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Yavana Jataka 1-9

Yavana Jataka 1-9

– 1 –

The innate nature the zodiac signs and planets

1-10NOTA: The benediction and the first 10 verses and half of eleven are missing.
11…with those twelve benefic and malefic named zodiac signs with various modes, agents, colors, and forms.
12They affirm that [zodiac] is endowed with the spread out moving to the right (clockwise motion) originating from the seven planetary lords. By the inevitable result of the regular course, those are receiving the midheaven, the movement to be seen from half of the spokes of the wheel (of the zodiac) by those in the west (the half of the zodiac yet to be visible).
13(…) and Pisces (…) the established distinctions (…)
14The first declared is the shape like a ram, the head of Time. That spoken by the ancients is the place of paths with small cattle, caves, mountains, thieving, fire, mineral mines, and gems.
15But the second is proclaimed to be the shape of a bull, with the place of the mouth and neck of the Creator, and a settlement of farmers and herds of cows and elephants in ridges, mountains, and forests.
16The third is a couple carrying a lute and a club, the place is the portion of the shoulders and arms of Prajāpati, and the place of female dancers, singers, artisans, women, sport, pleasure, gambling, and recreation.
17Cancer is the shape of a crab dwelling in water, the region of the chest of that [Creator], declared as the fourth, pleasant and amusing place of divine females, irrigated fields, ponds, and sandbanks.
18But the authorities of that declared the fifth to be the region of the lower chest of Prajāpati, a lion on a mountain, and dwelling-places ruling forests of hunters, mountains with forests and caves, and difficult roads of the forest.
19The wise on matters of time say the sixth is a maiden having held a torch by the hand in a boat on the water, the belly of the Creator, and that is a grassy place and [suitable for] pleasure with women, and artistic work.
20A man standing holding goods on a scale in a market. With the region of the navel, hips and buttocks, and bladder. The place of customs-work, lutes, business, towns, roads, caravans, fragrances, and ripened grains.
21But the eighth is declared as the shape of a scorpion in a hole, the region of the penis and anus of the Lord, and the place of caves, pits, holes, poisonous and stoney areas, prisons, ant-hills, worms and insects, boa constrictors, and snakes.
22A man possessed of a bow with the hind-part of a horse. They declared that to be the two thighs of Time. The place is of level land, horses dispersed and reigned, liquor, shooters, sacrifices, horses with chariots and carts.
23The first half of a deer and [the other] half of a makara (a sea animal) living in water. They consider that as the region of the knees of the Creator. The tenth is indicated as a place of rivers, forests, wilderness, roads and so forth, marshes, and chasms.
24An emptied water-pot on the shoulder of a man. Two shanks of that [Creator]. The authorities declared that the eleventh. The places of reservoirs and wells, bad grain, birds, women, distillers and vendors of spirituous liquors, gambling, and encampments.
25But the last zodiac sign is a pair of fish in water. The two feet of Time. That is arranged by those most distinguished is the place of the holy, divine, twice born, and pilgrimage on the bank of a river and the dwelling of the aquatic in rivers and oceans.
26Thus, that zodiac with the regional divisions of the Creator with the wheel from the surface of the earth is declared. From whence is this association with the corresponding marks, guṇas, and characteristics among the divisions of the regions of the body of men.
27Those which are the divisions from the form of existence fixed by birth in men and places declared by the ancients in the regular order in the collection of the zodiac signs, those are attached to the varieties of the actions and places referring to the body area and places of the zodiac signs by those fixed innate dispositions.
28The authorities declared this world with the declared inanimate and animate, composed of the Sun and the Moon, (respectively). The perceived birth and decline of that [world] is in the wheel of the zodiac signs. By that [wheel of the zodiac signs], that [with the named inanimate and animate] is composed of that [the Sun and the Moon].
29The solar half is arranged beginning with Maghā nakṣatra (at zero degrees of Leo). The other half beginning with Sarpa nakṣatra (at 29 degrees, 29 minutes, and 29 seconds of Cancer) is regarded as lunar. From the planets, the Sun is given by the clockwise direction. Thus, by the counterclockwise direction are those lunar zodiac signs.
30Others also maintain all odd (zodiac signs) are solar, but the lunar are even (zodiac signs) and all of those solar are designated as masculine and fierce, but all of those lunars are designated as feminine and gentle.
31Among those odd zodiac signs, they maintain the first half is solar and the latter half is lunar. Among the even zodiac signs, the Moon is the lord of the first half and the Sun is the lord of the latter half.
32Also, because the Sun having seized Leo by one’s own guṇas. And the Moon, Cancer. Then, from the regular and reverse order, respectively, the two (the Sun and Moon) assigned the remaining zodiac signs to the planets from sovereignty.
33With those declared (zodiac signs) are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. In regular order lorded belonging to two each. Thus, those lords of the zodiac signs are declared of the Moon and Sun.
34The horās are renowned… Thus, those named drekāṇas are declared. Likewise, here are those named from the portions by the compositions of the considerations.
35From those which they declare the portions of the seven planets, the changes are explained of those possessed of the planets [referring to the saptāṃśas of a zodiac sign]. The navāṃśas behavior is in the likeness of the nativity, brought about in the result of the length of life and among daśās.
36But in a zodiac sign, those which are situated in the twelve portions, those are caused to be reckoned in the zodiac sign by their own particular results. Among the associated results of the thirty (portions) are the subtle changes in the condition of the increase and decrease of the behaviors.
37But there are sixty solar portions of a zodiac sign [60 X 30’ = 30°] that are similar among the objects of one’s own zodiac signs. There are seventy-two of the cūḍāpadas of those with two hundred portions (minutes) in each navāṃśa portion (3° 20’ X 60’ = 200’). [There are 1800 minutes in a zodiac sign (60’ X 30 = 1800’.] [There are 648 cūḍāpadas in a zodiac sign (72 X 9 = 648).]
38Those which are eighteen hundred of the liptakas (minutes) and those which are thirty (degrees), those
also have similar results which are among that. As those which are settled distinctions by one’s own particular guṇas, those also are to be considered.
39But the first horā is the lord of zodiac sign and the second is the lord of the eleventh zodiac sign. Here those three named drekāṇas in regular order are the lords of one’s own, twelfth, and eleventh zodiac signs.
40Those beginning with the lord of the zodiac sign are declared the seven of the lords of the zodiac sign, excluding the indicated repetitions. Likewise, of the lords of the zodiac signs beginning with one’s own zodiac sign, those named twelve portions are declared in the zodiac sign.
41Among those beginning with the first (Aries), the first navāṃśas of those are declared of the lords of Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Cancer. With the total number, by the zodiac signs beginning with those are the portions of the navāṃśas of the lords of the four zodiac signs.
42Five, five, eight, seven, and five should be the portions of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus among the odd zodiac signs. Among the even, those should be with the reverse order of those.
43Then the sauras with those named cūḍāpadas and liptikas are to be divided with the other circle of the zodiac signs. Therefore, of all the planets, the portion is declared to be possessed of the other zodiac sign connected with the nature of that [planet].
44Indeed, thus those affirm the zodiac sign as the cause of the apportionment of actions of those possibilities. With those distinctions of the mutual unions, this is immeasurable like water of an ocean.
45The movable and fixed, and the dual-natured are named among those beginning with Aries. Those are declared as three-fold having four and separated into four each are the beginning, middle, and ending junction of the period of life among the results.
46Taurus and Gemini have an innate nature related to villages, but Capricorn, Scorpio, and Leo are indicated as forests. Those which are moving in the river (Cancer) and moving in the ocean (Pisces) are named by those, and those born in water (Capricorn) are indicated as watery places.
47If the disposition of the self is performing the change of those indicating the character of one’s own disposition, the portion should be appearing situated in the path of the planets of those being the cause.
48The horā, which is the house in the east, is the vilagna. From that they declared the fourth that is called the hipaka, rasātala (lower part of the earth), and vijala (division of water). Indeed, one should know that as a place of the house and a place of increase.
49As for the seventh zodiac sign from the lagna, situated in the descendent, they say it is called jāmitra in vocabulary of the Yavanas. As for the tenth from the house of the lagna, situated in the lower part of heaven (10th house), they say it is called meṣūraṇa.
50Those knowing the horā declare that as the caturlagna (four-fold ascendent) and the lagnacatuṣṭaya (square of the lagna), but one should know the position of the named catuṣṭaya (consisting of four) of the Moon to be called meṇyaiva among the Yavanas.
51They declared the fourth from the first as the caturaśra (four-cornered). Thus, those also affirm the eighth is related to death. But then separately, indeed, the fifth should be the trine. One should be known ninth as the trine of the three.
52But they declared the sixth, the ṣaṭkoṇa (six-angled), giving the undesirable. But they declared the third is called the duścikya. But they declared the eleventh, indeed, is completely auspicious. Also, those affirm the twelfth as the wandering zodiac sign.
53They declare the caturvilagna an kendra. But then they declare the union with the next, related to the paṇaphara. But they declared the third is called an āpoklima. That dwelling from the lagna is indeed called the trividhā (three divisions).
54Among one’s own (wealth), body, thoughts, etc., you must know the [second house], lagna, and [twelfth house]. You must know the [third house], fourth house, and [fifth house] in matters connected to birthplace, ātman (the self), and offspring. You must know the matter in connection to the coming, going, and the wife situated in the descendant. And among those of disease, etc. and destruction, etc. [situated in the 6th and 8th houses].
55You must know the [ninth house], meṣūraṇa, and [11th house] in matters in connection to sovereignty, various successes, and treasury and the army. With benefics joined to power for the moment, you must know auspiciousness in the lagna. But with malefics, inauspiciousness.
56Thus, in this manner, among those is the disposing of the animate world with the auspicious and inauspicious connected with the entire result. Indeed, among these is that … offspring.
57They declared the sixth, third, tenth, and eleventh zodiac signs are upacaya (increasing) zodiac signs from those zodiac signs of the Moon or situated from the zodiac signs of the lagna. They declared those remaining are apacaya (decreasing) zodiac signs from these [the Moon and lagna].
58Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn are the exaltation zodiac signs of the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Mars. In the manner mentioned in that order one should know.
59As for [the exaltation] of the Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter, it should be in the tenth, third, and fifth degree, [respectively]. But [the exaltation] of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury one should know in the twentieth, twenty-seven, and fifteenth degree.
60[The exaltation] of Mars is in the twenty-eighth (degree) begotten in the thirty degrees of one’s own exaltation zodiac sign. But those affirm the seventh zodiac sign from one’s own exaltation is the zodiac sign of debilitation, which is thirty degrees and enumerated the same.
61But among those four angles from the lagna, those are known as the thirty-degree kaṇṭakas (spikes). But those designated navāṃśas in one’s own zodiac sign, each in their own zodiac sign, are defined as the named vargottamas (best of the vargas) by the Yavanas.
62The mūlatrikoṇas are Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius of Mars, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, arranged by that order.
63All the human forms (of the zodiac signs) (Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius) with Leo and Scorpio are declared as head-rising by the Yavanas. But Pisces is determined (to rise) from both sides. But those remaining (Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Capricorn) are always caused to rise with the back rising.
64Then having exempted the second, sixth, and the two behind (the eleventh and twelfth) from the zodiac sign of one’s own place, a planet always aspects those remaining zodiac signs. And among the benefics, it is determined as benefic from the aspect of those.
65They declared the entire result of the aspect in the seventh house, but reduced by a quarter of one’s own (full aspect) (three-fourths of a full aspect) in the two four cornered (fourth and eighth house), half of the result of the aspect in the fifth and ninth houses, and a quarter (of the result) in the third and tenth houses.
66With the revolution of the three (triplicities) in that order are the vargas beginning with the first among the directions beginning with the east. Among those lords of the directions to be declared, are the Sun and Venus, Mars, the Moon and Saturn, and Jupiter and Mercury.
67Among those actions come forth and arranged from the disappeared in birth, rest, or pleasure, from the strength is the performance of the means of those, are those directions to be declared among the zodiac signs devoid of planets.
68The measure of rising of the first and last zodiac signs should always be indicated as two muhūrtas (96 minutes) for both of them. With the regular and reverse order an additional fifth [successively added to the two muhūrtas], you must know the rising measure of the two halves of the circle.
69Thus having known the measures of the zodiac signs as short, middle, and long, with those divisions of the portions of the circle, those are made suitable causing the arrangement measure of the course.
70One should know the body by the lagna and the zodiac sign of the Moon and the family is determined by the second zodiac sign. They declared the third zodiac sign is named as sahaja (sibling), but the fourth is known as the place of kinsmen.
71The fifth declared zodiac sign is named ātmaja (offspring). They declare the sixth as the place of enemies and the seventh zodiac sign is the dwelling of the wife. But the wise say the eighth zodiac sign is the place of death.
72One should establish the ninth zodiac as the portion of dharma, but they declared the tenth as karma. But the eleventh zodiac sign should be named the origin of artha, but the twelfth is named vyaya (loss).
73Among those which are the zodiac signs, those matters which are laid out and divided among the houses of the body, etc. from the successive order, those innate natures of those are to be declared by those strengths of location, time, etc. of the zodiac signs among the lagna, etc.
74Those benefics situated among the declared zodiac signs of first house, etc. are declared to nourish that, but indeed the malefics destroy that and those oppressed situated in that among those situated malefics.
75By those lords of the houses, position of the houses, innate natures of the zodiac signs, the powerful, middling, and weak aspects, etc. with the commencement of ruin together with increase of the houses of those, one undergoes the result until the treatment in the manner of dying of men.
76A planet produces a fourfold result in the zodiac sign of one’s own exaltation, half of that [twofold] in a mūla(trikoṇa) zodiac sign, onefold in one’s own zodiac sign, half in a friend’s zodiac sign, one-third in an enemy zodiac sign, and one-fourth in debilitation.
77Those situated in an inimical zodiac sign, those subdued in a debilitated zodiac sign, and those situated on a difficult path joined to the Sun, those destroy those declared benefic results and they cause the increase of the malefic results.
78Those declare the half of the circle to be obtained from the lagna (houses one to six) is possessed of strength, but the risen (houses seven to twelve) is of little strength. Also, they declared the angles possessed of superior vigor. And also from these [angles], there is the foremost strength in the lagna.
79Human forms (Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius) are best in the lagna and the quadrupeds (Aries, Taurus, and Leo) are best dwelling in the tenth house. Those termed jalodbhava (origins in water) (Cancer and Pisces) are possessed of strength situated in the fourth house. The insect (Scorpio), situated in the descendant. Of the dual form (Sagittarius and Capricorn), in the tenth house.
80The human forms (Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, and the initial half of Sagittarius) should be possessed of strength at the beginning of the day, quadrupeds (Aries, Taurus, latter half of Sagittarius, and the initial half of Capricorn) and the insect (Scorpio) at the half of the day, Leo at the end of the day, and water forms (Cancer, Pisces, and the latter half of Capricorn) at night. Among the lagnas, all of those are declared as powerful.
81The first four (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer), Capricorn, and Sagittarius are lords possessing the night possessed of strength. But those experts declared the second consisting of four (Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio) with that endowed with water (with Aquarius and Pisces) are called diurnal.
82The lagna, etc. joined with Jupiter or Mercury, endowed with exaltation, possessed of lordship, or those aspected by those, and those not aspected by those remaining, those should be the best of the strong zodiac signs, except with those dwelling in the second house.
83Saturn, the Sun, and Jupiter should be possessed of vigor with the day. Venus, the Moon, and Mars, at night. Mercury should be possessed of strength in the day and night. The benefics should be possessed of strength in the waxing of the Moon. The others in the waning of the Moon.
84Venus, Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter are possessed of strength situated in the northern (ayana), Saturn and the Moon in the southern (ayana), and Mercury situated in both. But all those situated in one’s own vargas are possessed of strength with conquered enemies and embodied with brilliance.
85The retrograde and direct (stations) and those recently risen having escaped from the Sun are possessed of strength. Among the houses, those (planets) indicated as male, female, and neuter arrived at the beginning, end, and middle, respectively, are the best.
86The Moon is in supreme strength at the first portion of the night. Venus, at the middle of the night. Mars, at the end of the night. Mercury, at the beginning of the day. The Sun, at the middle of the day. Jupiter, at all times. Saturn, at the end of the day.
87Those situated in one’s own exaltation have the best strength, middling in the mūlatrikoṇa and one’s own zodiac sign, and those aspected by benefics or situated in a friendly zodiac signs are closely connected with less vigor.
88Jupiter and Mercury situated in the foremost lagna, the Sun and Mars in the tenth house, Saturn in the seventh house, but Venus and the Moon situated in the fourth house should be in foremost strength.
89When the month is commenced in the beginning of the waxing of the Moon, the Moon has middling strength in the first ten days, the best in the second ten days, and little strength in the third ten days, but the Moon aspected by benefics is indeed always possessed of strength.
90Among the determinations of all actions, the three kinds of strength of a planet should be established connected with time, quality of the position, and with a predominant aspect.
91One should know the strength of the lagna by aspect or conjunction of one’s own lord, of the lord of one’s own exaltation, and of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. But when joined of the two twilights, the lagna has little strength.
92That method of the strength and weakness is declared of the planets and zodiac signs from the teaching of the Yavanas. They declared the plentiful of the performed of the entire conglomeration of the results of the horoscope is a liberal amount.
93Then with prominent, middling, and worst strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs and the planets in the zodiac signs of men. Thus indeed in the manner of the arising, those produced should be best, middling, and worst strengths.
94Those situated in the angles are maturing in the first period of life, those situated in the interiors (succedents) are maturing in the middle period of life, those situated in āpoklimas give results in the last period of life. In the manner mentioned is the period of life having attained one’s own foremost strength.
95The three are declared in the beginning of the periods of life. Those should be…[missing text]…in use. In the manner mentioned is the strength at the time of the creation of the infant, but from these indeed with three one should know the period.
96If the lord of the janman, lord of the lagna, or Jupiter should be situated in the angles of these [cardines, succedents, or āpoklimas] and possessed of strength among the four of the lagna, etc., they should be giving the result in the time of the period of life of the four (zodiac signs of three of the angles, succedents, or āpoklimas).
97That which is possessing one’s own exaltation situated in the angles or also in one’s own varga in one’s own zodiac sign with the others not aspected by malefics, or the lord of the janman possessing the strength and qualities of those should be giving the result among those at the time of birth.
98Thus also they declare the yogas of many influences for endless happiness. Thus likewise among the debilitation and enemy zodiac signs, etc. one should know the disposition for endless unhappiness.
99Among the head rising zodiac signs, those planets situated in the beginning are the best. Among the back rising zodiac signs, those situated in the end are the best. Among those called ubhaya, those planets situated medially are the best. Indeed among the periods of life the planets should give the result.
100The planets situated in the beginning, end, and middle situated in the eastern lagna or situated with the Moon in the janman should be arising in the beginning, end, and middle among the periods of life with the malefic and benefic portions.
101The navāṃśas which are situated at the junctions of the zodiac signs, those are desired situated in the zodiac signs at birth. But with the exception of those termed vargottama, indeed all those situated at the lagna give the undesirable.
102But benefics situated in the upacaya zodiac signs from the lagna produce births possessed of wealth. And also from the Moon, possessed of abundant good qualities. But malefics, lepers of the poor and lazy.
103The Moon situated in an angle from the Sun produces fools, beggars, those ill-mannered, and the immoral. In the second it should produce a birth of those possessed of wealth. But in the named āpoklima, a birth of those first born of the family.
104Of which men are produced in one’s own lagna or one’s own angle and in the zodiac sign of a friend, those men are mutually situated and situated in a mutually friendly zodiac signs.
105Those planetary lords situated in the second, fourth, ninth, fifth, and twelfth places from the mūlatrikoṇa should be temporary friends of the planet; and that which is one’s own exaltation, uniquely strong, of which [planet].
106Those situated in a zodiac sign with the seventh, sixth, eighth, tenth, eleventh, first, and third are temporary enemies. I shall convey the friends and enemies related to the mūla(trikoṇas).
107Jupiter is declared a friend of the Sun. Hence, the others are declared as enemies. All those are declared friends of Jupiter having exempted Mars. All those are declared friends of Mercury, except the Sun. All those
are declared friends of Venus, except the Sun and Moon.
108One should know the friends of Mars are Mercury and Venus, the friends of the Moon are Mercury and Jupiter, [all] are friends of Saturn except Mars, the Moon, and the Sun. Likewise, you must know those remaining are enemies of men.
109The Sun, Mars, and Saturn are innately malefic. Jupiter, the Moon, and Venus are innately benefic. Also Mercury is benefic when not mixed with others and their vargas, it obtains a similar core nature.
110The malefics are hot, the benefics are cold, and indeed Mercury is of mixed innate disposition. From those is the result of the time in the world like among the associations of the birth and the maturity of the birth.
111Here if the five mahabhūtas are liberated as earth, fire, water, ether, and wind, the bandhanas are Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn from the body of man.
112Indeed, all the innate dispositions of life, desire, knowledge, language, truth, ignorance, and mind are respectively assigned to the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and the Moon.
113From Mars, pitta; from the Sun, pitta-kapha; from Jupiter and the Moon, kapha -windy; from Venus, kapha; from Saturn, windy; and from Mercury, windy when the two qualities from the position are unmixed.
114The Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are abundant in sattva. Venus and the Moon are related to rajas. Saturn is related to tamas. But Mercury situated with others obtains the characteristics of others.
115Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter are indicated as masculine. The Moon and Venus are indicated as feminine. Saturn and Mercury are indicated as neuter. Those are the common assignments of those.
116When joined to the portion on earth, the Sun and Moon are the rulers. Mars, the manager. Mercury, the apprentice. Jupiter and Venus, the advisors. But Saturn should be the servant.
117Jupiter and Venus are the lords of the varṇa of the twice-born, the Sun and Mars are the lords of the varṇa of the warrior, the Moon and Mercury are lords of the varṇa of the merchant, and Saturn is the lord of the varṇa of the servant.
118When there is victory of those, there is victory in the varṇa. Also when defeat, there is defeat in the varṇa of those and restraining of the guṇa.
119The associations, acquisitions, oppositions, and gains of those have similar positions. With fortunate friends, wealth, sons, and women, they cause to carry out by the innate dispositions of those.
120Green, copper, red, white, black, silver, and yellow are the proper innate colors of Mercury, the Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn, the Moon, and Jupiter.
121The father, mother, sibling, wife, relative, offspring, servant of one’s own people are the proper innate dispositions of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn.
122Indeed, from these are strength, old age, activity, comfort, pleasure, and intelligence, and the position of men from Mars, Saturn, the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon by those established arrangements.
123The Sun is handsome, has delicate, curled, insignificant, and loose-ended hair, a four-cornered body, pleasant wide eyes, and has a blazing image like heated gold in the determination of the lords of the yavanas.
124Deep and calm nature, fierce, brave, steady, difficult to endure, marrow, yellow-red body hair like purified jāmbūnada (a kind of gold), preeminent, great vitality, and swift and fierce action.
125The Moon is a tranquil body of water, beautiful, white, affectionate, curved and thin hair, wide-eyed, desired, symmetrical and agreeable body, youthful, and a pleasing pure form.
126Wise, forgiving, the self-held fast to that descended from Manu, beloved attendance, enamoured with pleasure, kind speaking, radiant and possessed with gentleness, spotless dress, and fond of auspicious appearances.
127Venus is a sensualist, pleasing with the eyes, broad mouth, eyes, cheeks, and chest, very smooth, fine, black, curved ends, and hanging down hair, and silvery-white.
128The portions of the thighs, arms, and belly are large and prominent, beautiful appearance with many colored garlands and garments, abundant in semen, and under the influence of instrumental music, dance, song, beauty, sportive amusement, and desire.
129Jupiter is yellowish white like ivory and gold, has an erect, short body with abundant fat, speaking deeply, pleasant eyes and body hair, and most excellent in intelligence, memory, firmness, and resoluteness.
130Firmly resolved and difficult to oppose among the complete ascertainment to the devotion of the performance of the subsidiary Vedic treatises, sacrifices, sacred knowledge, politics, dharma, and poetics, excessive fat, white garment, and an upright head with bound matted hair.
131But Mercury has abundant and pure intelligence, dark body with curly hair like dūrvā grass, good eyes, understanding in poetics, composition, crafts, and arts, and delighting the mind with dalliance, laughter, etc.
132Green cloth, appearance is thin and emaciated, body with the most excellent skin, clear and merry speech, fickle nature, delicate and middling form, and the self-absorbed in the nature of others.
133Mars has curled and illuminated hair, passionate, fierce, has a reddish and frightful form, resembling blazing fire with bloodshot corners of the eyes, and frightful with youth, power, and vehemence.
134Short, slender, shining finger and toenails, firm body, abundance in marrow, distinct and clear speech, brave, conduct of killing, taking, and destruction, red cloth, and bold and powerful action.
135If Saturn is reddish-brown and terrifying eyes, strong, tremulous body and downcast head, tall, and black, thick, rough, and fierce hair with bad-colored and broken teeth and nails.
136Base, very wrathful nature, wicked action, nature of aversion, a malicious master, black cloth, joys abandoned, resembling collyrium, lean, lazy, and preserving essence of sinew.
138If those should be situated in one’s own varga among angles and abundant in strength with time, etc., those are known of men in a similar position, class, form, being, and nature of those.
139Just as those are eminent in vigor and strength should be in their dominions in the positions of the navāṃśas and dvādaśāṃśas, thus those produce, indeed, the varieties of the obtained dispositions among those producing eminence in the portions of men.
140Those zodiac signs, etc. possessed of eminent strength are declared by those among the vargas, but among those without planets, from those possessed of planets one should establish the change of nature and complications by the innate natures of the vargas.

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