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Yavana Jataka 1-9

– 4 –

The rule of the objects of the zodiac signs and planets

1Those which are objects of the many characteristics and natures dwelling in the earth, sky, and water arising from the portions of the vargas of the zodiac signs, I will explain those, just as the rule of the yogas by that order.
2Of lands, fire, blood, cutting weapons, gold, copper, minerals, professions of fire, battles, mantras, children, infants, umbrellas, spears, flags, thieving, and commanders of armies;
3Of the rams, sheep, enemy, sugarcane, green onions, mountains, rendezvous points, the burnt, dispatched, and wounded and the abundance of objects of red arsenic, red chalk, and red flowers are bestowed in the zodiac sign of the ram (Aries).
4Of sports, parks, garlands, children, women, markets, forests, gardens, meeting houses, wells, ghee, sour milk, milk, sprouting grass, flowers, public places, cattle, ploughs, ploughmen;
5…of those joined to oxen, yoke-pins, carts, axles, wheels, perfumes, bulls with shining buffalos and cows, fondness of pleasing ornaments and acts of good fortune, and those dwelling in a treasury is Taurus.
6The sexual union of men and women, gambling, amusement, crafts, music, songs, smiling, instrumental music, exercise, various weapons, writing, warriors, conversations, good advice, and manuscripts;
7couples, means, unions, missiles, wealth, herbs, strong-minded, commerce, instructions, knowledge, professions using hands serving for amusement and with dexterity, dancers, and with those mischievous of the third zodiac sign (Gemini).
8Women, ascetics, sages learned in Śruti (Vedic knowledge), rivers and white peppers, lotus and lilies; cold, soft and fluid, and sweet objects; medicines for restoring life, and mirrors;
9Crocodiles, with frogs, crabs, turtles, and āśoka trees, with sprouting grass, those born in the water, white birds, and those seizing living upon flesh ought to be of the fourth zodiac sign (Cancer).
10Of mountains, forests, fortresses, poisons, bones, sticks, skin, flesh, hair, hides, new garments, those born in the forest, those possessed of claws and tusks, horns, hunger, thirst parched lips, flavors, and herbs;
11Hunters, arrows, the old, beings who lead, of barbarians, swords, cutting weapons, woollens, gold, pain, enemies, those possessing mantra and satisfaction, and the supreme of gold is the interpretation of Leo.
12Maidens, pleasures, the desired, unions, modesty, shaking buttocks, liquids, smoke, incense, measured smearing with rouge on the face and lips, women playing, mirrors, and jewel-boxes;
13lamps, boats, palanquins, upper garments, women, crafts, poetry, listening, writing, indifference, eloquent speech, gems, jewels, incense, calculation, and arts of song, etc. in the sixth (Virgo).
14Scales, etc.; measures, touchstones, commodities, markets, gold, jewels, garments, pearls, criers, guides, leaders of caravans, sellers, exporters, and image-makers;
15Sensualists, gamblers, liars, those living by their hands, settle a matter in regard to a message, and scholars of Vedic knowledge; the measured six qualities, etc.; art, and writing is abundantly declared in Libra.
16Holes, snakes, ants, poisons, stones, cutting weapons, the lost, damaged, wounded, censured, crawling creatures, scorpions, mongooses, lizards, serpents, etc.; and others moving about in holes;
17murders, struck by the feet of the enemy, corrupted, poor, hurtful towards one wife and listening to the lawful wife of another, flesh, belly, female and male genitals, vessels, battles, and ashes, etc. should be in Scorpio.
18Horses, elephants, quick moving wheels, bows, armor, missiles, warriors, arsenals, charmed-arrows, the Vedas, kindling sticks, mantras, oblations, instruments, the divine, priests, teachers, offerings, and twice borns;
19knowledge, instructions, āgamas , the best at speech, poetry, tradition, grammar, auspicious objects, kingdoms, ministers, municipal ministers, citizens, twice-borns in water, and those who stand in ant-hills are in Sagittarius.
20Those should be other animals, tree, clove-trees, [Missing text], disputes, [Missing text], those corruped, ill-mannered, crocodiles, serpents, with lead, copper, iron, minerals, and nooses;
21Poor grasses, grains, mines, the low, slaves, causeways, rafts, forests, rivers, lakes, livelihoods by boats and water, those full of deer and birds, and that which is inhabiting the water [are in Capricorn].
22Ponds, wells, obstructions, dangers, servants, the terrified, spotted and branded bodies, poor grass, copper, iron, black lead, dog-cooker (outcaste), and those confined and old;
23Hermaphrodites, ascetics, those relying upon low women, cheats, those corrupted and mischievous, noises, liquor, etc. and clouds, grassy plants growing in marshy lands, etc., and pitchers, etc. are those situated in Aquarius.
24Deep water, oceans, fords, shores, ships, and helmsmen, varieties of fish and shells, females, sounds, houses, those subsisting by the water, baths, garments, views, and offerings of water;
25Sacrifices, the twice-born, ceremonies, jewels, liberations, shells, coral, water, ornaments; objects of the Purāṇas, Vedas, vows, moral conduct, and dharma are those dwelling in Pisces.
26One’s own nature of a village, dry land, forest, and water; which is dwelling in the air, fire, a division of land, or water; indeed whichever object of such a zodiac sign, a wise man should determine of that, respectively.
27Those objects are indicating the many arrangements to be understood with those changes arising from the zodiac signs. The similar nature of the objects of whichever planet, I will distinctly arrange, indeed, [the similar nature of the objects] of that.
28The Sun is declared the lord of the collection of objects of lion-thrones, raw flesh, deserts, burnt wood, lord of men, forests, mountains, gold, copper, lions, fire, the vicious, poisons, and woollens.
29The Moon is the lord of women, citra (the interesting), sleep, pleasure, bestowing enjoyment, drink, cool, liquid, having an agreeable taste, herbs, garlands, garments, land, jewels, pearls, saline, and those born of the water.
30Jupiter is the lord of the auspicious, lotuses, twice-born, divine, sacrifices, grains, mines, places of storage, houses, sons, gold, marching, sitting, nourishment, ministers, and the most respectable people.
31Venus is the lord of mines of jewels such as diamonds, cattle, sons, women, marriages, perfumes, garments, accessories, good fortune, fragrances, good halls, treasuries, and those possessed of wealth.
32Mars is the lord of armies, lords of men, robbers, the slain, the injured, poisons, fire, cutting weapons, blood, those wounded, gold, mines of minerals, and all sorts of flowers.
33Mercury is the lord of various trades, objects, separations, union, dexterity, crafts, śruti (traditions), medicine, mentioned aims of mantras and loud laughter, and temples and trees.
34Saturn is the lord of the dead, the end, the confined, battles, the old, the low, bad women, eunuchs, the lazy, the consecrated, the poor, servitude, cosmetics, cold, and all things vile.
35Indeed, as arising from one’s own zodiac sign of that [planet], this object is established of a planet. It is caused to be spoken with the order of the positional strength of that [planet] and caused to be spoken among the results with the accomplishment of actions, etc.

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