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Saravali 37-45

Saravali 37-45

– 37 –

Panchamahapurusha yogas

1Sri Devakirti Raja explained the Panchamahapurusha Yogas (denoting Great Men), which 1 explain below clearly.
2Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury remaining in their respective own Houses, or exaltation Signs, identical with Angles, cause Malavya, Ruchaka, Sasa, Hamsa and Bhadra Yogas, respectively. The effects thereof have been elaborately explained by the ancient preceptors, which I briefly narrate here.
3-4Malavya yoga. One born in Malavya Yoga will have thin (not fleshy) lips, even physique, gray complexion, thin waist, splendour equal to that of the moon, majestic voice akin to that of a tusker, pleasant odor of the body, piercing sight, even and white teeth, hands extending to the knees and a longevity of seventy years. His face will be 13 inches in length and 10 inch broad, while the two ear-holes are 10 inch apart. (Angula denoted here, as an inch means 8 barley-corn-wide) He rules Laata, Malawa and Sindhu.
5-7Ruchaka yoga. The native of Ruchaka Yoga will have a long face, pure splendour, great strength, valour, attractive eye brows, blue (very black) hair, penchant for war, knowledge of Mantras, be a leader of thieves, will have blood-red complexion, be very valorous, be a conqueror of enemies, will have a neck akin to conch, be chief, cruel, will honour Gods and Brahmins, thin shanks, will have marks of a staff (actually means a staff with a skull at the top deemed to be Shiva’s weapon and carried by ascetics), cord, bull, arrow, diamond, lute etc. on the hands and legs, will be 100 inch tall, be skilled in Mantras and black magic, will weigh 100 tulas (one tula is 100 palas) and the circumference of his loins will correspond to the length of his face. He will rule places consisting of Vindhya and Sahya. He will live up to seventy and will attain his end through weapons/fire and will go to heavens.
8-10Sasa yoga. One born in Sasa Yoga will have small teeth small face, fast pace, be crafty, very valorous, interested in forests, hills and forts, will have weak loins and long body, be famous, be an Army chief, skillful in all assignments, will have somewhat protruding teeth, be a metallurgist, be fickle minded, will have eyes resembling the lotus, be interested in the fair sex, will enjoy other’s wealth, be devoted to his mother, weak waist, be very intelligent and will fault others. His hands will contain marks of couch, conch, wheel, garland, lute etc. According to sages he will be a ruler of some place and will die at 70.
11-13Hamsa yoga. One born in Hamsa Yoga will have a reddish face, elevated nose, beautiful feet, great virile power (indriya is here interpreted, as virile power coming under Jupiter), be whitish in complexion, will have broad cheeks, reddish nails, (mellifluous) voice, like that of the swan, be phlegmatic, will possess palms and soles with marks of trident, fish, arrow etc., honey-coloured and round eyes, be fond of sporting in water, will be delighted in sexually uniting with females, will weigh 1600 tulas and be 96 inch tall. He will lord over Sura Sena, Gandharva and places between the Ganges and Yamuna. His end will come later on in a forest. His longevity will be hundred years.
14-15Bhadra yoga. One born with the Bhadra Yoga will have a face, akin to that of a tiger, will imitate the elephant in gait, will have broad chest, long and strong hands and square body, will be sensuous, will have soft hair over cheeks, be learned, will possess hands and legs akin to lotus, be endowed with prowess and will be conversant with Yoga. His palms and soles will contain symbols of conch, sword, elephant, arrow, wheel, lotus, plough etc. His body will emanate smell akin to earth settled with fresh drizzles (particularly first of the season), sandal paste and elephant’s ichor.
16-18Bhadra yoga (continued). He will know the meanings of Shastras, be valorous, will have well-knitted eye brows, will walk, like an elephant, will have genital organs in ‘concealed position’ (like that of a horse, or a tusker) and a beautiful belly, be righteous, will have attractive fore face, be valorous, firm in prowess, will have black and short hair, be independent in all his undertakings, will not forgive (even) his own men, will allow his friends to enjoy his wealth, will weigh 2000 palas, will rule over the mid portion of the country, will possess females etc., be always happy and will die at 80.
19-21General. He can become a monarch, if his voice is similar to the sound of a conch, drum, tusker, bull, or a roaring cloud. In such case he will rule over the entire earth and will conquer his enemies. One with viscid tongue, skin, teeth, eyes, nails and hair will become a ruler. If these are rough, he will experience penury. One with glossy, splendourous and bright complexion will become a king. Otherwise he will be poor and miserable. If these are meddling, he will be a middle class person with wealth, children, happiness etc.
Thus ends the 37th Ch. entitled “pancha maha purusha yogas” in Kalyana Varma’s Saravali.

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