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Mahabharata – Adi Parva 217-225

Mahabharata – Adi Parva -217-225

– 217 –

Arjunvanvasa Parva – Continued

1Varga said: O best of the Bharata race, we were all greatly distressed. We sought the protection of that ascetic of undeviating vows.
2(We said), “O Brahmana, intoxicated with beauty and youth and maddened by the god of love, we have acted very improperly, you should pardon us.
3I was enough death to us that we had at all come here to tempt such an ascetic of controlled soul as you are.
4The virtuous men consider that women are created as non-slayable, therefore you should not kill us. Grow yourself in virtue.
5O virtuous man, it is said that a Brahmana has always friendly feelings over all creatures. O Rishi of blessedness, let this saying of the learned be made true.
6The good man always protects those that seek protection at his hands. We solicit your protection; you should therefore pardon us.”
7Vaishampayana said: O hero, having been thus addressed, that virtuous-minded Brahmana of good deeds, as effulgent as the sun or the Moon, became propitious to them.
8The Brahmana said: The words “hundreds” and “hundred thousands” all indicate eternity. The “hundred” used by me should be understood as a limited period and not as eternity.
9-10You shall, becoming crocodiles, seize and drag men into water. (After the expiration of one hundred years), a best of men will drag you all from the water to the land. You will then resume your own real forms. I have never spoken an untruth even in jest.
11From that day all those sacred Tirthas will be known by the name of Nari Tirthas all over the world. All of them will be sacred and sin- cleansing in the eyes of the virtuous and the wise.
12-13Varga said: Having saluted that Brahmana with reverence and walked round him, we left that place in great grief; and we all came away thinking (all the while), “Where shall we soon meet with that man who will give us own old forms?”
14O descendant of Bharata, as we were, thinking, at that very moment we met with the illustrious celestials Rishi Narada.
15O Partha, seeing that celestials Rishi of immeasurable effulgence, our hearts were filled with joy. Having saluted him with revenge we stood before him with faces covered with blushes.
16He asked us the cause of our sorrow and we told him all. Having heard what had happened, he thus spoke to us.
17“In the low lands on the coast of the southern sea there are five sacred and delightful Tirthas, go there without delay.
18-19That best of men the pure-souled Pandava Dhananjaya (Arjuna) will certainly deliver you from your this distressful state.” O hero, hearing the Rishi’s words, all of us came here. O sinless one, I have been really delivered by you to-day.
20But, those others of my friends are still within the waters of the other lakes. O hero, perform a good work, deliver them all.
21Vaishampayana said: O king, thereupon that best of the Pandavas (Arjuna) of great prowess gladly delivered all of them from that curse.
22O king, rising from the waters, they all regained their old forms and those Apsaras then all looked as they looked before.
23Making safe those Tirthas and giving them (Apsaras) leave to go away, that lord (Arjuna) went again to Manipur to see Chitrangada once more.
24He saw there on the throne Babhruvahana, begotten by him (on Chitrangada). Seeing her, O king, the Pandava (Arjuna) said to Chitravahana.
25O king! kindly accept this Babhruvahana as the subscription of Chitrangada. Thus, I will be free from your debt.
26Again the son of Pandu told Chitrangada- Dear! May God grant you all happiness. You live here and protect Babhruvahana
27-28In due course, you shall live extremely happily at our dwelling place Indraprastha. Reaching there, you shall get an opportunity to see my mother Kunti, Yudhisthira, Bhimsena, my younger brothers Nakula and Sahadeva and other relatives. O innocent lady! you shall be extremely pleased after meeting my all relatives.
29Always crowned with righteousness and truth, the son of Kunti, Yudhisthira after conquering whole earth will perform Rajsuya sacrifice.
30At that time, all great kings of earth will arrive there. Your father too will come there with many gems (for gift).
31For the service of Chitravahana, you should come to attend Rajsuya sacrifice along with them, where I shall meet you. At this time, leave the grief and protect your child.
32I am leaving on earth only because of Babhruvahana’s name. Therefore, you should bring up this child who is spreader of our dynasty.
33He is the son of Chitravahana by inheritance but in real he is the dearest son of Pandavas, therefore, you may protect him always.
34O chaste lady! you should not be sad. Thus telling to Chitrangada, Arjuna left for Gokama tirtha.
35This pilgrimage is the first place of lord Shiva and gives salvation only by seeing it and, where even a sinful man gets fearless place.

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