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Yavana Jataka 1-9

– 3 –

The third is one’s own form of the drekkāṇas in the Yavanajātaka

1The six multiplied by six are the third portions of the zodiac signs named drekāṇ as by the named Yavanas. The various coverings and various colors, I will describe those with the qualities of all the characteristics, etc.
2[A man] with a red garment, red complexion, fierce, striking with anger, wounded limbs and hands, golden armor and weapons with colorful arrows, and a raised hand with an axis the first in Aries.
3A white [man], a champion with deceitful and fierce eyes, a white garment, a head like an elephant, weapon of arrows, understanding the substance of dhātus (minerals) and soil, and a heavy and hairy body is the second in Aries.
4[A man] with a blue garment, blue complexion, fierce, weapon of a club, crowned with a blue diadem, superior body with strength, pupils like a bull, and a time period of Kali is the third in Aries.
5A dark woman praised by hearts absorbed in side-glances, a neck garland full of kadamba flowers, a hand with an ax, and a body bowed to by cowherds she fully shines. There, the first in Taurus.
6Red-faced [woman], red-armed, one-footed, a red lower lip, a most excellent pitcher, always absorbed in food and drink, and delighted with groves and woods is the next (second) in Taurus.
7A woman [missing text] with delicate limbs, hips, and loins and a garland with brightly colored campaka flowers. She has very arched eyebrows and a small girdle adorned with bells hanging over her round hips situated at the end of Taurus.
8[A man] with a hand bright with arrows holding a bow, adorning a bright garland and a pendant necklace, one who has learned his craft with instruments, knowing cutting and shooting weapons, and bound with a diadem and armor is the first in the third (zodiac sign).
9A dark woman with a pleasing small girdle adorned with bells with a colorful garment, agreeable with the arts, songs, and stories, delighted having grasped a vīṇā (East Indian lute), amorous, [having] a beautiful brow, and [involved in] dalliance is the second in Gemini.
10[A man] with red garments, a red and pendulousness necklace, white with red limbs, violent and impetuous, staff with a red tip, chief of the multitude of men, and carrying cutting weapons and missiles is the third in Gemini.
11A woman with beautiful words and full of dalliance, a lotus held in the hand situated in the water, influenced by desire, pleasing white of a campaka flower, and [wearing] a white garment is the first in the fourth (zodiac sign).
12[A woman] sitting on a serpent, beautiful with a medium form, an inner self filled with a polite nature, a pleasing form adorned with an abundance of jewels, and a white garment is the second in Cancer.
13A woman resembling a blue lotus, pleasing for the eyes, brightly adorned with a silken upper garment, barren, and abounding in the intoxication of good fortune is prescribed in the third in fourth (zodiac sign).
14[A man] with the belly of a lion, the appearance of a lion, fierce, [carrying] a cutting weapon, proud with great strength, terrible and cruel action, desiring to eat the slanderous, and makes the best of many is the first in Leo.
15A bold woman with delicate and prominent hair among those seizing the wealth of another on a mountain, proud of that, dreadful she causes death, and her behavior is like a rogue is the next (second) in Leo.
16A woman with her behavior consumed by the pride of work among instruments, business of crafts, wealth, and gems; seated on a seat of ivory, one causes hostile thought with slaying is the third in Leo.
17A dark man knowing the instruction of crafts, knowing the rules of enumeration, cleverness, and story; employed in skilful performance with good fortune, and firmly resolved with purpose should be first portion of Virgo.
18A beautiful woman whose body is polluted with menstruation yearning after a man in secret for the sake of offspring. She is wise, exerting oneself for the sake of birth and departs for a foreign country is the second in the sixth.
19A woman has alluring behavior dependent on dalliance, a smiling mouth, moon-faced; with a single braid of hair adorned with aśoka flowers, one appears with those departed fallen down with intoxication.
20A man in a market with a manufactured craft tool, a body covered with those silken and bright ornaments, a dark body, beautiful eyes, and a place of gold, merchandise, mines, and treasure is the first in Libra.
21A woman with a beautiful waist, with a celebrated small craft, [wearing] a bright garment and a bright and pendulous necklace, a skillful intermediary in an arrangement for the desire of a husband, and the behavior of a paramour and a cheat is the second in Libra.
22A heroic man with a gap in the frontmost teeth, overgrown with hair heavy, dry, and dusty; armed with a bow and protection with a fastened helmet, and behavior of the tricks of a paramour is the third in Libra.
23An illuminated man with a fierce club for his enemies, a dagger for close combat, armor of purified gold, and flames dense with anger one amuses oneself with serpents with injurious venom is the first in eighth.
24A woman with dishevelled hair bound with serpents is robbed in a forest by thieves. With a black body she quickly runs from a thief. Completely naked she violently cries with shrieks is the next (second) in Scorpio.
25A cruel man wearing golden armor, working diligently for a desired treasure with an inclination towards broken vows, conversant with missiles; and robbed, one is distressed by one’s own companions is the last in the eighth.
26A man with a drawn bow, impetuous impulse like a horse, skilled in chariots and missiles, possessing instruments for a sacrifice, a body furnished with golden armor, and rays from golden ear-rings is the first in Sagittarius.
27A woman who is pleasing, beautiful, and dependent on dalliance, seated on an auspicious seat, with a white, golden rayed complexion, delighted having opened a golden casket in a mine of jewels is the second in Sagittarius.
28A man having a long beard and a dark body, a sensualist, [wearing] silken clothes, the self-affected by passion, a string of pearls dangling on the breast and a bracelet worn on the upper arm, and desirous of music and perfume is the third.
29[A man] with ashes of blue unguent, fierce large teeth of a makara, armed with a staff, action bringing an end to time, and armor of heavy hair and a strong body standing in the middle of a cemetery is the first in the named Mṛga (Capricorn).
30[A man] with glowing splendor, blue teeth like a Piśāca (a type of demon), with fastened armor, sword, and a helmet; handsome engaging in the construction of rivers-embankments and lakes, and a black bee. This is the second in Capricorn.
31Her hair prominently hanging loosely with a gaping mouth and a belly hanging down; red, thin, and tall body holding a prominent noose, midwife with a garment of death, and delighted in harm is the third in Capricorn.
32[He is with] terrible large teeth, the knowledge of magic, a color of a dark blue cloud, dirty hair that stands up, merciless action, clothes of a hero with a hairy skin of an antelope with a mean nature is the first in Aquarius.
33The second is [a man] with a shining cutting weapon, reddish hair that stands up, bound leather burdened with a garland of skulls, the color of a deep twilight, protruding and terrible large teeth, and covered with ropes of nooses, etc.
34A man with various weapons, wearing a garland of golden Moons, with a frightful appearance in the form of a boar producing raktas in Malaya, an ascetic, and having reddish-brown hair like a monkey is the third in Aquarius.
35A woman with a beautiful body and large expansive eyes, the body adorned with silken gold, standing having crossed over a great sea with a boat in the pursuit of a mine of gems is the first of the two fishes (Pisces).
36A foremost woman dreadful and violent in strife, naked; wearing white, red, and black ruined garments one cries wishing for garments is the second in Pisces.
37A bald woman [wearing] an ornament characteristic of Ābhīra; terrified, one causes noise, adorned with forms of jackals, cats, and boars, and standing in water with hosts of beings [is the third in Pisces].
38These interpretations by those excellent and great Yavanas knowing the purpose, practice, and the tradition of horoscopy are these drekka names of the third portions of the zodiac signs with those places considered with one’s own appointed results.
39From the indecision of the union of the aspects of the planets, portions, the lords of the portions, and the power of the aspect, these are in the world with the many forms, natures, and characteristics according to the facts of the aspect of the forms.
40Those varieties which are spoken of a planet in the time of the portion of the zodiac sign or the acts of one’s own nature, indeed thus are the all-powerful results among the exercises of all aims.
41That which is spoken of the previous form, one’s own nature, and the characteristic of the qualities of a planet and a zodiac sign; the form to be taken a hold of is born of the change by the mutual union by that order by a wise man.
42Those said, with the portions of the planets in the zodiac signs with the various sorts of changes, those said the characteristics of the form of a navāṃśa from the placement in the regular order in one’s own zodiac sign is the portion of the zodiac sign united with great ability.

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