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Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Digvijaya Parva – 25-32

Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Digvijaya Parva – 25-32

– 25 –

Digvijaya Parva

Summary of conquests

1Vaishampayana said: Having obtained that best of bows (Gandiva) and the couple of inexhaustible quivers and the car and the (ape standard) flagstaff, Arjuna spoke to Yudhishthira thus.
2Arjuna said: O king, bow, weapons, great prowess, allies, dominions, fame, troops, all these have been obtained by me, though they are all difficult to be gained, however a man may desire to have them.
3O best of kings, I think we should now do that by which we shall be able to increase our treasury. I desire to make the (other) kings pay tribute to us.
4I shall start, in an auspicious moment of a holy day of the moon under a favourable constellation, to conquer the kingdoms situated in the quarter protected by the lord of wealth (Kubera).
5Vaishampayana said. Having heard the words of Dhananjaya (Arjuna), Dharmaraja Yudhishthira thus replied to him in a grave and calm voice.
6Yudhishthira said. O best of the Bharata race, start but first cause the holy Brahmanas to utter benedictions on you, so that you may plunge your enemies into grief and make your friends happy.
7O Partha, victory will surely be yours. Your desires will surely be fulfilled. Vaishampayana said: Having been thus addressed, Arjuna, surrounded by a large number of troops, started (for conquest).
8-9He started on the celestials car of great deeds which he has obtained from Agni. Bhimasena, and those best of men the long- armed twins Nakul and Sahadeva, also having been affectionately worshipped by Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, started (for conquest). The son of the chastiser of Paka (Arjuna) conquered all the countries situated in the direction protected by the lord of wealth (Kubera).
10O king, Bhimasena conquered the East, Sahadeva, the South, and well skilled in arms, Nakula, conquered the west.
11Surrounded by his friends and relatives, the lord Dharmaraja Yudhishthira lived in the enjoyment of great affluence with in Khandavaprastha.

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