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Yavana Jataka -37-45

Yavana Jataka 37-45

– 37 –

The shares of life (ayurdaya)

1The planets at birth, from the application of their courses through the navamsas of thr signs, give (the native’s) length of life in order; and the ascendant gives years qua1 to the navamsas traversed by the ascendent; for the years are appointed by the signs to which that navamsaa belongs.
2They obtain a double amount in their own (base-)triplicities, in the navamsas of their own houses, in their own houses, or in vargottamamsas; they give a triple number of years when at full strength in their exaltations or retrograde.
3A planet – except for Venus and Saturn – subtracts a half from its period when in its dejection, an enemy’s house, or the descendent; if (several planets) are in the one sign, the strongest one destroys its own period.
4A malefic planet in the twelfth place from the ascendent destroys its entire share, a benefic half; if two malefic planets are there and are aspected by a malefic, they destroy the whole life.
5The malefic planets in reverse order (in the places from the eleventh to seventh destroy from their own dasas fractions ranging from one-half to one-sixth; the length of life is the sum of all the dasas.

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