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Yavana Jataka 1-9

– 6 –

Rules pertaining to birth

1The lagna when not being aspected by the Moon, one is born during the absence of the father of the soul. One should know the direction gone to [by the father] from one’s nature of the zodiac signs and of the planets as with that order.
2The establishment of the direction of the door in the house is from the planets situated in angles possessed of strength is caused to be spoken. With those situated in debilitation or exaltation of the planets is the steadiness of the mother or misfortune of the mother, [respectively].
3When the Moon or the zodiac sign of the lagna is not aspected by Jupiter or not in a bhāga (portion) belonging to Jupiter, then they declare the born is produced by another. This is caused to be spoken by a man from a dominant and strong aspect.
4But when situated in an angular zodiac sign and situated in one’s own zodiac sign or situated in one’s own varga, one is born in one’s own house. Or the house which is from the position of the lords of the zodiac signs of the lagna and the Moon or from those qualities, that is born.
5Or the planet which is situated in the place of the house (fourth house), that should be declared from one’s own nature. That house with those situated in debilitation, exaltation, the fourth house, seventh house, or the fixed zodiac signs are to be employed without a doubt of the houses.
6When the zodiac sign has strength in the tenth house, one wearies to the house of that. But when another zodiac sign has strength in the lagna or seventh house, those declared the born in a secret house in the distance. When strength is in the fourth house, one is born situated in one’s own house.
7But when being aspected by Jupiter, [the house] is new. By the waxing Moon, besmeared (with cow dung). By the Sun, old. By Mars, burnt. By Venus, new furnished with brightness.
8By Mercury, those are declared made of grass with many curves. By Saturn, old being dilapidated. With the strengths of the successive zodiac signs the presence or absence of the qualities situated among the houses are caused to be spoken.
9When Jupiter is in its own bhāga (portion) situated in an angular zodiac sign, the born is in a concealed apartment. But when Mars, one is born on the ground in front of a fire altar. But when Mercury, one is birthed in darbha grass or on the earth.
10When Venus, in a lake house; when Saturn, in [a hut] made of grass with intense cold wind; when the Moon is situated in the aṃśaka (portion) in one’s own zodiac sign, in cold water; when the Sun, in a house of grain of the father’s house.
11When the Moon is in an even (zodiac sign) situated in an aṃśa (portion) designated as water or situated in the fourth house, those declared [the place of birth] is full of cold water. In like manner, when Jupiter is aspected by the Moon or also elsewhere from the aspect of the Sun and Mars.
12With those advanced in the horā (the lagna) and the Moon in the zodiac sign, one should know the measures in the house. From the influence of the position of the zodiac sign from one’s own nature, one should know the application, color, and form of those situated in the house.
13The Moon with aspects, conjunctions, etc. with the malefic planets and also possessed of attachment not to be caused to increased (waxing), it should produce the loss of the mother and the child. The suffering is by the diseases born of the lords of the zodiac signs.
14When the Moon is situated in an aṃśaka (portion) of Saturn in the lagna or an aṃśaka (portion) in a [zodiac sign] designated as water when situated in the fourth house, or when Saturn is situated in one’s own aṃśa (portion) situated in an angle and when not aspected by the Sun, one is born in darkness.
15From the strength of benefics: those are delighted in good conduct heard from the śruti, knowing what is to be done, those having the nature of dharma serving the divine and the twice-born, [wearing] pleasing ornaments and pure garlands and garments, and possessed of tejas.
16From the strength of the position of the malefic planets those are rogues, ungrateful, cruel, wicked, greedy, stealing another’s property, with ugly bodies, hating sādhus , and struck by anger and tamas.
17The lords of the zodiac signs of the Moon and the lagna in their own aṃśas (portions), one’s own exaltation, and one’s own zodiac sign in the lagna and those situated in one’s own mūla(trikoṇa) , friend, or upacaya zodiac sign among the angles should be giving births of those foremost of men.
18The lord of the lagna with abundant strength produces a birth declared with freedom from disease, fame, and success. The lord of the janman with abundant strength produces a birth of abundant fame and excellence seizing great wealth and magnitude.

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