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Yavana Jataka -73-79

Yavana Jataka 73-79

– 73 –

Result of the nakṣatras and tithis on military expeditions

1I will describe the king desiring to conquer, fated by the sort described from the commencement of the birth to be manifested by accomplishment, endowed with good qualities and pleasures of a king, and practicing pradhyāna and samādhi.
2Famous speech and intelligence, noble character, deep and solemn nature, knowing political wisdom, brave, energetic, charming, handsome, famous work, pure, and not intoxicated.
3Clever, knowing patience, kindness, and rebuke, an ascetic to be supported by citizens with procured good qualities, the senses conquered, thoroughly honest, independence to be honored by the twice born and deities, and not performing work of a hired servant.
4Thus, that king greatly endowed with good qualities having undertaken the military expedition established in time, the highest power procured by fierce actions is to be accomplished in gentle actions.
5When the maturity of time is caused by a benefic planet as the lord of the daśā at foremost strength and
when that lord is situated in strength in that nativity when malefics are not located there at birth.
6But when the Moon is in the lagna, an upacaya from the lagna, a benefic zodiac sign in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th houses when not joined with the result of the malefics or in the lagna, 8th house, 6th house, 7th house, or 9th house and situated in the upacaya from one’s own janman.
7When those benefics are of great strength are in the navāṃśa of the benefic planets, on an auspicious tithi when the form of the Moon is waxing, when those benefics are situated in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th zodiac signs, the military expedition is successful, [even] when the Moon has little strength.
8Having exempted the inauspicious places afflicted by the malefic planets and omens and those aspected by malefics, those head rising zodiac signs (Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces) conjunct with benefic planets honor during those military expeditions.
9But when the Moon by its regular course goes through a group of zodiac signs to a direction, those hindrances are to avoided from the one who setting out on a march. But the directions of the planets and the omens, winds, ayana, and lords of the directions are to be joined with the military expedition.
10When the upacayas joined to the Moon in the heavenly bodies are movable, fixed, fierce, straightforward, gentle, ordinary, and rough, the military expedition attains success by the manner of the qualities.
11[When the Moon] is in Viśākha, Uttaraphalgunī, Uttarāṣāḍhā, Uttarabhādrapadā, and Rohiṇī nakṣatras, a king desiring to accumulate at the sites of two kingdoms with the good fortune of a strong treasury should invade in the second half of the day. Indeed, among these (nakṣatras) in the early morning of the day, the march is not auspicious.
12[When the Moon] is in Hastā, Puṣya, Aśvinī, and Svāti nakṣ atras a great lord invader desiring power with splendor and glory obtained returns from a successful military expedition, but not in the afternoon.
13[When the Moon] is in Citrā, Anurādhā, Mṛgaśiras, and Revatī nakṣatras , the departed having quickly punished the army of the enemy, the departed disperses from the military expedition with success joined to the result. But not in the first half of the night.
14Among those three beginning with Śravaṇā nakṣatra (Śravaṇā, Dhaniṣṭhā, and Śatabhiṣaj nakṣatras) and Punarvasu nakṣatra, the military expedition marching and an invader endowed with good qualities such as cheerfulness and honor should have an auspicious result, having excluded the second half of the night.
15Among Ārdrā, Jyeṣṭhā, Mūlā, and Āśleṣā nakṣatras among the fierce robbing of possessions at a breach in a wall, having excluded a march at dawn, the military expedition is praised in the breach and deed.
16In Pūrvaphalgunī, Pūrvāṣāḍhā, Pūrvabhādrapadā, Bharaṇī, and Maghā nakṣatras, having excluded the second half of the night, one goes to success among harsh actions, battles with violent results, and the acquisition of the enemy’s country.
17The invader’s best military expedition in another’s region, city or house is in Kṛttikā nakṣ atra other than the afternoon. Among Hastā, Revatī, and Śravaṇa nakṣatras cause the march to be avoided at night.
18Those groups of seven beginning from Kṛttikā nakṣatra in that order are in the east, etc. Among the directions of the nakṣatras corresponded to the directions towards the gates those marches of the directions should have victory.
19One ought to also arrive in the east by those northern gatekeepers and also by those eastern gatekeepers by those nakṣatras of the north. Thus indeed one should set out to the south by those nakṣatras located in the west and also to the west by those nakṣatras located in the south.
20Hence a king desiring victory who performs otherwise should set out breaking down obstacles, even though he is abounding in the power of many elephants and horses, he goes into ruin in the water, a stronghold, and in battle.
21When the nakṣatras with the Moon are favourable in the nativity are tormented by the malefic planets in the heavenly bodies or among the non- riktastithis, the movement does not receive the desired result of the military expedition.
22And indeed, when the Moon is situated in the zodiac sign of the nativity, one does not attain the capacity for success and power during maneuvers. Therefore, from this the military expedition is futile. Even one possessed of vitality is wearied and strength and health vanquished.
23The Moon situated in its zodiac sign of debilitation or a house of an enemy in the lagna of one’s own nativity, aspected by malefics, joined to the sunaphā yoga, etc. with those (conditions), and the waning form of the Moon is afflicted by malefics, the invader is caused to have ruin, sorrow, and weakness.
24A waxing and auspicious Moon situated in a benefic zodiac sign, aspected by a benefic, in an upacaya from the lagna, except an angle, or in one’s own house, it should grant wealth, health, and victory of the departed.
25The tithis of the Bhadras, Siddhajayas, Sunandas, and Supūrṇā are excellent and have good dharmas. They should be with the results like their names of the firm and auspicious. And Pratipad when an invader is at the entrance of a city.
26Namely Rikta, Ugrasena, Ugra, Mahābala, and Āśa tithis, all these should quickly destroy an army. Indeed, among those one should perform evil actions and those actions connected with weapons of cutting, fire, and poison.

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