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Yavana Jataka 10-18

– 16 –

The influence of the signs of Jupiter

1Jupiter in Aries produces a man impatient of insult who excels in strength and power; a very bold person whose actions are renowned; a mighty person endowed with the qualities of an orator;
2the master of punishments, exalted and fierce; a man delighting in pure jewels and ornaments; one who has many expenses but much wealth; a pennon devoted to war whose body is marked with wounds and whose foes are many.
3Jupiter in Taurus produces a lucky and well attired man whose body is plump and broad; a handsome and courteous man who is pleased by his wife; one who serves gods, Brahmanas, and teachers;
4a man of firm nature whose wealth is in plough-lands and in cattle; one whose clothes are excellent and ornaments beautiful; a man with distinguished qualities of speech and intelligence who knows right conduct; one whose welfare results from the use of medicines.
5Jupiter in the third sign (Gemini) produces a man delighting in cleverness and courtesy; an intelligent and eloquent man whose wealth is established; one who takes pleasure in activities and is endowed with the quality of intelligence;
6a famous man who is delighted by pomp and ornaments; one who is honored among the elders and is devoted to them; an excellent man of good conduct who is intent on good righteousness (dharma); a poet clever in many sciences.
7Jupiter in Cancer produces a handsome, wise, and noble man of strength and character; a wise and rich fellow fond of righteousness (dharma) ; a gloriotis person esteemed by the world;
8a man rich with many piles of grain and a great hoard; one whose position is firm and who possesses truth and concentration; a straightforward man whose acti are distinguished or a king or one who does favors for his friends.
9Jupiter in Leo produces a firm and wise hero; a learned, prominent, noble, and foremost man; a hero with many affectionate friends;
10a rich man with a distinguished lineage or a king or a handsome man having valor like a king’s; one whose massed enemies are struck by poverty and anger; a firm hero whose body is large and immense.
11Jupiter in the sixth sign (Virgo) produces an inteligent man whose mind is instructed by theory and practice and who delights in righteousness (dharma) and story-telling; a handsome man who knows the meaning of the sciences, crafts, sacred tradition (sruti), and poetry;
12a man of pure character who is fond of perfume and garlands; one who has a firm sense in works of cleverness; a man who makes an effort in painting and the writing of letters; one who knows the meaning of many sciences and has various expenses.
13Jupiter in Libra produces an intelligent and self-controlled man who has many good allies and friends; a handsome and courteous pennon who rejoices in good conduct; a wise man, the mahattara of a caravan of merchants;
14one whose abundant wealth comes from his traveling in foreign countries; a man who delights in the full meaning of the Vedas or a Brahmana; one who takes pleasure in gods, guests, and teachers and has an excellent king; [a man attracted by sinful women.]
15Jupiter in Scorpio produces a base man who has a swarm of many foes; an ill-mannered person who deceives his friends and is fond of treachery; a harmful imposter with a terrible wife;
16one who is attached to faults and is seriously afflicted by diseases; a man who becomes fatigued in performing cruel deeds; an unrighteous (adharma) person who acts in a disgusting manner; one who is disregarded by others and tormented by debts.
17Jupiter in Sagittarius produces a man fond of service and attached to sacred traditions (sruti) and righteousness (dharma); a teacher of sacrifices and vows whose meaning is not doubted; a noble and generous man with many friends and allies;
18one who lives in many regions and countries and takes pleasure in lonely pilgrimages and temples; a peaceful man who is not attached to starting businesses; one who desires pomp, instruction, sacred tradition (sruti), and learning.
19Jupiter in Capricorn produces a gentle man of little strength; one who delights in performing base deeds and has a bad end; a penniless fool who does the bidding of others; one who bears much toil and suffering;
20A man outside of righteousness (dharma); one who has neither love nor compassion for his relatives; a quarrelsome person with weak bodily strength; a traveler who is timid in conflict.
21Jupiter in Aquarius produces a cruel and wicked liar of odious character; one who is clever in bad crafts and in things pertaining to water; a leader of tribes who performs very vile acts;
22A greedy man, intent on faults in his own speech, who accomplishes his aim; one whose body is afflicted by pestilences having the nature of diseases; an unrighteous man (viyuktadharma) suffering from diseases of the genitals; one who lacks good qualities of the soul such as intelligence.
23Jupiter in Pisces produces a heavy man of pale complexion whose wealth is praiseworthy; a happy man who makes a firm beginning and is not lacking in pride; one who knows the meaning of the Vedas, sciences, sacred tradition (sruti), and poetry;
24One who uses the courtesy, behavior, and instruction of a king; the ruler of the nobles of the world; a famous and handsome man whose deeds are restless; the stabilizer of good men and of those who restrain their anger.

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