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Yavana Jataka 19-27

Yavana Jataka 19-27

– 19 –

The chapter on the influence of the ascendant is finished

1If Aries is strong and in the ascendant, the native is a man of fierce anger; a greedy person with little character who travels in foreign countries; a weak man who has little happiness and speaks in a blundering fashion;
2one whose body is afflicted by (illnesses connected with) bile and wind and by diseases of the eye; a man clever in business whose righteousness (dharma) is corrupted by temptation; a jealous person who causes destruction among others’ possessions; one who is cowardly, despondent, fickle, and stupid;
3a man who is parted from his father and mother or from his brother; one who walks swiftly and is gluttonous; a man with few children whose character is opposed by his brothers and friends; one who possesses various moneys;
4a famous person whose wealth is secure and immense; one with bad relatives; a man of good conduct whose nails are ugly and whose enemies are conquered; one who gets a lame and rude wife who comes from a bad family or who desires her own people;
5a man whose wealth is increased by the commission of evil deeds, and whose happiness is enjoyed by diminishing and wasting (that wealth) ; one who dies because of blood, fire, and sword, or from the breaking of his body, or because of diseases arising from poison and bile.
6If Taurus is in the ascendant, the native is a happy hero who is able to bear toil and trouble and who possesses a hoard in his youth; one whose cheeks, lips, forehead, and nose are fleshy; a man who causes many diseases of his father and mother;
7a handsome and generous person whose actions are zealous; one who harasses his foes and has various expenses and monies; a person of phlegmatic and windy humour who slays his own people; a man who fathers daughters and whose intellect shies away from righteousness (dharma);
8one fond of his wife and greedy for food and drink; a handsome man with bright-coloured clothes and ornaments; one who secretly thinks of friendship with his family, but who is an enemy to his own brothers and very cruel to his relatives;
9a hateful, ungrateful, fickle, and slow man, a source of confidence who enjoys coarse foods; a lord of a guild (srenisvara) whose wealth is increased by travelling on waters and engaging in the business of a merchant; a man whose deeds are clever and strong;
10a person whose mind is filled with misery, pain, and laziness; a glorious man whose heart has turned to firm deeds; one who dies because of quadrupeds, blows, arrows, weapons, nooses, or fevers, or who is slain by his enemies.
11If the third sign (Gemini) is in the ascendant, the native likes to be respected and is addicted to conversation and giving gifts; a man whose mind is expanded by music, singing, sacred traditions (smrti), laughter, learning, the meaning of the sciences, and the meaning of poetry;
12one who is overwhelmed by a desire for beauty, ornaments, and sexual intercourse; a truthful and eloquent man who is the most honourable of good men; one who has two mothers and two natures; a courteous person whose limbs are too few or too many and whose eye-lashes are malformed;
13a pure and well mannered man who is beloved among the elders, but whose family and possessions are unsteady and insignificant; one who is impatient of insult and has a noble lineage; a handsome rogue with evil sons and few relatives;
14a man with many wives and a widespread and cruel family; one who is lazy with respect to righteousness (dharma) but conquers his pitiless foes; a man whose actions lead to accomplishment with respect to the buying of jewels, the use of expediencies, travelling over water, and magic spells, but who abandons his money;
15one who gives away his lands, woollens, goats, sheep, and objects of gold; a lazy man who endures the anger of the king; one who dies because of animals, forests, carnivorous beasts, or oceans, or from being surrounded in the water.
16If the fourth sign (Cancer) is in the ascendant, the native is timid and kind hearted and dwells in many places; an intelligent but fickle man whose nature is inwardly coarse; one who worships and gives gifts to gods and Brähmaëas;
17a wise man pained by diseases of the genitals; one who carries collections of stone-weights and merchandise; a slow person who enjoys actions involving the expenditure of other people’s money; a man engaged in righteousness (dharma) who is of a phlegmatic and windy humour;
18one who is to be honoured among tribes and speaks a lot; a lover who delights in firm embraces, but has a bad wife; a man whose wife is from a despised and unsuitable family; one whose few sons are depraved and whose relatives have ruined characters;
19a man who sires daughters, has many foes, and wears armour for battle; one who travels in foreign lands and whose deeds are bold and firm; a man possessing an endless number of buffaloes, herbs, women, ornaments, clothes, and vehicles;
20one who dies because of Raksas, dogs, Candalas, Pisacas, low people, ropes, the breaking of bones, wind (-diseases), thefts (?), and faults, or from an excess of phlegm, or from the cutting down of his body, or from a fistula in the anus (bhagandara).
21If Leo is in the ascendant, the native is a man of great strength whose chest is hard and whose form and face are fierce as a lion’s; a man fond of flesh who is honoured by the king; one who has depth, firmness, steadfastness, and courage;
22an arrogant person who speaks little and runs after wealth; a greedy and hungry man who delights in striking others; a careless person who is very irritable and is hard to resist; one who is firm for his friends and a saint (sadhu) among those who pay obsequies to him;
23a well established man who undertakes all the duties of a household; one who is divorced from righteousness (dharma) in sexual acts; a man who slays adverse men of varying character, protecting his relatives who delight in murder and injury;
24a man whose son is famous and the faction of whose enemies is overcome; one whose wealth is increased and accumulated by such activities as farming; one who marries various aged wives or whores, dancers, and ascetic women;
25a man addicted to his profession who desires various extravagances; one who suffers from toothaches; a man who dies inevitably because of hunger, swords, nooses, water, and poison, or because of anger and diseases, or because of aquatic animals.
26If the sixth sign (Virgo) is in the ascendant, the native is one who talks softly and clearly and is attached to generosity, service, and affection; a compassionate man addicted to music and clever in litigation, poetry, courtesy, and sweetness;
27one whose body has the gracefulness, configuration, and spirit of a maiden’s; a proud man who enjoys wealth acquired by others; a well behaved pennon who wanders in foreign countries and has two natures; a man with few children who is inwardly a cheat and who desires glory;
28a lover who desires strength, pleasing objects, and glory; a handsome and lucky pennon whose shoulders and sides droop; an honest man with good righteousness (dharma) who is beloved among the elders; a pure man whose family does what is hated by others;
29one who is opposed by evil together with ignoble men, but who is much praised by his nobly acting relatives; one who sires girls and is afflicted by wind-diseases; a man whose anger is increased by his hatred of his vile enemies;
30one who is stimulated even among virtuous ladies, and who makes an effort in many activities; a man who dies because of bile (-diseases), fire, burning, fevers, thieves, or swords, or because of quadrupeds, or because of poisons.
31If Libra is in the ascendant, the native is a valet whose body and character are coarse; a weak, ungrateful, fickle, and lazy person; one who is famous in his business and possesses property;
32a man of phlegmatic and windy humour whose body is slender and tall; one fond of strife who is attached to sexual intercourse which is against righteousness (adharma); a man who tramples on others, but himself has many sorrows; an intelligent person whose eyes are big, black, and beautiful;
33an industrious man who delights in being hospitable to gods and Brähmaëas; one who is clever in serving and honouring the elders; a father of sons who is to be honoured among wise men; a purposeful, restrained, and pure man who is dear to his brothers;
34one whose family is injured by serving evil people, and whose relatives and son are hostile to him; a man whose wife is ill-mannered and whose foes are feeble; one whose mind is busy with reasoning in dharma;
35a man who is not resolute in many kinds of activity and who is attached to objectives whose results are harsh and terrible; one who dies from phlegm (-diseases), breaking, quadrupeds, women, bondage, wandering, drinking, drugs, or defects.
36If Scorpio is in the ascendant, the native is a man with a broad, tall, and fat body, deep-set, reddish, blazing eyes, massive eyebrows, a low-hanging belly, and a nose that is slender in the middle;
37a sharp, firm, aggressive, and fierce man who is impatient of injury and whose character is rough within; a jealous person who does what his mother wishes; a hero who kills, takes, and sets up obstacles;
38one who delights in injuring his friends and elders and eats (the food) of others; a fellow who tries to seduce other men’s wives; one who possesses a family and flourishing wealth; a man whose brothers are hateful and relatives low;
39a man rich in sons who destroys confidence and has a bile-disease; are strained and generous man whose face is full of holes; a man who serves the king and has various groups of enemies; a person with many wives who has attained righteousness (dharma);
40one who is righteous (dharma) even in everlasting activities and gets wealth and honour by resorting to service; a man who dies because of such things as his enemies’ killing him, his drinking of intoxicating liquors, faults, his passion for women, or imprisonment.
41If Sagittarius is in the ascendant, the native is a man with large teeth, dirty, black lips, and fleshy thighs, belly, arms, and chest; a shy person with big eyes and a broad and high head;
42one whose mind is full of science, learning, and sacred traditions (sruti); a man whose intellect is fresh and who is endowed with firmness and courage; one whose anger is fierce, but who serves those who are obsequious to him; a man who can be overcome by bowing, but will not tolerate the insults of the mighty;
43a man with ugly nails who is the head of his family and has subdued his foes; a hero among his companions, who is pre-eminent for his good policy; one whose wife is from an unstable family that has many defects; a man who loves his clan and is friendly to his relatives;
44one who is victorious through his brothers and has many firm sons; a man who is injured in his mouth, eyes, armpits, feet, and head; a person of pleasing helpfulness who is rich in excellent wives; one who destroys the wealth of those who laugh at good dharma or are liars;
45a civil person who rejoices in good actions such as the crafts; one who gets his money from the king and has a phlegmatic and windy nature; a man who dies because of various ailments, or because of diseases of the belly and fevers, or because of animals which live in the water or in holes.
46If the tenth sign (Capricorn) is in the ascendant, the native is a weak and timid man who has a body and face like a deer’s; a fellow tormented by diseases of the nature of wind; a man of little courage, the tip of whose nose is long and high;
47one whose hands and feet are overgrown with curly hair; a fickle person with long ears and black eyes; a thirsty man bereft of good conduct and virtues; one who can be controlled by sexual intercourse with women and who goes after wealth;
48a hero of noble descent who shines because of his many connections; one who is fond of responsive singing, sacred traditions (sruti), sciences, and crafts; the weak slayer of his brothers; a man with a family; a hated person whose people are depraved; the enemy of rogues;
49one whose wives have their bodies injured by their ill-mannered lovers; a man hostile to evil who possesses the wealth of his calumniators; one inclined towards righteousness (dharma) and knowing the five arts of a king; a man whose wealth is mostly obtained by stealing, and who gives away little of it;
50a lazy person who talks a lot and makes no effort; a father of daughters who (…); a man who dies because of carnivorous animals and wind-diseases, or because of the swords and prisons of the king, or because of bile-diseases, or because of poisons.
51If Aquarius is in the ascendant, the native is the leader of his family who commits many low deeds and the tip of whose nose is splayed; a tall and black man who is independent of his friends and relatives; a lazy and irritable pennon who is fond of quarrels;
52a thirsty man who enjoys women, gambling, and harshness; one who is a stranger to purity, auspiciousness, and restraint; a man whose wealth declines and increases and who has a phlegmatic and windy temperament; one with a bad reputation whose people are numerous and clever;
53a man whose kinsmen and elders are dead, and who is thought ill of by others; a slanderous and envious person; one whose prosperity is ruined and who has no money from his family; but a roan who is honored by his cruel brothers;
54one whose lazy and jealous sons enjoy the ways of rogues and arc enemies of the weak; who are quarrelsome and harsh and do the work of women; who take no pleasure in righteousness (dharma) in their actions and who are despised;
55a traveler with many extravagances who possesses a hoard; one who is afflicted by phlegmdiseases in the heart; a man who dies because of women, anger, lightning, fire, water, or heat, or because of sicknesses in his belly.
56If Pisces is in the ascendant, the native is a wealthy man with expanded nostrils and bright eyes who acts with brilliance and honour; one whose mouth is open and whose lips and teeth protrude; a leper who desires food, flesh, and drink;
57a courteous man who delights in purity, sacred traditions (sruti), and good conduct; one whose intellect is perfect and who is addicted to firmness and courage; an expert in music, sexual intercourse with women, and ornaments; one whose mind is developed by the sciences and the meaning of poetry;
58a man whose glory is obtained by means of his courtesy, honour, and reverence; one who is impatient of injury and possesses confidence and courage; a man with a family whose strength is swollen by goats and sheep; a rich fellow, steadfast to his wife and having a wealth of servants;
59a man who begets daughters and whose relatives practice many crafts; one whose enemies are vile and terrible, but whose wife is gentle and lovely; a person who follows righteousness (dharma) and has a phlegmatic and windy temperament; a man possessing who is intent on prominent actions;
60one whose wealth tends to diminish, but who has much iron (loha) and grain; a man whose body is weakened by wild animals, wanderings, diseases of the heart, and poison; one who is killed by such things as illnesses and fevers, drugs, or diseases of the genitals, or by prominent men, or by starvation.
61Thus, by means of the twelve portions (bhaga) when they are in the ascendant – (the dvadashamsha) which are like the twelve signs and are such things as of water, of wood, movable, or fixed – as by means of the distinctions caused by the lords of the signs and the signs themselves, are to be described (the natures) of men.
62Whatever sign is joined with its lord or with a planet which has its exaltation in it, or is aspected (by such a planet), or is strong on its own, that sign is said to have the greatest influence, having regard for its place; the opposite of this (is said) by others.

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