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Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Jarasandha Vadha Parva – 20-24

Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Jarasandha Vadha Parva 20-24

– 20 –

Jarasandha Vadha Parva

Departure for Magadha

1Krishna said: Hansa and Dimbhaka have fallen Kansa also with his followers has been killed; the time has, therefore, come for killing Jarasandha.
2He is incapable of being vanquished in battle by all the celestials and the Asuras. Therefore, my opinion is to defeat him in a single combat.
3In me is policy, and in Bhima is strength, and we are both protected by Arjuna. We shall vanquish the Magadha king like three (sacrifice) fires.
4If we three go secretly to that king, there is no doubt he will be engaged in a single combat with one of us.
5From the fear of disgrace, from covetousness, and from the pride of strength of arms, he will certainly challenge Bhima to a single combat.
6Like death himself who kills a person however proud he might be, the mighty armed and the greatly powerful Bhima will surely bring about the destruction of the king (Jarasandha).
7If you know my heart, if you have any faith in me, then without any further loss of time, give me as a pledge Bhima and Arjuna.
8Vaishampayana said. Having been thus addressed by that exalted being (Krishna), and having seen Bhima and Arjuna standing there with cheerful face, Yudhishthira thus replied.
9Yudhishthira said: O Achyuta, O chastiser of foes, do not say so, You are the lord of the Pandavas. We are all dependent on you.
10O Govinda, what you say is (always) consistent with wise counsel. You never lead those on whom Lakshmi (the goddess -of prosperity) has turned her back.
11I am, who always at your command, consider that Jarasandha is already killed, that the kings kept prisoner by him have already been liberated and that the Rajasuya sacrifice is already accomplished by me.
12O lord of the universe, O best of men, act soon with care in such a way as this task may be accomplished.
13Like a sorrowful man afflicted with disease and like a man without Dharma, Artha and Kama, I dare not live without you.
14Partha (Arjuna) cannot live without Shauri (Krishna), and Shauri cannot live without Partha. My opinion is that there is nothing unconquerable by these two, namely Shauri and Partha.
15This handsome Vrikodara (Bhima) is the foremost of all strong men. Greatly famous as he is, what may not be achieved by him with you.
16Troops when led properly do excellent service. The wise men say that troops without a leader is useless. Therefore, troops should be (always) led by experienced leaders.
17The wise always conduct the water to place that are low. The fisherman take the water through the place where there are holes.
18We shall, therefore, try to accomplish our object by following the leadership of Govinda (Krishna), who is learned in the science of politics, and whose fame has spread all over the world.
19If one desires to have a successful end of his purpose, he should always place Krishna at the head, he is the foremost of all men whose strength consists in wisdom and policy; he is the man who possesses the knowledge of both the means and the methods.
20For the accomplishment of our purpose, let the son of Pritha (Arjuna) follow the best of the Yadava, Krishna and let Bhima follow Dhananjaya (Arjuna). Policy, victory and prowess will bring about success in a matter requiring velour.
21Vaishampayana said: Having been thus addressed (by Yudhishthira) all the three brothers, the two Pandavas and the Varshneya (Krishna), all possessing great prowess, started for the kingdom of Magadha.
22They were attired in the grab of Snataka Brahmanas of effulgent bodies; they were blessed by the agreeable speeches of friends and relatives, (when they started).
23They possessed great prowess, and their bodies were like the sun, the moon and the fire. Being inflamed by the wrath for (the persecution that was perpetrated by Jarasandha on their relatives), their bodies now looked more blazing than before.
24Seeing the two Krishnas (Krishna and Arjuna) who are invincible in battle, and seeing Bhima at their head, all the three bent upon performing the same act, the people considered that Jarasandha was already killed.
25The illustrious pair (Krishna and Arjuna) were the masters that directed the every operation of the universe; they directed all acts relating Dharma, Artha and Kama.
26Having started from the Kuru country, they passed through the Kurujangala. They then arrived at the (lake) Padmasara, whence they went to the Kalakuta (mountains). Crossing it.
27They (finally) crossed the (rivers) Gandaki, the Sadanira and the Ekaparavata and others rivers, all these (rivers) taking either rise from the same mountain.
28They then crossed the charming Sarayu and saw the eastern Kosalas. Crossing through it, they went to Mithila; and then crossing the rivers Mala and Charmanvati,
29The Ganges, and the Shone, they proceeded eastwards, Going to the heart of the Kusamva (country), the matchlessly effulgent heroes arrived at Magadha.
30Getting on the (hill) Goratha, they saw the city of the Magadha king, full of kine, wealth and water. It was very beautiful with the trees that stood everywhere in it.

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