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Saravali 28-36

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Different houses and worldly affairs

1-7Effects of several planets aspecting the ascendant. If the Sun aspects the Ascendant, the native will be valorous, will be irascible with females, be cruel, will gain wealth from paternal side and will serve the king. If the Moon aspects the Ascendant, he will be under the control of women, fortunate, be very courteous, be very wealthy, softly disposed and will gain by dealing in water-born articles. If Mars lends his aspect to the Ascendant, one will be fond of valorous acts and battles, irascible, will have severed relationship, be very righteous and will have a long penis. Should Mercury aspect the Ascendant, the native will have rich knowledge of arts and will thereby gain and be quite intelligent, famous and honourable. If Jupiter be the aspecting planet with reference to the Ascendant one will be interested in religious observations, be honoured by the king, be famous and will be endowed with (the company of) virtuous people, elders and guests. Venus aspecting the Ascendant denotes, that he will be addicted to many prostitutes, be youthful, will have happiness of wealth and pleasure and will be beautiful in appearance. If Saturn aspects the Ascendant one will be troubled by heavy loads, travels and diseases, be irascible, will be attached to aged women (i.e. will be fond of seeking union with aged females), be devoid of happiness, be dirty and foolish.
8General aspects to ascendant. If a planet (whether natural benefic, or natural malefic) aspects the Ascendant identical with its own Sign, that confers happiness and wealth, apart from close relationship with the king. If the Ascendant is not owned by the aspecting planet, a benefic then confers auspicious effects and a malefic evil results.
9Unaspected ascendant. Should the ascending Sign be not in aspect to even one planet, the native will be devoid of (other) qualities and will acquire exclusive qualities of the Sign concerned.
10-11Special effects. If two, or more planets aspect the Ascendant, the native acquires happiness and wealth. Even one benefic aspecting the Ascendant is auspicious, while a malefic so aspecting is inauspicious. If the Ascendant is aspected by all the planets one rules over the earth. Should all the planets be endowed with strength, he will enjoy all kinds of happiness, be free from fear and be long-lived.
12Planets conjunct in the ascendant. If three planets are together in the Ascendant, the native will be devoid of miseries and will lord over the earth. But, if these are (exclusively) malefics, he will be distressed due to fear, grief etc., will eat much and will be disregarded by one and all.
13Adhi yoga from ascendant. If benefics exclusively occupy the 6th, 7th and 8th, without the company of malefics, Lagnadhi Yoga is caused. This Yoga confers ministership, leadership over Army (justiceship) and kingship, lordship over many women, long life, freedom from diseases and miseries, possession of virtues and happiness. So say Yavana kings.
14A planet in own Sign, or in exaltation/friendly Sign, according to sages, confers its effects fully. If it is in fall, or is inimically placed, it is incapable of giving the results (due to the above mentioned Yoga).
15-20Principles related to the 2nd house. If Mars, Saturn and the Sun occupy the 2nd House, the native’s wealth is destroyed. If weak Moon aspects the 2nd House, such effects are more pronounced. Mars and the Sun in the 2nd cause afflictions to skin apart from causing poverty. If Saturn, posited alone in this House, is aspected by Mercury, he will be greatly rich. Even, if the Sun is posited in the 2nd House in aspect to Saturn, without aspect of others, pennilessness will come to pass. Benefics in the 2nd House cause advent of money in many ways. But, if Jupiter posited in the 2nd House remains under Mercury’s aspect, or Mercury so posited in the 2nd House in aspect to the Moon, the entire wealth earned by the native will be deprived. Weak Moon in the 2nd House in Mercury’s aspect denotes, that even the ancestral property will be destroyed; not only this, other sources of income will also be hindered. Should the 2nd House [from the] Moon be aspected by Venus, plenty of wealth will be earned. Same is the result by aspect of another benefic (i.e. Jupiter).
21-24Principles related to the 3rd house. When the 3rd House is owned by a malefic and is occupied by a malefic, the co-born are destroyed. Conversely, a benefic’s Sign being the 3rd and occupation of benefics therein will cause happiness thereof. Now explained below is the method to ascertain the number of co-born. The number of Navansas past in the 3rd House denotes the number of brothers following the native. If other planets aspect the 3rd House, the said number (caused by Navansas) stands increased. Saturn placed in the 3rd in aspect to Mars causes destruction of co-born. But Venus in the 3rd and in aspect to Jupiter increases happiness thereof. Mercury placed in the 3rd House, in aspect to Mars (or in aspect to the Sun, as some texts read ‘Bhaskara Drishtah’ instead of ‘Angaraka Drishtah’), the native’s friends are destroyed. Rest (relating to the 4th House) may be understood from Bhavadhyaya (Ch. 30).
25-26About the 5th house. If the 5th House contains a benefic, or is aspected by a benefic, or be a benefic’s Rasi, the native will surely beget children. If it is different, he will not obtain progeny. If the 5th House counted from the Moon, or the Ascendant, the stronger prevailing, has at least one Jupiter’s division in the various Varga calculations, or has a benefic’s Rasi in it and is aspected by a benefic, the native will have legitimate issue.
27Number of children. If the Navansa of the 5th falls in a benefic’s Rasi the number of children equals the number of Navansas past in the 5th House. The aspect of a benefic on the 5th Bhava doubles the number, while malefic Rasi, as 5th House Navansa and the said House receiving a malefic’s aspect confers progeny with difficulty.
28Authorizing other kinsman to raise progeny for the native. If the 5th House falls in the divisions (like Rasi, Navansa, drekkana etc.) of Saturn and be with Mercury’s aspect, but without that of Jupiter/Mars/Sun, the native obtains progeny by authorizing his kinsman to raise the same for him from his (the native’s) wife. Similar result prevails, if Mercury’s Rasi be in the 5th House containing Mercury in it and is in aspect to Saturn, but without the aspect of the others, as cited above.
29Adopted or bought progeny. If the 5th House belongs to Saturn and be occupied by Saturn himself with the aspect of the Moon, one procures a child by adoption, or by an act of purchase. Identical effect follows the position of Mercury in the 5th House owned by him receiving the Moon’s aspect.
30Adoption sans consent. Should the 5th House contain Saturn unaspected by others and fall in a Sapthamsa owned by Mars, the native will adopt a grown up child without the consent of its natural parents.
31-32Base children. If the 5th House contains the Sun and falls in the divisions of Saturn receiving the aspect of Mars, the children so obtained will be abject. Should the Moon be in the 5th House and receive exclusively Saturn’s aspect, while the 5th House falls in a Navansa of Mars, even then the progeny will be foolish and base.
33If the 5th House is occupied by Mars falling in many of Saturn’s divisions and be in aspect to the Sun, one will obtain a son, that is adopted by a stranger after its being cast off by its original parents, so says sage Karuna.
34Issue by a remarried widow. Should the 5th House fall in Saturn’s Vargas and contain both the Moon and Saturn therein, in aspect to both the Sun and Venus, progeny will be begotten by a widow given to the native in remarriage.
35Progeny by a virgin. Should the Moon be in the 7th along with the Sun, or the Moon being in the 5th in aspect to, or in the company of the Sun, one will obtain issue through an unmarried girl.
36Progeny by a woman pregnant at marriage. If the 5th House falls in the divisions of the Luminaries and contains the Moon and the Sun in aspect to Venus only, one will have progeny by a woman, who will already be pregnant at the time of marriage.
37Issuelessness. If the 5th House falls in a malefic’s Sign and be occupied by strong malefics without benefic’s aspect, the native will be childless.
38Progeny by a female slave. If the 5th House be in a Navansa of Venus and be aspected by Venus, one will beget progeny by a female servant. Some scholars opine, that even, if the Moon’s Navansa and the Moon so come in the picture, the said effects will come to pass.
39Sons and daughters. When the 5th House has exclusively the divisions of the Moon and Venus and be with aspects of Venus and the Moon alone, or be occupied by these two alone, or, when the said House has the divisions of only even Signs, the native will beget only female children. In a contrary situation, (i.e. 5th House falling in divisions of odd Signs only and be excluded from the occupation, or aspect of Venus and the Moon but others), there will be birth of only male children.
40Childlessness. When the Moon occupies the 10th House, Venus is in the 7th and malefics are in the 4th, the native’s dynasty does not descend any further.
41Loss of children. Should Mars be in the 5th, the children of the native will pass away, as they are born. However, if Jupiter, or Venus lend aspect to the said position, the loss relates only to the first child. If all planets aspect (the said Mars), then there is no loss at all of children.
42Special effects. Should the 5th House be occupied exclusively by malefics, the native will be devoid of wealth, own men and happiness. If Mars is in the 5th House, he will be distressed (or deformed). Saturn so posited denotes sickness. The occupations of Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus will confer abundant happiness and wealth.
43-44Enemies. If the 6th House is aspected by Saturn and occupied by Mars, the native will have fear from enemies. Occupation, or aspect of benefics will keep one free from such fear. The number of enemies (causing trouble) will correspond to the number of planets posited in the 6th House. Rest of the related matters may be understood from the previous pages, (Ch. 30).
45About the 7th house. If Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury be in the 7th, in any manner (i.e. one of them, two, three, or all of them in the 7th), or other divisions falling in the 7th House, or, if the 7th House be in aspect to these, one will procure a wife corresponding to the planet/s and Rasi/s in question.
46Should the 7th House contain malefics, or fall in malefic planets’ divisions, the wife of the native will be destroyed (i.e. adversely affected). These results can be deduced from the Ascendant and the Moon, the stronger of them having more significance. If the Moon be in the 7th (from the Ascendant) along with Saturn, the native will marry a widow.
47The number of wives will correspond to the number of heavenly bodies aspecting the 7th, or the Navansas past in the 7th House. There will be a single wife, if Leo, Aries, or Scorpio rise in Navansa, or, if Mercury and Jupiter join together in the 7th House.
48If the 7th House has many divisions of Venus and the Moon, or is occupied by these two, there will be plurality of wives. Specially Venus in the 7th will cause such an effect.
49Jupiter and Venus related to the 7th House will confer a bride of the same caste, while the Sun, Mars, Saturn and the Moon denote a female belonging to a mean order. As per Ketumalacharya, Venus and Moon related to the 7th House will cause relationship with whores.
50-51Mars in the 7th House will make one go devoid of wife. If he is, while so posited in aspect to only Saturn, the wife will certainly pass away. Should Mars and Venus be together in the 7th, or 5th, or 9th, the native will beget a languid, or deformed wife.
52It is the unanimous opinion of all the sages, that, if the Moon and the Sun are, respectively, in the 12th and the 6th, both the native and his wife will be one-eyed.
53If Saturn occupies the Ascendant, while Venus is in the 7th identical with Ganda Rasi and the 5th is bereft to beneficial aspect, the person acquires a barren wife.
54-55One will be devoid of a wife and an issue, if malefics occupy the Ascendant, 12th and 7th, while decreasing Moon is in the 5th. Both the native and his wife will be immoral, if the 7th House falls in the various divisions of Saturn and Mars, while Venus is posited in the 7th in aspect to Mars and Saturn.
56When the 7th House is occupied by Mercury and Venus, the native will be bereft of both wife and progeny. If however this combination receives the aspect of a benefic, there will be obtainment of a wife at an advanced age.
57Should the Moon, along with even one of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, be in the 7th, the native will be opulent.
58About the 11th house. The native will gain through kings, wars, thieves, forests, quadrupeds etc., if the Sun is placed in the 11th House, or, if the 11th House is aspected, or owned by the Sun.
59Should the Moon be in the 11th House, or her division so related to the 11th House the native will gain through females and through sales of elephants. If the Moon is declining, these are not much, but an increasing Moon increases these gains greatly.
60Mars, or his divisions related to the 11th House, as above denotes gains through gold, coral, ornaments, ruby, money, valour, coming and going (i.e. travels), fire and weapons.
61Should Mercury, or his divisions be related to the 11th, as above, the native will gain by writing, arts, literature and arguments.
62Jupiter, or his divisions so related to the 11th House indicates gains through headship of a city, royal mercy, Sacrifices (religious), meritorious acts, gold and horses.
63When the planet Venus, or his divisions are so connected with the 11th House, one will gain through connections with prostitutes, travels, pearls and silver.
64Saturn, or his divisions so connected with the 11th House indicates gains through towns and villages, acts of lasting nature, iron, donkeys and buffaloes.
65The effects attributed above stand increased, if benefics aspect the 11th House, will decrease by malefic influence and will remain mixed with the interference of both benefics and malefics.
66If the 11th House is aspected by (or associated with) all the planets, advent of wealth will be in several ways. The strongest of those will have the highest influence.
67A planet in it’s own Sign, or in a friendly Sign will give half of the effects attributed. These effects are full, if it is in its exaltation Sign, very meager, if it is combust and just one fourth, if inimically placed.
68The effects relating to the 11th House, as mentioned above will be experienced right from birth, according to Yavanas. But according Lokaksha (a preceptor by that name), kings and heads of zones stand to enjoy abundant gains (as against a common man).
69-70About the 12th house. If the Sun, or weak Moon is placed in the 12th, the native’s wealth will be lost to the king. Mars posited in the 12th in aspect to Mercury, will cause losses in several ways Jupiter, the Moon (with increasing rays) and Venus in the 12th will cause growth of wealth, provided there is no aspect from Mars on them. Rest may be understood from the previous portion (Ch. 30).
71Miscellaneous matters. Even a person born in regal scion will become an artisan, if the Ascendant in Mercury’s decanate receives the aspect of the Moon from an Angle.
72Should Venus be in the 12th House in Virgo identical with Saturn’s Navansa, while the Luminaries are in the 7th in aspect to Saturn, the native’s mother though belonging to a noble race will become a slave.
73Should Saturn occupy the 2nd House counted from the Sun, while the Moon and Mars, respectively, are in the 10th cusp and 7th House with reference to the Ascendant, the native will always be distressed.
74The native will suffer from pulmonary and spleenary disorders apart from tuberculosis, if the Moon is hemmed between malefics, as Saturn occupies the 7th House.
75Should there be an exchange between the Sun and the Moon in the Navansa, the native will suffer from phlegmatic disorders. Should the Sun and the Moon be in one Rasi having identical longitudes, the native will be emaciated at all times.
76Should the 8th, 2nd, 6th and the 12th be, respectively, occupied by the Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn, the native will lose his eyes due to the affliction caused by the strongest of the tour.
77If malefics occupy the 6th, 11th, 3rd and 5th, the native will suffer from ear defects, provided there are no aspects from benefic planets. Malefics in the 7th unaspected by benefics will produce dental afflictions.
78There will be diseases of the mind, if Saturn occupies the Ascendant, while Mars is in the 5th, or the 9th. Alternatively, Saturn, while being in the Ascendant should be conjunct decreasing Moon to cause the said effects.
Thus ends the 34th Ch. entitled “different houses and worldly affairs” in Kalyana Varma’s Saravali.

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