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Mahabharata – Adi Parva 199-207

Mahabharata – Adi Parva 199-207

– 199 –

Vaivahika Parva – Continued

1Vaishampayana said: After his alliance with the Pandavas, Drupada had all his fears dispelled; and he did not fear even the celestials.
2The ladies of the illustrious Draupada’s (household) all came to Kunti; and mentioning their respective names, they saluted her with their heads touching the ground.
3Krishna, attired in red silk and with her wrists still encircled with auspicious thread, saluted her mother-in-law with reverence; and she then stood before her contentedly with joined hands.
4Out of affection Pritha (Kunti) pronounced a blessing on Draupadi, endued with beauty and auspicious marks and with sweet disposition and good character.
5Kunti said: As Sachi is to Indra, as Svaha to Vibhavasu, as Rohini to Soma, as Damayanti to Nala.
6As Bhadra to Vaishravana, as Arundhati to Vasishtha and as Lakshmi to Narayana, so be you to your husbands.
7O amiable girl, be the mother of long-lived and heroic children and possess everything that can make you happy. Be lucky and prosperous, be faithful to your husbands and a performer of great sacrifices.
8Let your time be ever passed in duly entertaining your guests, the strangers that come to your house, the pious men, the old men, the children and the superiors.
9Be installed with the virtue-loving king (Yudhishthira) as the queen of the kingdom and the capital of Kurujangala.
10Let the whole earth, conquered by your greatly powerful husbands, be given to the Brahmanas in a great Ashvamedha sacrifice.
11O accomplished girl, what gems of great qualities are in the world, let them all belong to you. O blessed girl, be happy for (full) one hundred years.
12O daughter-in-law, as I rejoice to-day on seeing you in red silk, so I shall rejoice when you will give birth to an accomplished son.
13Vaishampayana said: After the Pandavas had been married, Hari (Krishna) sent to them various golden ornaments set with pearls and Vaidurya gems.
14Madhava (Krishna) also sent (to them) costly robes of various countries, many beautiful and soft blankets and skins.
15Various costly beds, carpets and conveyance and hundreds of vessels set with diamonds and Vaidurya gems.
16Krishna gave them thousands of maidservants, all young, beautiful and accomplished and adorned with all ornaments and brought from various countries.
17He also gave them many well-trained elephants of the country of the Madras, many excellent horses adorned with ornaments and many chariots drawn by heroes of excellent colours and large teeth.
18Madhusudan (Krishna) of immeasurable soul sent to them also in separate heaps millions of coins of pure gold.
19Wishing to please Govinda (Krishna), Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, being himself filled with great joy, accepted all those presents.

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