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Yavana Jataka -73-79

– 74 –

Result of the lagna on military expeditions

1When the lagna is in Aries, those desiring battle in robbing and striking the enemy towns and soldiers enter the military expedition. When the lagna is in Taurus, in the tormenting kinsmen with the use of land, gold, cattle, women, and agriculture.
2When the lagna is in the 3rd (Gemini) a march is desired in the performance of battles with striking and throwing weapons, intelligence, ingenuity, learning, sattva, entering, etc. In the 4th (Cancer), in worship at holy bathing places, etc. possessed of gods and saints.
3In Leo, one should set out in fierce and cruel action in battles destroying towns, villages, animals, and enemies, but in the sixth (Virgo) the greatly virile seizing maidens should invade among the acquisitions granting pleasure.
4In Libra, the best military expedition is in the performance of the effort of purchasing commodities and in the usurping the wealth of the enemy and large harems. In Scorpio, the active military expedition is among the dishonest and wicked actions.
5In Sagittarius, a march is desired during the worship of deities, sacrifices, and battles with missiles, chariots, and horses. In Capricorn, one should set out during the elimination of disease and hunger, emancipation, killing of the enemy, and clearing of the roads.
6When the lagna is in Aquarius one should invade during the non-seizing of one’s own support from a foible from a battle of a deceitful attack from the enemy, but in Pisces, during accumulation from the ocean for wealth and boats.
7When the commencement of the movements are united with a head rising lagna one attains the ability for the tranquility of nature, success in foreign expeditions with the quality of a straightforward path, and the results of the military expedition being insignificant seizures.
8A man situated in a back rising (zodiac sign) somehow attains victory with fatigue and loss, attached to the quality of sattva in a state without memory or action, and afflicted splendor among the expeditions.
9Among those benefics and malefics belonging to the upacayas from one’s own rising janman or lagna, one should declare auspiciousness. Indeed, among those faced directions, the invader of the military expedition should attain great success, though inauspiciousness.

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