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Vayu Purana – Purva Kandha 17-24

Vayu Purana

Purva Kandha 17-24

– 17 –

Attainment of the Ultimate State of Life

1-2Vayu said: After passing the three (earlier) stages and reaching the ultimate (Sannyasa) stage of life,1 he shall attain the Supreme knowledge by the end of a year. Taking leave of the preceptor, he should wander over the earth. He should apply in practice that excellent essential knowledge that leads to the attainment of the knowable.
3He who wanders remaining satisfied with the discrimination between knowledge and the knowable, will never attain the knowable even if he were to live for a thousand Kalpas.
4Giving up contacts and attachment, subduing one’s wrathfulness, subsisting on light food, he, with his sense-organs controlled, should close down all the portals of his intellect and should thus fix his mind in meditation.
5He should always practise Yoga in uninhabited places, caves, forests or on the banks (sands) of rivers.
6He who has control over his speech, action and mind and represents each by a long staff is declared as Tridandin.
7Thus established, he who loves meditation, has subdued his sense-organs, gives up both auspicious and inauspicious acts. Even after abandoning this (physical) body, he is neither born nor dead from the standpoint of scriptures.

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