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Saravali 28-36

– 36 –

Planetary rays

1The rays possessed by a planet are important (in delineation of a horoscope) according to Manindhacharya. I explain below the same.
2When in exaltation, the number of rays possessed by the Sun are 10, the Moon 9, Mars 5, Mercury 5, Jupiter 7, Venus 8 and Saturn 5.
3-4Another school of thought. The above view is held by Manindha, Maya and Badarayana, as enunciated by Mahendra Shastra. However, according to another school of thought, all planets uniformly possess 7 rays each, while exaltation. While these two are authoritative schools, majority lean towards equal distribution of 7 rays. All agree, that at debilitation, the figure is zero for each planet.
5Abhimukha and paranmukha rasmi. When a debilitated planet transits towards its exaltation Sign, the rays are Abhimukha (i.e. facing upwards) and, when an exalted planet goes towards its debilitation Sign, the rays are Paranmukha (facing downwards). For the intermediary positions, the rays should be calculated by rule of three process.
6To arrive at number of rays. Note the position of the planet in Rasis, degrees etc., for which the number of rays is to be computed. Deduct from this its (deep) debilitation point. If the remainder is in excess of six Signs, reduce it again from 12. Multiply the product by the maximum number of rays allotted to the planet concerned and divide by six. The resultant figure will represent the number of rays obtained by the planet by virtue of its position at birth.
7-9Rectification of rays. If the planet is in the dwadasamsa of its friend, double the product, as obtained above. If it is in its own dwadasamsa, own Rasi, retrogression/exaltation Sign the product should be trebled. If it is in its enemy’s dwadasamsa, 1/16th of the rays will be lost. The same applies to a debilitated planet. A combust planet, excepting Venus and Saturn, loses all the rays. A planet, that has just begun to retrograde will have two-fold rays, while the one, that has just assumed direct motion from retrogression will lose only 1/8th of the number of rays.
10-11Effects of number of rasmis totally contributed by the seven planets. If the rays be a maximum of five, the native will be miserable, is of ignoble descent, will depend on others, be indigent and will join base men, Should it be from 6 to 10, he will be a servant, will be intent on going to places other than of his birth (for living), be devoid of good luck and be dirty.
12-16If the rays are between 11 and 15, one will be, respectively, very learned, virtuous, righteous, beautiful and will possess merits due to his descent. If the rays are between 16 and 20, he will be, respectively, supreme among his men, be wealthy, be famous among men, be glorious and be honoured by his men. The effects stated apply to the number of rays in the ascending order. If the rays are from 21 to 25 in number, the effects, respectively, are: honour, fortune, courage, scholarship and kingship. 26 rays denote a person, who will have all-round success in his efforts. 27 to 32 rays, respectively, denote: a dependent on the king, wealth and gains through the king, minister ship, honours from the king, royal patronage and rulership over fifty villages.
17-20If the total number of rays is 33, he will rule over 1000 villages, while with 34 rays he will obtain leadership over 3000 villages. 35 rays denote abundant wealth, strength, provincial rulership, fame, fortune etc. One will head over a lakh villages with 36 rays. Three lakh villages will come under his control with 37/38 rays.
21-25If the total rays be 39, he will become a ruler causing happiness to all. With 40 rays he will rule over vast lands and the wives of the enemies crushed by him will reach their cries all over, so that he will become prominent. One, two and three seas will be the boundary/boundaries of the kingdom of the native/s with 41/42/43 rays. One with 44 rays will be an emperor, will honour Gods and Brahmins, be long-lived and be mighty. According to the rays crossing 44, one will rule over other islands, be free from obstacles, be honoured by one and all and be equal to Indra in valour.
26Special effects. If the total rays are 45, or 46, the native will always enjoy auspicious effects and will lord over the entire earth.
27If the rays are 47, the native will undertake the responsibility of maintaining the whole earth, be devoid of enemies, be an emperor akin to Indra and be honoured by all.
28-29Abhimukha and paranmukha. If a planet has Abhimukha rays the good effects stated will increase, while Paranmukha rays will reduce the good effects. More number of rays will multiply the results, while less number of rays will diminish the effects. According to rays only, one’s baseness, or excellence will come to pass.
Thus ends the 36th Ch. entitled “planetary rays” in Kalyana Varma’s Saravali

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