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Mahabharata – Adi Parva 208-216

Mahabharata – Adi Parva 208-216

– 208 –

Viduragamana Rajyalambha Parva – Continued

1-2Janamejaya said: O ascetic, what did those illustrious men, the high-souled ones, my grandsires, the Pandavas, do after obtaining the kingdom of Indraprastha? How did their wedded wife Draupadi obey them all?
3How was it that no dissension arose amongst those illustrious rulers of men, though attached to one wife Krishna?
4O ascetic Rishi, I desire to hear everything in detail as regards their conduct towards one another after their union with Krishna.
5Vaishampayana said: Having obtained their kingdom at the command of Dhritarashtra, those chastisers of foes, the Pandavas, sported with Krishna at Indraprastha.
6Having obtained the kingdom, the ever truthful greatly effulgent Yudhishthira with his brothers virtuously ruled the kingdom.
7Having defeated all their foes, the greatly wise and ever devoted to truth and virtue, the sons of Pandu lived there in great happiness.
8Those of men, seated on costly royal seats, discharged all the duties of government.
9When (one day) those illustrious heroes were so seated, there came to them the’ celestials Rishi Narada in course of his travels.
10-11Yudhishthira gave him his own excellent seat. When the celestials Rishi was seated, the wise Yudhishthira duly offered him the Arghya with his own hands. The Rishi accepted the worship and became very much pleased.
12Uttering benedictions on him, he Rishi) asked him (Yudhishthira) to take his seat. Thus commanded, the king Yudhishthira took his seat.
13He sent words to Krishna informing her of the arrival of the high-souled (Rishi). Hearing it, Draupadi, after properly purifying herself.
14Went there where Narada was with the Pandavas. And that lady of virtuous deeds worshipped his feet.
15Then the daughter of Drupada, being properly covered with her veil, stood before him with joined hands. That virtuous, truthful and excellent Rishi.
16The illustrious Rishi Narada, after uttering various benedictions on the princess and saying that faultless lady, “Go,” sent her away.
17When Krishna retired, the illustrious Rishi thus spoke to the Pandavas with Yudhishthira at their head.
18Narada said: The illustrious princess of Panchala is the wedded wife of all of you establish a rule amongst yourselves so that no dissension may arise amongst you.
19There were in the days of yore two brothers, celebrated throughout the three words by the names of Sunda and Upasunda; they were incapable if being killed by any one else except one by the other.
20They ruled the same kingdom, lived in the same house, slept on the same bed, sat on the same seat and ate off the same dish, yet they killed each other for the sake of Tilottama.
21O Yudhishthira, therefore preserve your friendship for one another and do that which may not produce dissension amongst you.
22Yudhishthira said: O great Rishi, whose sons were Sunda and Upasunda? How did their dissension arise and why did they kill each other?
23Whose daughter was the Apsara, the celestials maiden Tilottama? Maddened by whose love they killed each other?
24O ascetic, O Brahmana, I desire to hear all this in detail as it happened. Our curiosity has become very great.

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