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Yavana Jataka -73-79

– 78 –

The rules relating to undertakings

1The signs have natures which are moving, fixed, or two-fold, as do the places which are associated with them. As, in order, the Moon and the Sun are in these (signs and places), one should perform acts corresponding to their natures.
2The wise man, considering action to be threefold inasmuch as it pertains to dharma, artha, and kama, should do what is connected with the qualities of the sign and of the (planet) in the sign.
3If the ascendant is an upacaya of his birth-ascendant and is occupied by a benefit planet, but not conjoined with a malefic, and if the Moon is in a good and favourable sign, the Greeks say that he always succeeds in his undertakings.
4If Aries (is in the ascendant, one should do things) pertaining to gold, fire, work with cattle, missiles, armies, battles, thefts, and kings; if Taurus, to such things as cows, ploughing, property, treasure, games, friends, women, beds, and acquisitions;
5if the third sign (Gemini), to sons, one’s wife, money, the traditions (sruti), the crafts, advice, affection, and fine arts such as singing; if the fourth sign (Cancer), to gems, ornaments, water, women, fields, beds, and all sorts of flowers;
6if Leo, to evils such as murder, battles, the use of swords, fire, and kings; if the sixth sign (Virgo), to maidens, presents, marriage, gracefulness, the crafts, and the traditions (sruti);
7if Libra, to (visiting) foreign lands, litigations, jewels, buying, and selling; if Scorpio, to poison, fire, giving, obstructing, hindering, and dividing one’s enemies, and such things as killing;
8if Sagittarius, to chariots, missiles, learning, self-restraint, medicines, vows, honouring, and studying; if Capricorn, to grain, lotuses, metals (loha), fields, water, frauds, and lies;
9if Aquarius, to servants, drinks, metals (loha), ceremonies, carriages, blows, feats of battle, and swords; and if Pisces, to the making of jewelry, water-rafts, journeys on boats, and the acquisition of wealth.
10If (the signs) are aspected by benefit planets which are in good signs and whose strength is not failing, this (undertaking) attains success; if the malefic planets are in unfavorable signs and do not aspect, the result of the action is extremely profitable.
11A year of the Sun involves battles, fights, a terrible king (ksitisvara); sharp poison, fevers, and fire; draught; dry shrubs, grasses, and grains; a fierce wind, dreadful animals, and eye-diseases.
12A year of the Moon involves excellent grains, grasses, shrubs, and rice; full-grown thickets; much rain-water; flavors, herbs, oils, and a flowing of juices; and an increase in sexual intercourse and thinking of women.
13A year of Mars involves kings fierce in battle; a scarcity of grain; dried-up and waterless trees, flowers, and shrubs; many snakes and fires; it is ruined by diseases, thieves, hunger, and misfortunes.
14A year of Mercury involves kings (ksitisa) zealous for alliances and exchanges of gifts; a large number of Brahmanas who know sacred studies, pilgrimages, and sacrifices; an absence of disease and illness; mediocre grain and rains; and the affection and dependence of friends.
15A year of Jupiter involves good rains, sacrifices, festivals, and presents; an absence of sickness and pain; kings (avanisa) intent on righteousness (dharma); abundant food and drink and much grain; and men who are zealous for their own dharma.
16A year of Venus involves grain which is reaped and bright rainclouds; full-grown creepers, new flowers, and shrubs; kings (ksitipa) who desire love; it is rich in pleasure, and gives women joy, and beauty.
17A year of Saturn involves faulty and slight rains, and violent winds and fires; the loss of grain; the removal of kings (ksitisa); it produces death, destruction, disease, and fear, and kills cattle, Sudras, and cows.
18Whatever characteristic for men is said to pertain to (the planet’s) year and is described as having the planet’s nature, that it also spoken of with regard to that (planet’s) month, day, and season (rtu); it is modified according to the position of its lord (i.e., the planet).

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