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Vayu Purana – Purva Kandha 33-40

– 39 –

Abodes of Devas

1Sula said: Henceforth I shall tell you about the excellent abodes of Devas situated on different mountains.
2-10The forest of sport of Mahendra is on the great mountain Sitanta. The forest is endowed with all desirable qualities. The mountain contains many belly-like caves, which are the abodes (of Devas). The mountain is very extensive with hundreds of variegated minerals and jewel mines. It is the abode of animals of good qualities. Its ridges and slopes are laden with flowers where the bees hum and buzz. It is decorated with the assemblage of gold pieces variegated with valuable jewels. The slopes hum with the buzzing sound of bees. There are corals mixed with gold. The ridges are covered with flowers where the bees hum. There are hanging creepers of various colours. Hundreds of minerals are spread over the peaks and precipices. Gems of different colours along with flowers decorate the mountain. There are fountains and springs of pure and tasty water. It is embellished with many hedges abounding in flowers. It is beautified with streamlets wherein flowery rafts float. The inner crevasses of the mountain are frequented by Kinnaras. There are many caves and cavities frequented by Yaksas and Gandharvas. Some of them are comfortably resorted to and some are dense and impassable. Many animals frequent it. Good potable water is abundant. The mountain is embellished with trees bearing various fruits and flowers.
11The great Parijata forest of the king of Devas is also there. It is well—known in the three worlds and is praised in song as can be ascertained from reports.
12By means of the excessively fragrant and charming flowers blazing like the midday sun, the excellent mountain is illuminated as it were all around.
13The wind blowing from that forest wafts the fragrance of Parijata flowers full hundred Yojanas.
14-15The tanks therein are adorned with blue lotuses resembling lapis lazuli with golden and diamond-like filaments, possessed of fragrance and resonant with the buzzing of bees. There are full-blown, hundred-petalled, charming, large-leafed red lotuses also.
16Thousands of fishes shine within the waters with unwinking eyes and decorated with golden gems.
17With tortoises richly embellished with gold and occupying many positions, the water gets splashed all round and shines well.
18-19That beautiful forest of the intelligent thousand-eyed Indra is beautified by birds of different colours and of gemlike hairs emerging out of their bodies. The birds have gem set beaks decorated with flowers of good colours; They are always elated while they fly all around chirping sweet attractive sounds.
20Hence that forest of sport has become a resort of perpetual pleasure, by the sounds of the elated bees and the chirpings of the birds.
21-22The forest is full of monkeys of variegated colour and gem-like hairs. It abounds in the animals of various types, colours and shapes. The mountains have glorious golden sides set with gems and pearls. Their peaks too are set in gems.
23The tender creepers and the Parijata trees, when gently shaken by the mild wind, make a shower of flowers.
24O Brahmanas, when gem set couches and seats are laid all-round the playing grounds, the forest looks very splendid. There the sun is neither hot nor cold. He is of equable nature. The climate is always temperate.
25The wind blowing in the months of spring is rendered fragrant by various flowers and produces excessive elation. It dispels fatigue caused by exertion and gives pleasure by its mere contact.
26-27In that splendid forest of Indra Devas, Danavas, Pannagas, Yaksas, Rakshasas, Guhyakas, Gandharvas of unmeasured splendour, Vidyadharas, Siddhas and Kinnaras are joyous. Groups of Apsaras-s too are engaged in sports.
28On the eastern side of that royal mountain is the lordly mountain of Kumunja with many streams and caves.
29On the summit abounding in variegated minerals, there are eight big cities of noble-souled Danavas.
30The abode of Rakshasas crowded with men and women is situated on the mountain Vajraka with many peaks and caves.
31These terrible Rakshasas known as Nilakas can assume forms as they please. They are endowed with great strength and exploit. They live there for ever.
32On the great mountain Mahanila, there are fifteen famous cities of the horse faced Kinnaras.
33Devasena, strong as Indra, is a powerful ruler. There the fifteen Kinnara kings are very haughty.
34The great mountain is decorated with the enclosed settlements which have golden flanks mostly and which possess people of different races.
35Hundreds of great Uragas (serpents) live there under the control of Garudas. They are terrible, fiery and inaccessible and of venomous sight.
36In the great mountain Sunaga, there are thousands of abodes of Daityas. These consist of mansions and palaces with huge ramparts and archways.
37On the great mountain Venumanta, there are three cities of Vidyadharas, fifty Yojanas long and thirty Yojanas in breadth.
38The rulers of the Vidyadharas, there, as valorous as Indra, are Uluka, Romasa and Mahanetra.
39-40On the top of the great peak Vaikanka with caves and rivulets within, there lives Sugriva, the fierce and powerful, the unthwartable enemy of serpents and the son of Garuda with the great speed of the wind. This peak is of variegated colours due to jewels and minerals.
41The whole of that mountain is teeming with birds which destroy serpents. They are of huge size, valorous and powerful.
42Siva, the Lord of Yogins and Bhutas, whose emblem is the Bull, lives on the mountain Karanja.
43All round the ridges and slopes are scattered the Bhutas, the unassailable Pramathas, with diverse dresses and features.
44They say that the eight illustrious abodes of the eight Vasus, the noble souls of unmeasured power, are situated on the mountain Vasudhara.
45The seven holy hermitages of the seven sages and the abodes of the Siddhas are on the mountain Ratnadhatu.
46The abode of the four-faced lord, the great Prajapati (Brahma) is on the excellent mountain Hemasrnga. It is revered by all living beings.
47On mountain Gajasaila, holy lord Rudras rejoice for ever along with (the groups of) Bhutas. They are respected by all living beings.
48-49The constructed abodes of Adityas, Vasus and Rudras of unlimited splendour are on the great mountain Sumegha which resembles a cloud and is richly endowed with minerals. The mountain is beautified with many caves, bunds and hedges. The charming mansions of the Asvin gods too are there.
50The abodes of Devas have been established by Siddhas on the excellent mountain. Yaksas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras, are engaged in worship there for ever.
51On the excellent mountain Hemakaksa is the prosperous Gandharva city Asitya as refulgent as the celestial Amaravati. It has great ramparts and archways.
52The Siddhas are known as Apattanas (city-less). Gandharvas are of fighting nature. Their ruler is Kapinjala, the king of kings.
53The abodes of Rakshasas are on Anala. Danavas live on Pancakuta. They are inimical to Devas. They are powerful and valorous.
54On the Satasrnga mountain are the hundred cities of Yaksas of unmeasured valour. The excellent city of Taksaka, son of Kadru, is on the Tamrabha mountain.
55The great mansion of Guha, fond of residing in a cave is on the excellent mountain Visakha, auspicious with various bunds and caves.
56There is the city of noble Sunabha, son of Garuda on the mountain Svetodara, embellished with great mansions.
57There is a mansion embellished with palaces on the excellent mountain Pisacaka. That is the great abode of Kubera, frequented by Yaksas and Gandharvas.
58Lord Hari is revered by all living beings on Harikuta. By the influence of the lord, this mountain shines with great refulgence.
59The abodes of Kinnaras are on the mountain Kumuda. The Nagas (and their tribe) live on the Anjana mountain. The cities of Gandharvas, with many mansions, are on the mountain Krshna.
60On the beautifully peaked Pandura, with ramparts and archways the city of Vidyadharas is situated. It has a series of big houses.
61On the mountain Sahasrasikhara, there are thousand cities of Daityas of fierce activities, wearing gold necklaces.
62There are residences of Pannagas (serpents) on the Mukuta mountain and multitudes of sages always live happily on Puspaka mount.
63On the excellent mountain Supaksa, there are four mansions of Vaivasvata (Yama), Soma, Vayu and the king of serpents.
64In their respective places, their respective gods are highly worshipped by Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Yaksas, Nagas (serpents) and excellent Vidyadharas and Siddhas.

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