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Yavana Jataka -73-79

– 75 –

Application of the vāra on military expeditions

1When the benefic planets are in the direction towards the military expedition, the military expedition quickly attains success. But planets superior in strength situated in the opposite are detrimental among the departures of the one who is setting out on a march.
2A planet situated in strength faces towards as a non-lord of the direction should be performing obstruction among the acquisitions of the results of the military expeditions. A planet situated in one’s own direction in the back in the same way it gives success in missiles and the result among the actions.
3When Venus is in a natural direction, a military expedition, even a king with little strength, having conquered an even a more powerful enemy, power are obtained like the well-conducted in battle, the result of wives from the actions when gathered up.
4Even having performed when all the planets are situated in natural directions, one marches facing Venus, he having quickly arrived at a battle, meets with ruin, even though possessed of treasure, horses, chariots, and elephants.
5Also when the Sun is situated in the back, even though the invader is furnished with energetic effort and silver, he is unsuitable. But when Venus is situated in the descendant, the invader attains ruin of the best vehicles.
6When a nakṣ atra is crushed by an omen or malefic planet and should one go in the direction of an adverse wind, the destroyed army by the misfortune of the brilliancy of the city incurs intense fear and misfortune.
7One who sets out on a march on a day of Jupiter gains cheerfulness, authority, acquisition of great wealth, vigor, fame from good qualities, generosity, and success arising from one’s words, intellect, and actions.
8One the day of Venus the one who sets out on a march gains desired women, food, drink, honor, garlands, garments, positions, happiness, and those gains arising from pleasure and joy.
9On a day of Mercury an invader gains prudent speech that is eloquent, and has intellectual clarity furnished with the quality of the wise, good-hearted, and virtuous, destruction of the enemy, and gains causing pleasure.
10On a day of the Sun the one who sets out on a march incurs the anguish of hunger and thirst, hostility from the wicked, fear on the path from four footed beasts of prey, losing one’s way, and distress in the heart.
11On the day of the Moon the one who sets out on a march is endowed with virtuous women, flowers, fruit, food, drink, possessions, pleasing things produced from the water, and those desired with the aim of the performance of sexual pleasure.
12On a day of Mars the one who sets out on a march incurs disturbance, destruction, misfortune, and loss by thieves, hostility from the enemy, injured by weapons, fire, and poison, and doṣas related to fainting, fatigue, and vomiting.
13terror by enemies and thieves in the wilderness, violence, bondage, killing, and a maimed woman.
14The lords of the day possessed of strength situated in one’s own varga should be giving the results as mentioned of the invader. Those which are overcome in debilitation, a zodiac sign of the enemy, an astronomical house of weak strength, they eliminate the rise of the undesirable and desirable results.

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