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Yavana Jataka 10-18

– 13 –

The influence of the signs of Mercury

1. Mercury in Aries produces a man who is thin, but eats much; a rogue who prattles in vain and likes quarrels and weapons; one whose property is acquired with much labor, and then lost;
2. a man fond of sexual intercourse, a tricky craftsman; one whose position is insecure, and who is fettered by many debts; a man delighting in gambling who behaves like a knave and a rogue, a scribe who takes pleasure in singing and dancing.
3. Mercury in Taurus produces a handsome man, generous and of good conduct; one who indulges in music, play, sexual intercourse, and laughter, a clever and bold man whose words are kindly and sweet;
4. a man who knows gymnastics, garlands, clothes, and ornaments, a famous and firm man with much money and many wives; one whose word is accepted, the best of friends; a man learned in knowledge, the sciences, and the sacred traditions (sruti).
5. Mercury in Gemini produces an eloquent man who is pleasant in his conversation; a well dressed man who knows the rules regarding the crafts, sacred traditions (sruti), sciences, and arts; a man who boasts and is proud and haughty;
6. a happy and self-reliant man whose intelligence is renowned; a poet who cannot be stopped in debates; a man who is son to two women; a clever man of lofty character who is fond of giving and has many friends and allies.
7. Mercury in the fourth sign (Cancer) produces one who delights in foreign countries; a wise poet who knows about sexual intercourse with women and singing; one who is attached to many enterprises, but cannot make up his mind;
8. a man who hates and quarrels with his relatives, who prattles a lot, and is unstable and of bad character; one whose wealth is scattered and lost because of a quarrel with his enemies; a man who gains fame on earth through the renown of his clan.
9Mercury in Leo produces a man having little memory and no knowledge or artistic talent; a man devoid of energy, strength, steadfastness, and good conduct, a liar despised in the world;
10a man unlucky with women, a servant without independence who looks like a woman and has no children; one who delights in the vilest acts, and takes pleasure in the vicious members of the families of kings.
11Mercury in Virgo produces an excellent man who is eloquent and fond of righteousness (dharma); one who knows painting, writing, sacred traditions (sruti), and poetry, and is resolute in applying himself to such things as knowledge and the crafts;
12. one who has little virility with women, a sweet and courteous man who has the service, respect, and honor of a slave; [a famous conqueror to be honoured among friends, a man of unparalleled strength who is renowned for his good qualities.]
13Mercury in Libra products a man who is fond of craftsmanship and debates, a man clever in speech but of dishonest behavior; one whose service is false, a man clever at buying merchandise aid using expedients;
14One whose thoughts are fixed on the goods of many lands, and who experiences much loss, misfortune, and waste; [a man devoted to all the commands of elders, Brahmanas, and Aryans, one who is accepted by them and is attached to the gods.]
15Mercury in Scorpio produces a man tormented by misfortune, pain, fatigue, and sorrow; one whose actions arc hated and whose character is bad (asadhu); a man holding a club of cruelty and resolute in deceit;
16A greedy fellow intent on receiving from others, a contradictory person who is the enemy of good
men and the husband of bad women; a man whose honor and wealth are vile and low and who is assailed by debt; a fool who is ashamed of the steadfastness and righteousness (dharma) he has lost.
17Mercury in Sagittarius produces a noble man of great renown endowed with the meaning of the sciences, crafts, sacred traditions (sruti), and courage; a wise man skillful in speaking;
18One who indulges in sacrifices, vows, worship, and charity, a priest (purohita) or a spy for a prince (parthivasakshin); a man prominent in his family who knows writing and transcribing, one who is clever in making decisions regarding actions and the use (of things).
19Mercury in Capricorn produces a poor and low man who serves others; one who acts falsely; a fool without arts, crafts, and good qualities, one whose virility is obstructed and whose character is malicious;
20a man whose person is well formed, but who has many sorrows; one lazy in his work and abandoned by his relatives; a dirty man addicted to sleep and pleasure, unwanted in the world and apprehensive with fear.
21Mercury in Aquarius produces a man of impure character who is slighted and ignorant; one deficient in speech, intelligence, and actions; hopeless, shameless, and unlucky in sexual intercourse;
22an enemy to his own people, to saints (sadhu), and to his wife; a speechless man, frightened of others, dirty and subdued; one without righteousness (dharma) and without effect, a man oppressed by fatigue, a homosexual whose exterior is covered with garlands and ornaments (?).
23Mercury in Pisces produces a man who delights in purity of behavior; a traveler who is virtuous (sadhu) in speech, thought, and action; a poor man with few children, but good manners;
24One not too honored among good men, but a man who has obtained righteousness (dharma); a person without much by way of sacred traditions (sruti), sciences, and arts, but clever in work such as sewing (?); a versatile man, guardian of the hoards of others.

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