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Yavana Jataka 10-18

– 11 –

The rules relating to the yogas of the Sun

1. If the second sign from the Sun is occupied by a planet, it is called vesi (“entrance”) by the ancients; if it is departing from the Sun, it is called vosi (fasis). I shall describe those who are born under these (yogas) according to their characteristics.
2. He who is born under vesi is a man of weak voice whose actions are despised; weak in both eyes and downward-looking, he is worn out with sorrows and the upper part of his body is bowed down.
3. He who is born under vosi has a clearly distinguished voice and possesses energy, strength, memory, and good conduct; his body is firm and powerful, and he casts his glance upwards; the front of his body is broad.
4. Jupiter in vesi produces a man with distinguished friends who knows of many hoards; Venus one who is enervated in his actions and whose movements are slight, a coward who obeys the commands and orders of others;
5. Mercury an obedient and gentleman of little strength, a slow-thinker who is overcome by shame and is fond of food; Mars one who carries out the commands of others; and Saturn a rogue who is hostile to his elders.
6. Jupiter in a vasiyoga produces a master of speech and intelligence who is endowed with firmness and strength; Venus a powerful man possessing splendour and prosperity, a glorious man whose excellence is famous because of his actions;
7. Mercury an eloquent man who carries out the orders of others; Man one who is famed in battle and whose arm is unequalled; Saturn a slanderous person whose actions are merciless. (Each one) is to be described according to the nature and qualities appropriate to (the planet’s) position.
8. The planets, as they move in the course of time in these respective positions, form the bodies (of men) through their connections with each other’s houses and navamsas and through their mutual aspects and conjunctions.
9Since the world (of men) is primarily divided into gradations of caste and (also) has various qualities, distinguishing features, and characteristics such as form, therefore is (the influence of the planets), whether highest, middling, or least, seen to have modifications caus ed by the position of the planet.

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