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Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Rajasuyarambha Parva 13-19

– 14 –

Rajasuyarambha Parva – Continued

Words of Sri Krishna

1Krishna said: O great king, you are endued with all accomplishments, and you are worthy of performing the Rajasuya. O descendant of Bharata, you know everything, (therefore) I shall tell you only something.
2The men now know as Kshatriyas are inferior to those Kshatriyas that were exterminated by Rama, the son of Jamadagni.
3O lord of earth, O best of the Bharata race, you are aware of the rules that those Kshatriyas established amongst their order, guided by the traditions (coming down from generations to generations).
4All the numerous royal dynasties and other Kshatriyas in the world claim to be descended from Aila and Ikshaku.
5O king, O best of the Bharata race the monarchs (the descendants) of Aila and those of Ikshaku became divided into one hundred
separate dynasties.
6O great king, the descendants of Yayati and the Bhoja are also great in birth number and accomplishments. They are scattered in all directions.
7O king, all the Kshatriyas worship the wealth and prosperity of all these kings. At the present time the king Jarasandha.
8Having overcome that prosperity ever revered by the whole (Kshatriya) order, and also having overcome them by his prowess, has set himself up over the heads of all the kings.
9-12Enjoying the sovereignty of the middle portion of thirteenth, he tried to create disunion among ourselves. O great-king, the monarch, who is the lord of all kings and whose sway extends over the whole earth, is the proper person to be an Emperor. O king, the powerful Shisupala having every way placed himself under his protection, has become his commander-in-chief. O great king, the powerful king of the Karushas, Vakra, who fight with the power of illusion, also waits upon him as his disciple. The two other greatly powerful and illustrious monarchs have taken the protection.
13Of the greatly powerful Jarasandha, namely Hansa and Dimbhaka. Dantavakra, Karusha, Karabha (also wait upon Jarasandha). He who bears on his head the gem which is knows as the most wonderful gem in the world.
14That king of the Yavanas who is chastised Mura and Naraka and who is the matchlessly powerful king of the west like a (second) Varuna.
15O great king, who is called Bhagadatta and who was your father’s old friend, has also lowered his head (to Jarasandha) by his speech and specially by his acts.
16But he is in his heart tied to you by affection. He loves you as a father loves his son. The king, who has his kingdom on the west and south of the earth.
17Who is your maternal uncle, that heroic Purujit, the spreader of the Kunti race, that chastiser of foes, is the only one king who is on your side.
18-19That wicked wreath amongst the Chedis, whom I did not kill before, who has become known in the world as the Supreme Being, who gives himself out as such and who out of foolishness always bears all my signs, has gone over to the side of Jarasandha.
20The powerful king of Vanga, Pundra and the Kiratas who is known by the name of Pundraka and Vasudeva, (also waits upon Jarasandha).
21-22O great king, that mighty king of the Bhojas, Bhishmaka, who is a friend of Indra, that chastiser of foes, who governs a fourth part of the world, who has conquered by his learning the Pandayas and Krathakaishikas, and whose brother Atri is like the son of Jamadagni Rama has (also) become a servitor to the king of Magadha (Jarasandha).
23We are his (Bhishmaka’s) relatives and therefore, we are always engaged in doing what is agreeable to him. But though we respect and regard him much yet he doesn’t at all regard us. He is always doing us ill.
24O king, without knowing his own strength and the dignity of the race to which he belongs, he (Bhishmaka) has placed himself under Jarasandha’s shelter only seeing his blazing fame.
25-26O lord, the eighteen tribes of the Bhojas from the fear of Jarasandha, have fled to the west; so also have fled the Shurasenas, the Bhadrakas, the Bodhas, the Shalvas, the patachharas, the Susthalas the Sukuttas, the Kulindas and the Kuntis.
27-28The kings of the Shalvayana, with their brothers and followers, the southern Panchalas and the eastern Kosalas have also fled to the country of the Kuntis. So also the Matsyas and the Samyastapadas have left their kingdoms in the north and have all fled from fear to the Southern country.
29Afflicted with the fear of Jarasandha all the Panchalas have left their own Kingdoms and fled in all directions.
30Sometime before, the foolish minded Kansa, having persecuted the Yadavas married two of the daughters of the son of Brihadratha (Jarasandha).
31They are named Asti and Prapti and they are the sisters of Sahadeva. Strengthened by such an alliance, the fool (Kansa) persecuted his relatives and gained an ascendancy over them all.
32By his such acts he earned a very bad repute. The wicked wretch persecuted the old chiefs of the Bhoja race.
33These chiefs sought our protection from the persecution of theiA relative (Kansa). Having bestowed upon yjkrura the beautiful daughter of Ahuka, Satrinka.
34I did a service to my relatives. Making Samkarashana (Baladeva) my second, I killed both Kansa and Sunama with the assistance of Rama.
35O king, though the immediate cause of our fear was thus removed, yet Jarasandha (Kansa’s father-in-law) took up arms. We eighteen branches of the Yadavas consulted together.
36And we came to the conclusion that even if we continually strike at our enemy with weapons capable of killing the foe, we shall not be able to do any thing of him in three hundred years.
37-38He had two friends, who were like the two immortals; and they were as powerful as the foremost men of all powerful men. They were named Hansa and Dimbhaka who were incapable of being slain by any weapons. Whe” the powe ful Jarasandha was united with them, he was incapable of being defeated by the weapons of all the world. This was my opinion.
39O foremost of all intelligent men, this was not only our opinion, but all the other kings were of the same opinion.
40There was a great king named Hansa, he was killed by Rama in a battle which lasted for eighteen days.
41-42O descendant of Bharata, O king, hearing people say that Hansa had been killed, Dimbhaka thought that he could not live without Hansa. He went to the Yamuna, jumped into its water and thus killed himself.
43Thereupon when that subjugator of hostile cities, Hansa heard what Dimbhaka had done, he too went to the Yamuna, jumped into its water and drowned himself.
44O descendant of Bharata, when Jarasandha heard of the death of the two heroes, he returned to his city with an empty heart.
45O slayer of all foes, on the departure of the King (Jarasandha), we were filled with great joy, and we continued to live at Mathura.
46-47But when the wife of Kansa and the daughter of Jarasandha, that lotus-eyed lady (Prapti) went to her father lamenting for the death of her husband, and when, O king, she again and again urged the king of Magadha, saying, “O chastiser of foes, kill the murderer of my husband,” then, 0 great king, we thought of acting according to the conclusion we came to before.
48-49We became exceedingly cheerless and we became ready to fly. We divided our great wealth into small portions to make it portable. We then fled from the fear of Jarasandha without sons, cousins and relatives. After reflecting thus over everything, we flew towards the west.
50O king, there is a charming city, named Kushasthali, adorned by the Raivatake (mountain). In this city we took up our abode.
51We repaired its fort and made it so strong that it became impregnable even to the celestialss. Even women could fight from within it, not to speak of the great car-warriors of the Vrishni race.
52-53O slayer of all foes, we are now living in that city without fear of any kind. O best of the Kuru race, thinking of the inaccessibility of that foremost of hills (Raivataka), and considering that they had no longer any fear of Jarasandha, the descendants of Madhu (Yadavas) have become exceedingly glad.
54Though we were capable of defending ourselves (from the attacks of Jarasandha), yet we have taken shelter on the Gomanta mountain which is three Yojanas in length. Within its each Yojana have been placed twenty-one posts of armed men.
55At the intervals of each Yojana have been made one hundred gates, the heroism of the Vrishni heroes are the arches of these gates. They are (always) protected by the heroes of the eighteen branches of the Yadavas.
56There are eighteen thousand brothers and cousins in our race. Ahuka has been hundred sons, each of whom is like the best of the celestialss.
57Charudeshna with his brother Chakradeva, Satyaki, myself, the son of Rohini(Baladeva), Samba, as heroic as myself.
58O king, these seven are Atirathas, Besides these there are others, whom I shall (Presently) mention. Kritavarma, Anadhrishti, Samika, Samitinajaya.
59Kanka, Shanku, Kunti – these seven are Maharathas. The old king Andhakabhoja has two sons, and the king himself, these ten (arc Maharathas).
60Possessing great prowess, all these heroes are as mighty as the thunderbolt. These Maharathas, choosing the middle country, now live among the Vrishnis.
61O best of the Bharata race, O descendant of Bharata, you alone are worthy of becoming an emperor. You should establish your empire over all Kshatriyas.
62O king, but it is my opinion that you will not be able to perform the Rajasuya (Sacrifice), so long the greatly powerful Jarasandha remains alive.
63Many kings have been kept imprisoned in Girivraja (his city), as dead carcasses of elephants are kept in the cave of a great mountains by the lion.
64-65Chastiser of foes, having been desirous of performing a great sacrifice by (offering) kings (to the sacrificial fire), the king Jarasandha, has adored with fierce ascetic penances the illustrious god of gods, the husband of Uma (Shiva). He has by this means been able to defeat many kings of the earth and to fulfill his vow.
66By defeating all the kings, one after the other and their soldiers, he has brought them all as prisoners to his city; and he has thus daily swelled the crowd (of kings).
67O great kings, we too from the fear of Jarasandha left Mathura and fled to the city of Dvaravati.
68O great king, if you desire to perform the sacrifice, try to release those (the kings) kept prisoners by Jarasandha and try to kill him.
69O descendant of Kuru, O foremost of all intelligent men, if you do not try to do it, your undertaking can never be successful. If you wish to perform Rajasuya (sacrifice), you must do it.
70O king, O sinless one, this is my opinion. Do as you think (proper)after reflecting over everything, nothing the causes and effects of all. Tell us what you yourself think proper to do.

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