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Saravali 46-55

Saravali 46-55

– 46 –

Female horoscopy

1Whatever horoscopic effects have been stated for males are equally applicable to females too. Explained in this Ch. are rules peculiar to the fair sex.
2Important houses. From the 8th House, her widowhood can be deduced, while the Ascendant deals with her physique, the 7th House with her husband’s good fortunes and the 5th House with her offspring.
3-4The moon and ascendant. If the Moon and the Ascendant are both disposed in even Signs, the female will be virtuous and extremely good-looking. Should these two be in aspect to auspicious planets, she will be endowed with ornaments and virtues. In case these two occupy odd Signs, she will be akin to a male in appearance and in disposition. With these two receiving aspects of malefics, she will be sinful and bereft of virtues.
5Trimsamsa positions. Note the stronger of the Moon and the Ascendant. Whoever of the two is placed in the Trimsamsa of Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, or Saturn, such effects will come to pass, (as detailed below). 6-11aEffects of the moon/ascendant in various trimsamsas. If it is a Sign owned by Mars, the Trimsamsa of Mars denotes a harlot, that of Venus a female devoid of virtuous history, that of Mercury one with cunning disposition, that of Jupiter a chaste lady and that of Saturn one in servitude. Should a Sign of Mercury house the Moon/the Ascendant in the Trimsamsa of Mars, the female will be cunning, in the Trimsamsa of Venus one with high degree of lust, in the Trimsamsa of Mercury a chaste girl, in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter a virtuous housewife and in that of Saturn impotent. If it is a Sign of Venus, the Trimsamsa of Mars denotes a female with wicked nature, Venusian Trimsamsa one with fame for her virtues, Mercurian Trimsamsa skillful, Jupiterian Trimsamsa a virtuous female and Saturn’s Trimsamsa a woman given in marriage, as a second wife. In the Sign owned by the Moon the Trimsamsa of Mars bestows her freedom not due to a housewife, Venusian Trimsamsa will make her unchaste, Mercurian Trimsamsa will bestow skill in arts, Jupiterian Trimsamsa will make her quite virtuous and in Saturn’s Trimsamsa she will betray her husband. In Leo the Trimsamsa of Mars will make the female garrulous, Venusian Trimsamsa chaste, Mercurian Trimsamsa male-natured, Jupiterian Trimsamsa a queen and Saturn s Trimsamsa fallen.
11b-13Trimsamsa effects (continued). In a Sign of Jupiter the Trimsamsa of Mars will make her a gentlewoman with many (of the seven principal) virtues, the Trimsamsa of Venus a female with evil speech, the Trimsamsa of Mercury one with knowledge, the Trimsamsa of Jupiter one with many virtues and the Trimsamsa of Saturn a female desiring limited physical union. Lastly in a Sign owned by Saturn, a Trimsamsa of Mars will make one servant, that of Venus intelligent, that of Mercury cruel and devoid of conduct, that of Jupiter a chaste lady and that of Saturn himself one addicted to base men.
14Beastly lust of a female. When Venus and Saturn are in mutual aspects in the case of a birth in Taurus, or Libra Ascendant with Saturn’s Navansa, the female concerned burnt with sexual lust will unite with a woman playing the role of a male. Venus and Saturn should simultaneously be in exchange in Navansas owned by them.
15-17The 7th house. Should the 7th House be vacant, her husband will be a contemptible fellow. With the said House bereft of aspect of a benefic, he will be bereft of strength. He will be disposed to living in other places, if the 7th House is a Movable Sign. He will be a eunuch with Mercury, or Saturn in the 7th House. She will be discarded by her husband, if the Sun is in her 7th House. Mars in the said House will cause early widowhood, while Saturn in the 7th with malefic aspects will make her old soon. Again she will be given up by her husband with malefics being weak and combust in the 7th receiving aspects from malefics. Benefics and malefics combust in the 7th will give away the woman native in second marriage.
18Unchastity. If Venus and Mars exchange their divisions, the female will go after other males. If the Moon be simultaneously in the 7th House, she will join others with consent of her husband.
19Mother and daughter. If a Sign of Mars, or Saturn be ascending with Venus and the Moon in it in aspect to malefics, the female along with her mother may be deemed unchaste.
20Miscellaneous. If the 7th House falls in a Navansa of Mars and be in aspect to the Moon (Saturn, according to some texts), the female will have a diseased vagina. A Navansa of Venus denotes a fortunate female, who will be dear to her husband.
21-24Effects of rulers of 7th house/navansa. If the 7th House, or its Navansa be ruled by Saturn, the female’s husband will be old and foolish. The ruler ship of Mars in such a case will give a husband, who will be addicted to other women and be irascible. If Venus heads the 7th House, or its Navansa the husband will be very beautiful and be fortunate. The husband will be skillful and knowledgeable, if Mercury be such a planet. A sexually tormented husband, who will, however, be soft in disposition will be bestowed by the Moon in such circumstances. The husband will be virtuous and be a conqueror of the five senses, if Jupiter rules the 7th House, or its Navansa. Leo, as the 7th House, or the 7th Navansa will indicate an industrious and a very intelligent husband. Thus the effects relating to the rulership of the 7th House and 7th Navansa be declared in respect of males.
25-26Effects of planets in the ascendant. She will be jealously disposed and be happy with Venus and the Moon in the Ascendant. Mercury replacing Venus in the said Yoga will make the female happy, skillful in arts, virtuous and modest. If Mercury and Venus are together in the Ascendant, the female will be beautiful, fortunate and skillful in arts. Benefics in the Ascendant will endow a female with servants, happiness and robes, while malefics give adverse effects in regard to these.
27Effects of the 8th house. Malefics in the 8th will cause widowhood. This will occur in the Dasa periods of the Lord of the Navansa occupied by the 8th Lord. A benefic in the 2nd will, however, cause the female’s death in this Yoga, instead of widowhood.
28Limited progeny. If the 5th House be one of Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo receiving the aspect of a benefic, there will be limited number of children Alternatively, the said 5th House may be conjunct a benefic, or the Moon.
29Female with masculine disposition. Should Mercury, Venus and the Moon be in the Ascendant and be weak, while Saturn has moderate strength, as the rest are strong, the female concerned will be akin to a male in appearance and in acts. The Ascendant should in this case necessarily be an odd Sign.
30Taking to religious order. A female will be initiated into a religious order, if a malefic is in the 7th House, while the 9th House is occupied by any planet. The order will relate to the planet in the 7th House.
31Vedic exponent. If strong Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or the Moon be in the Ascendant identical with an even Sign, the female will be a teacher/exponent of Vedas (or be a follower of Vedanta Philosophy). And she will be an expert in interpretation of various Shastras.
32Application. Whatever has been stated in this Ch. should be wisely applied to females relating to their births, selection of grooms, marriage and query. These effects are applicable to their husbands also.
Thus ends the 46th Ch. entitled “female horoscopy” in Kalyana Varma’s Saravali.

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