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Yavana Jataka 10-18

– 17 –

The influence of the natures of the planets and signs

1Saturn in Aries produces an ignoble and ill-dressed person who is afflicted by anxiety, pain, and toil; an imposter whose words are harsh and depraved; a reviled and penniless man who hates the good;
2a jealous, dishonest, cruel, and irascible person who delights in evil gossip; one who obtains treasure from the vilest act; a man who destroys his allies and relatives.
3Saturn in Taurus produces a poor man who is engaged in many activities; one whose actions are false and speech improper; a lover of aged women;
4a man agitated by miseries caused by sinful women; a much-wounded person who is a source of tricks; one who serves the wives of others and is not self-possessed;
5Saturn in Gemini produces a weary man oppressed by many debts and bondages; one whose manner is roguish and whose advice is deceitful and false; a man of depraved actions and hypocritical counsel;
6a bad artisan who is useless in his qualities of roguishness; a man without shame; one attached to diverting himself with evil friends and comrades; one who is forever fond of homosexual acts.
7Saturn in Cancer produces a pauper proud of his beauty; one who is always sickly and is separated from his mother; a soft and unwell man who likes delicacies;
8one whose actions are adverse to his relatives and to old men; a man clever in his own dharma; one who annoys others; a person who before was satisfied by the enjoyment of other men’s wives, but afterwards is lucky with his own; one whose money is stolen.
9Saturn in Leo produces an uncouth man whose behavior and qualities are despicable; one whose faults are immense in writing, reading, and speaking; a man who takes pleasure in vile deeds;
10a person overcome by desires who does not attain his objectives; one whose wife is divorced (or, an outcast) and who lives on wages; a man who, rejecting his allies, is bereft of joy; one whose body is aged by ever traveling, toting, and toiling.
11Saturn in the sixth sign (Virgo) produces a man whose body is like a eunuch’s; one who enjoys the food and concubines of others and is without independence; a rogue who corrupts students and women;
12a man lazy in the performance of his duty who doesn’t understand the sacred tradition (sruti); [one who is not a rogue in actions which benefit others; a man who has studied the crafts and arts;] one who acts without deciding or looking.
13Saturn in Libra produces an outstanding man who desires money; one who obtains honour by wandering in foreign countries for wealth and money; one whose position is enhanced by strength and power (?);
14a nobly speaking leader of assembly (sabha) and tribe (gana); a lord of rich territory, protecting his lands and cattle; one whose treasure is firm in the protection of his allies; [one who is pleased by actresses, sinful women, and whores.]
15Saturn in the eighth sign (Scorpio) produces a man who delights in enmity and harshness; one who deviates from righteousness (dharma) and is burnt by poisoned swords; a man whose anger is fierce and who has an abundance of miseries;
17.Saturn in Sagittarius produces a soft man who speaks little and rejoice in acting according to his own dharma; one who knows the meaning of sacred tradition (sruti), the intelligible (?), judicial procedure, learning, and how to speak about affairs, and who has great fame;
18a man renowned on earth and obtaining honor because of the various noble qualities of the sons of others (whom he has taught); one who, at first abandoning his property because of his saintly (sadhu) qualities, acquires wealth at the end of his life and is very prosperous.
19Saturn in Capricorn produces an outstanding man who is to be honoured as the originator of his family-line; one who teaches how to speak about affairs and has many crafts; a traveler honoured by multitudes;
20the lord of other men’s fields, homes, and wives; one who takes pleasure in sexual intercourse, bathing, and ornaments; a man endowed with the qualities of generosity, courage, ancestry, politeness, sacred tradition (sruti), wealth, and position.
21Saturn in Aquarius produces a great man who tells many lies; one who is always attached to drink, women, and vice; a man whose friendship is bad and who is a cheat and a rogue;
22one skillful in starting many businesses whose money is secure; a man who takes pleasure in possessing other men’s wives and money; one who is outside of sruti, smrti, the sciences, and stories; a man who speaks roughly.
23Saturn in Pisces produces a man who is the best among his relatives, kinfolk, and friends; a peaceful and revered person who sacrifices well; one whose effort is noble in the sciences and in the crafts;
24one who has good conduct, righteousness (dharma), occupation, and truth; an examiner of such things as all sorts of jewels; a well-mannered person possessing endless good qualities; one whose wealth is immense, but who suffers misfortune later on.
25Thus, because of the positions, qualities, and natures of the planets, and because of (the signs) which have the temporal and other strengths of their lords, (the planets) produce men of various qualities, characteristic marks, and forms, who have diverse orders, conducts, and fortunes.
26As this arranging by the planets is realized when they enter into the signs, so is it to be established as arising naturally when they arc in dvadashamshas (bhagas) and navamshas (of the signs).
27If a planet in its own varga, navamsha, or term is in a cardine, it gives a result such as that which has been described; but if they arc in each other’s (vargas) and are opposite to the degrees of their exaltations, they are full of the reverse influence.

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