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Yavana Jataka 10-18

– 14 –

The influence of the signs of Venus

1Venus in Aries produces a disquieted man addicted to many angers and enmities, a wicked person who tries to steal other men’s wives; an envious person who wanders in woods and forests;
2one who incurs bondage and loss of income because of women; a man in whom there is no confidence in the world and who has no friends; [a very bold hero who is honored among chiefs of armies, cities, guilds, and tribes.]
3Venus in Taurus produces a rich, famous, and handsome man who has many wives, sons, and jewels; one who supports his relations and knows many things, a tiller of the soil or one who earns his living with a herd of cattle;
4A generous man who has excellent clothes, perfumes, and garlands and many sons; a great and courageous person endowed with outstanding qualities which are favorable to others and please himself
5Venus in Gemini produces an eloquent, noble, and pious man, one who is hospitable to gods and Brahmanas and is grateful; a person delighting in knowledge, in the meaning of the sciences, and in the arts;
6One who aims to be kindly and is always affectionate; a man rich in friends whose friendship is blooming; a person who takes pleasure in writing, transcribing, memory, singing, dancing, music, and painting; an expert in sexual intercourse.
7Venus in the fourth sign (Cancer) produces a man devoted to righteousness (dharma) in sexual intercourse; a wise person, the best of those who are experts in the sacred traditions (sruti) ; one of gentle nature and of kindly sight;
8A man tormented by hatreds, quarrels, and stupors and by such things as illnesses which arise from the faults of women and of drinking, but obtaining happiness by means of desirable wealth, both his own and that coming from his family.
9Venus in Leo produces a man of little strength who is fond of his relatives and allies; a handsome man experiencing various pleasures and miseries; one devoted to the rules of good conduct followed by gurus and Brahmanas;
10a man who obtains happiness by means of the attentions of women and associating with them, and who takes pleasure in his wealth; a man of business who is of no use in his intelligence and imagination, but receives instructions from others.
11Venus in Virgo produces a gentle man who possesses little wealth, but earns his living by serving others; an expert in women’s ornaments who knows all about sexual intercourse and singing; a sweet man who understands writing and the arts;
12One who makes an effort to know the sciences of measuring and counting, and is active in a business fraud; a man without kindness and affection among women; a wanderer among those who resort to pilgrimages and conventions.
13Venus in Libra produces a rich man with shining money and merchandise; a self-controlled person owning variegated garlands and garments; one who travels much and earns his wealth with an effort;
14A man who gains glory by wonhipping gods and Brahmanas; a learned hero, the refuge of good men; one who is resolute in difficult actions and in all things characterized by cleverness.
15Venus in the eighth sign (Scorpio) produces a cruel, hateful, and un-righteous (adharma) man; one who is destroyed by his enemies and marries beneath his caste; a rogue of much wickednes; among other men’s wives;
16A man without righteousness (dharma) who is rejected by his own brothers and despised because of his character and his servitude; one fond of injury who suffers many debts, curses, and pains; a braggard filled with diseases of the genitals.
17Venus in Sagittarius produces a man who knows about lost treasure and obtains a reputation in the world; one endowed with the profits of good dharma, kama, and artha; a man dear to the world who is handsome and fond of ornaments;
18A noble person (or, an Aryan) having a broad, erect, and exalted body; one honored among good men and respected for his good conduct; a man who has married a well behaved wife and is fortunate; the best man, a poet or the mahattara of the king’s ministers (nrpamatyamahattara).
19Venus in the tenth sign (Capricorn) produces a man afflicted by many pains, fears, and toils; one who employs slander, greed, lies, and deceit, and whose behavior is corrupted by effeminacy;
20A man served by old women, a wanderer who suffers in actions undertaken for the sake of others (?); one who is sick with a cough and has a weak body; a man confused mentally and fatigued physically.
21Venus in Aquarius produces a man tormented by anxieties, diseases, and miseries; one attached to fruitless activities; a man obstructed by his elders and his sons;
22A person bereft of righteousness (dharma) and shame among women; one fond of gambling and devoted to drink; a person who does without such things as baths, eating (upabhoga), and performing sacrifices (?) (aharana), but who indulges in acts of servitude to other men’s wives.
23Venus in Pisces produces a noble man who rejoices in purity and knowledge; a handsome man abounding in acts involving speech and intelligence; one resorted to by the king and honored by good people;
24A man endowed with good qualities such as politeness and generosity; a man of great wealth whose enemies are destroyed; one whose actions are renowned and distinguished in the world; the best person, the supporter of a family of saintly (sadhu) women.

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