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Yavana Jataka 1-9

– 7 –

The rules relating to their enemies’ houses

1The Moon in its exaltation produces a man who is rich in savory foods, clothing, and ornaments; Jupiter in its exaltation one whose name is famous and who is honored by the king, a noble and wise man of good righteousness (dharma);
2Mars in its exaltation produces a glorious man, a praiseworthy and prominent hero whom it is difficult to assail; Venus one who engages in coquetry, laughter, listening (to music), and singing, a well-dressed man who is lucky with women;
3Mercury in its exaltation a distinguished man who speaks cleverly, a wise man who is rich in the arts; the Sun a great and very fierce man who thinks of many things; and Saturn one who obtains a command from the king.
4The Moon in its mulatrikona produces a man who is wealthy because of his family and who enjoys (good things); the Sun a leader; Jupiter a mahattara, a niyukta; Mars a leader of thieves;
5Venus a rich man who is the headman (varistha) of a city or village; Mercury one who engages in quarrels and wins; and Saturn produces a hero who is satisfied with himself and his possessions, one who is the eldest in his family.
6The Moon in its own house produces an intelligent and kindly man who delights in righteousness (dharma); the Sun a reddish man, intolerant and fierce, one whose actions are evil; Mercury is a wise man of charming speech;
7Jupiter one who knows about poetry and the sacred traditions (Sruti) and whose actions are good; Mars a rich man, fierce and fickle; Venus a wealthy farmer; and Saturn a respectable man who knows no unhappiness.
8The Moon in its friend’s house produces one who obtains happiness from anything; the Sun a famous man whose friendships are firm; Jupiter one who is honored among good men; Mercury a man whose speech is filled with cleverness and humor;
9Mars one who jealously protects his friends’ wealth; Venus a man who is dear to his friends and has a wealth of advice (for them); and Saturn a lord (of men) who eats the food of others. In the Yavanajataka: the rules relating to the friends’ houses.
10The Moon in its dejection produces a sickly man of little merit; Mars a poor man distressed by miseries; Jupiter a filthy man who has earned contempt; the Sun a servant who is rejected by his relatives;
11Venus a man of no independence who has lost his wife; Mercury a stupid man who quarrels with his relations; and Saturn a pauper whose behavior is condemned and whose good character is destroyed.
12The Moon in its enemy’s house produces a man with heart-trouble; the Sun a pauper injured by poison; Mars a deformed man whose enemies are united; Jupiter a fool and a homosexual who acts in an ignoble manner;
13Mercury an ignorant man who is deprived and is a slave to many; Venus one who serves a woman and has no authority; and Saturn a man whose body is tormented by griefs such as sickness.

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