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Yavana Jataka -73-79

– 76 –

The rule regarding what is seen on an expedition

1One who goes forth when the ascendant of his nativity is in the ascendant always obtains the acquisition of possessions desired by wise men by means of his own exertion for successful deeds, and he gets victory in battle, and bodily happiness.
2If the second place from his birth-ascendant (is in the ascendant), he gets union with evil men, much work, the distress of fatigue, and the loss of his honour and wealth, and he is struck by sorrow and poverty.
3If the third place from his birth-ascendant is in the ascendant, he gets servants, companions, an increase of glory, wealth, friends, vehicles, cheerfulness, and good health.
4If the fourth place from his birth-horoscope is in the ascendant, he obtains toil, the loss of his vehicles and relatives, distress, wandering on the road, a falling apart, and a lack of firmness.
5If the fifth place from his birth-ascendant is in the ascendant, he travels secretly from others and is not brilliant; his power is ruined by the confusion in his actions; and he returns quickly without his task accomplished.
6If the sixth place from his birth-ascendant is in the ascendant, he gets beauty, courage, strength, awareness, and fame in battle, and destroys villages (grama) and establishments (hita); and, in the end, he captures the army-camp (balasthana) and city (pura) of his enemy;
7If the seventh place (from his birth-ascendant) is in the ascendant, he suffers fatigue on the road, the loss of his vehicles and possessions, thirst, burning, cold, hunger, misery, the feebleness of his own allies, and the increase of his foe’s,
8If the eighth place from his birth-ascendant is in the ascendant, he quickly experiences diseases, losses, hunger, troubles, falling. wounds, distress, enemies, murders, imprisonment, and a maimed wife.
9If the ninth place from his birth-ascendant is in the ascendant, he obtains poverty, sorrow, immoral (adharma) actions, thefts, terror, evil, losses, and opposition from his allies.
10If the tenth place from his birth-ascendant is in the ascendant, he loses his army and suffers agitation, poverty, sickness, fatigue from doing the work of a bull (i.e., prodigious feats), and from wandering, fear, despondency, and the diminution of his authority.
11If the eleventh place from his birth-ascendant is in the ascendant, he gets good health, an increase of strength, brilliance, and courage, the acquisition of gold, women, wealth, and grain, and effortless success in normal actions.
12If the twelfth place from his birth-ascendant is in the ascendant, the king uses weak points and acts deceitfully and falsely, and his efforts involve very painful means; but, even though his allies are split, he attains success.
13He who goes forth when Jupiter is in the ascendant obtains vehicles, carriages, honour, position, brilliance, knowledge, wealth, intercourse with wise men and with his elders (guru), an increase of his strength in battle, and victory.
14If Venus is in the ascendant, he is provided with distinguished garments, clothes, lands, women, sports, gracefulness, delights, perfumes, and garlands, as well as with the ornaments, food, and drink of young ladies.
15If Mercury is in the ascendant, he attains perfection in his speech and intellect; meets with his friends, relatives, and wife; acquires position, glory, and money; and obtains brilliance, authority, and an increase in self-respect.
16If Saturn, Mars, the Sun, or the Moon is in the ascendant, he suffers pain on the road from hunger, thieves, diseases, the king, his enemies’ swords, spirits (Bhutas), missiles, carnivorous animals, poison, and fire, and he flees.
17If it is the day of a malefic planet and that planet is in its own varga, after his own happiness has been lost and his enemy’s army increased, he attains success by practicing tricks which involve falseness and roguishness.
18If the benefic planets are in the ascendant, the expedition is successful with regard to good health, brilliance, splendor, brightness, elephants, hones, soldiers, weapons, and courage; if the other planets (arc in the ascendant), it is to be known as being such as was described above (in verse 16).
19The benefic planets in the second place cause an increase in the family (kutumba) and treasure of one who goes forth on an expedition, prosperity, and firm thinking; the malefics, fear, disease, and friendship with evil men.
20Benefics in the third place give brothers, horses, soldiers, beauty, strength, firmness, and handsomeness in expeditions; malefics cause missiles, heroism, brilliance, and success in battles.
21Benefics in the fourth place cause one’s allies and relatives to be strong, and the appearance of the full fruits (of the actions) of the wings of the army, the cavalry and the infantry; the malefics, fear, disaster, and despair.
22The benefics in the fifth place cause success which arises from the muttering of spells (mantra), the donations of friends, tricky behaviour, and splitting and terrifying (one’s foes), and they cause joy; the malefics, misery and fear.
23Benefics in the sixth place produce joy in the man who goes forth, the acquisition of good possessions, the haughtiness and pride of his allies, and victory; the other planets, the attainment of brilliance and a cane seat.
24Jupiter and Mercury in the descendent cause the acquisition of the fruits of the procurements and exertions of one’s benefactors and friends-fruits consisting of the enjoyment of one’s wife and friends and of happiness; the other planets give loss and breaking.
25If the benefic planets are in the eighth place, there is no loss of life and no sickness or harassing by one’s enemies; if the others are there, there is bondage, death, swords, diseases, fire, miseries, and falls.
26If the benefic planets are in the ninth place, he conquers with an army of allies sustained by many foods and drinks consisting of vegetables, flowers, grains, and liquors of the forest; if the malefics are there, he retreats with his army despised.
27Benefic planets in the tenth place cause him to attain the fruits acquired by heroism, and produce an increase in sovereignty and strength and the acquisition of money; malefics, success in battles involving divisiveness and falseness.
28Benefic planets in the eleventh place cause intelligence, the acquisition of various moneys, the increase of one’s treasury, and position, victory, and prosperity; the others, victory and the acquisition of one’s enemy’s army and wealth.
29Benefic planets in the twelfth place from the ascendant do not produce evil, expense, fraud, weak points, falls, an impassible road, or wandering; malefics do the opposite of what has just been described.
30If benefit planets have the strength of time and so forth, and are in the cardines or in the upacayas of the ascendant, and are aspected in the strongest aspect – even by malefics – then the expedition is considered to make an effort for the best results.
31If the benefits are in the ascendant and the others in the cardines, a strong malefic takes away part of the result; if the malefics are thus, even a benefit fails. The Moon when strong is like the malefics.
32If there are three malefics in the ascendant, neither in conjunction with nor aspected by the benefits, the expedition is injurious to the life of the one who goes forth; if there are both benefits and malefics in (the places) described, (the effects) are mixed.
33Even one malefic in the eighth place free of aspect from or conjunction with a benefit gives death, with modifications of its own making; if it is conjoined with a benefit, it causes diseases, illness, and distress.
34One should know about the purpose of an expedition to a (foreign) country, the nature of the enemy, and the actions (which will occur) by means of the planets in the cardines beginning with the ascendant; one should know the good or evil results by means of the suitable planets in order the benefits and the malefics.
35The destruction of one’s body, actions, treasury, and army does not occur when the benefit planets are strong; hut the malefics give evil with respect to these things -especially if they are the lords of the ascendant and of his birth-sign.
36If two benefit planets are the lords of the birth-sign and of the ascendant, they cause the appearance of good qualities in the mind and body of him who sets nut, if they have temporal and positional strength; so also do two malefics which are weak and overcome.
37The planets in the ascendant and other places determine (1) the king’s body; (2) the essence of his wealth; (3) his army; (4) his vehicles; (5) his advice; (6) his enemy; (7) his frightening; (8) his weak points; (9) his mental state; (10) his deeds; (11) his profits; and (12) his lies.
38When the ascendant is in the sixth place of his enemy’s (horoscope), he captures his foe or kills him in battle; when it is in the eighth place of his enemy’s (horoscope) and in an upacaya of his own, the aggressor goes about capturing the enemy and his army.
39When the ascendant is a n upacaya of his birth-ascendant and is the house of a benefit planet, and when Jupiter is in an upacaya of the ascendant, and when the Sun is in the sixth place and Venus in the eighth, he goes nut and quickly slays his foes.
40If Jupiter is in the ascendant in an upacaya of his birth-ascendant, and if Saturn and Mars are in the third and sixth places from the ascendent, and if Venus is in a cardine and the Sun in the eleventh place, he takes his enemy prisoner.
41If Mercury is in the fourth place, Venus in the ascendent, Jupiter in the fifth, the Sun in the third, Saturn and Mars in the sixth, and the Moon in the tenth, the accomplishment of all his objectives is assured.
42If Venus and Mercury are in the eleventh place, Saturn and Mars in the sixth, the Sun in the tenth, and Jupiter in the eighth, the king who sets nut in this yoga destroys the whole army of his enemy.
43If Venus is in the ascendant, the Sun in the third place, the Moon in the seventh, Saturn in the eleventh, Jupiter in the fifth, and Mars in the tenth, his enemy comes into his power.
44If Venus and Mercury are in the fourth place, the Moon in the sixth, Jupiter in the eleventh, and the malefic planets in the third, he conquers his foe and takes away his wealth.
45If Jupiter is in the ascendant, Mercury in the fourth place, the Sun, the Moon, and Venus in the (three) signs beginning with the sixth, and Saturn and Mars in the third, he quickly slays his enemies.
46If the Moon is in the sixth place, Venus and Mercury in the fourth, the Sun in the third, Saturn and Mars in the tenth, and Jupiter in the eleventh, the man goes about conquering his foes.
47If Jupiter is in the ninth place and all (the other planets) in the tenth and eleventh, he conquers his enemy’s army and goes about his own country in a joyful spirit.
48If the lord of the (ascendant) Decanate, Hora, or navamsa is in the ascendant, and if it is a benefit in a sign favorable to benefits, then the aggressor, overcoming the army of his enemy and obtaining his riches, attains his desire.
49If the Hora of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury (are in the ascendant), he suffers no pain, fear, loss, or disease; if their navamsas, his body is uninjured, his army un-shattered, and his purpose fulfilled as he goes about.
50If the Horas of Saturn, Mars, and the Sun (are in the ascendant), he retreats, agitated by his own servants, robbed on the road, wounded in his limbs, despondent because of bad omens, and grieving, and he gets phlegmatic and windy diseases.
51If a navamsa of the Sun (is in the ascendant), they say he loses his vehicles; if a navamsa of Mars, he is afraid of fire; if a navamsa of Saturn, he loses his servants and cleanliness; and if a navamsa of the Moon, he is slow in acting.
52The first and second Horas in the odd and even signs respectively have a good influence on expeditions generally; those Decanates do which belong to benefit planets.
53Whatever influence on expeditions, whether good or bad, is said to pertain to the days of the planets, that is to be described as effective when the places which were favorable in his birth horoscope are in the ascendant.
54The Moon is good for crushing the enemy; the Sun for making fires; Mercury for bribing; Jupiter for winning; Venus for conciliating; Man for sowing dissension; and Saturn for tricking.
55If (a sign in) the triplicity beginning with Aries (is in the ascendant), those who desire victory over their foes (use) conciliation, tricks, and dissension; but, if the Sun is in the ascendant, they attain success by standing heroically and (doing) their duty.
56A king who, though intent on his duty, is hindered from succeeding by such things as his dasa and astakavarga, should not go forth even if his servants are devoted, and his administration of justice (danda) is obstructed (by his enemy), and he has obtained good fortune and is served by (good) advisors (saciva)
57One will go forth who is proud of his deeds, swift, and endowed with good luck, when the time is favorable, taking as asce ndant a good sign aspected by benefit planets.
58Properly reverencing the leaders of the gods and Brahmanas, and removing (all) evil by honouring pure Brahmanas, he should set out along the road unattached and rejoicing, with his umbrella, armor, banner, vehicles, and weapons.
59With clarity of mind and an abundance of brilliance and courage, having had a good dream and being favored for victory, guarding against portents (nimitta) from fate on his expedition and in his victorious acquisitions, he goes forth.
60Those (objects) which are like the birth-sign of his enemy come under the power of the planets which are in that sign. As what the king sees in series and in order (on the march) is the highest producer of success.
61so is the sight at the auspicious sacrifice or during the journey of fire, gods, Brahmanas, cows, elephants, goats, horses, banners, umbrellas, chariots, weapons, vases, garlands, fans, water-pots, clarified butter (sarpis), sour milk (dadhi), milk (ksira), fruits, herbs,
62gold, jewels, ornaments, raised cudgels, a man and his son ( ? pumward-dhamana), the images of prominent men, garlands which are handsome, white, and spotless, fish, maidens, friends, sandal wood, citron trees,
63conches, kettle-drums, mydariga-drums, shouts, praises, salutations, geese (hamsa), peacocks (mayura), bluejays (casa), kadamba-geese, pigeons (haritaka), and cranes (sarasa).
64The king, meeting with these portents (nimitta) from fate which indicate success, should go forth on his expedition rejoicing, and establishing in himself certain success.
65From the planet or sign in the ascendant which is strong, or from one in a cardine which has positional strength, one should know the good and evil omens of that time which occur in heaven, in the sky, or on the earth.
66Having made an extensive expedition and having achieved the highest success, honouring his patron deity (istadeva), the planets, and the citizens (paura), when (the planet) which stands over his country is strong and in a fixed sign, he should enter his own palace.

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