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Yavana Jataka -73-79

– 77 –

The undertaking of actions

1One should always sacrifice to the gods of the planets – namely, Jala (Water), Vahni (Fire), Visnu, Prajapati, Skanda, Mahendra, and Devi – in signs which belong respectively to the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.
2On Sunday that act is praised which is connected with the palaces of kings, weapons, battles, soldiers, gold, fire, cows, spells (mantra), and herbs; such things as the tormenting of forest deer; and acts which cause fear in one’s foe.
3On Monday one should make compensation for having sexual intercourse with a woman, for ornaments, and for clothes; one should do what pertains to joy and happiness; and one should make gifts, sacrifices, festivals, jewels, and anointing with juices.
4On Tuesday one should murder, obstruct, lie, riot, divide, rob, fight, and use weapons, fire, and poison; one should make encampments for armies, and perform actions involving gold, goats, or cattle.
5On Wednesday one should undertake sacred studies, service, writing, the crafts, drawing, gymnastics, cleverness, and the fine arts, and one should make arrows and alloys (yukti) of gold and (other) minerals, and do things involving the union of speech and intellect.
6On Thursday are desirable such actions as are righteous (dhHrmika) and beneficial, paying homage, intelligible deeds, giving names, (learning) the traditions, (sruti), and auspicious acts, or actions involving grain, gold, houses, things pertaining to bodies, missiles, hones, and chariots.
7On Friday are praised actions involving music, knowledge, gems, jewels, perfumes, cows, lands, beds, clothes, ornaments, women, auspicious things, treasures, festivals, and joy.
8On Saturday (one should do things involving) poison, boulders, swords, tin (trapu), lead (sisa), metals (loha), fences, bondage, lies, and death, every evil act, and actions such as drinking and going into exile.
9The rule concerning the actions of people which was described by the foremost (astrologers) of the Greeks with respect to the planetary week-days is to be established in a similar rule with respect to the hours (hora) which pass through the days.
10If anything which arises from its dvadasamsa or from its house is said to be under the power of a planet, it attains perfection when that planet is strong, and the undertaking is either good or bad.
11If that planet is in the second place, one should say that it is to be taken; if in the descendent, to be given; if in the hypogee, to be taken away at night; and if in the ascendant, to be taken from that.
12If Jupiter is in the ascendant in a human sign and the Moon is in a house of Jupiter or Mercury, they say it is the best time to begin (learning) the traditions (sruti) – (especially) if the Moon is not aspected by malefic planets and is in conjunction with benefits.
13If Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are in the ascendent or aspect the (ascendant)-sign or its navamsa, or if that sign is movable and Venus and the Moon are in it,
14or if a navamsa of the sign is in the hypogee, or if the sign is occupied by its lord and the Moon is in (a house of) Jupiter, one should know that it is auspicious to make entrances such as the entrance into a house.
15If the benefit planets are favorable to the ascendant and the malefics are in the sixth place, it is the best time to quarrel. If the Moon is in a varga of Jupiter and Jupiter is in its own varga in the ascendant, one should act for the sake of dharma.
16If a human sign is in the descendent aspected by Jupiter and Venus, one should go to one’s own wife-or if Venus is in its own dvadasamsa in the descendent, except when the descendent is an animal sign.
17If (Venus) is in a varga of Saturn or Mars, it is not recommended that one marry another man’s wife. If Jupiter is in a masculine sign in the ascendant, or in the fifth place, or in one’s birth ascendant, (one should have sexual intercourse) for the sake of a son.
18If a sign which was in the second or tenth place in one’s birth-horoscope is in the ascendant – with the exception of Aquarius – and if it is aspected by Jupiter and Venus, they say one succeeds in the use of merchandise – especially if Libra is involved in this yoga.
19If a sign which is occupied by its lord or by a benefit planet is in the ascendant, (the undertaking) succeeds; any great deed and further accumulations are to be done when a varga of Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury (is in the ascendant)
20One should know that terrible deeds (are to be committed) when the Sun is strong; gentle and graceful ones when the Moon is strong; actions involving life, station, and intelligence when Jupiter is strong; and those involving merchandise, money, women, and sexual intercourse when Venus is strong;
21acts involving speeches, the traditions (sruti), and the crafts when Mercury is strong; deeds of theft, war, and dissension when Mars is strong; and actions such as lying, causing misery, and murder when Saturn is strong. (The act) which is undertaken by a strong lord (pati) (under these circumstances) succeeds.

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