saturn-venus-moon-mercury-jupiter yoga. One with these six planets will be pure at all times, valorous, will seek sexual union with many women, be dear to king, be a minister and be endowed with wealth, issues and happiness.
8Planetary conjunctions. If 5, or 6 planets join at birth, normally such natives will be penniless, subjected to grief and be dull-witted. Even aspects among such planets will yield similar results according to Kandalas.
Thus ends the 19th Ch., entitled “Effects of six planet combinations” in Kalyana Varma’s Saravali.

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