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Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Rajasuyarambha Parva 13-19

– 15 –

Rajasuyarambha Parva – continued

Words of Sri Krishna

1Yudhishthira said: Intelligent as you are, you have said what none else is capable of saying. There is none else in the world but you who can settle all doubts.
2There are kings in every province engaged in doing good to their respective selves. But none of them has been able to become an Emperor. The title of Emperor is difficult to be achieved.
3He who knows the velour and the strength of others never applauds himself. He is really worthy of praise who even in fighting with his enemies bear himself with all commendation.
4O supporter of the Vrishni dignity, man’s desires and propensities are varied and extensive like the wide earth adorned with various gems and jewels. As by travelling in distant places experiences is gained, so man can get the highest good by the highest culture of his understanding.
5I consider peace of mind as the highest quality, for from peace of mind proceeds prosperity. In my opinion, if I undertake to perform this sacrifice, I shall not win the highest reward.
6O Janardana, these intelligent and powerful men born in our race think that one amongst them will at one time become the foremost man amongst all the Kshatriyas.
7-8But, O exalted one, O sinless being, we also were all alarmed at the prowess and the wickedness of the king Jarasandha, O hero, invincible in battle, O lord, the prowess of your arms in our refuge. When you are alarmed at Jarasandha’s might, how should I consider my self strong (enough to cope with him)?
9-10O Madhava, O descendant of the Vrishni race, I have often become dispersed at the thought whether Jarasandha is at all capable of being killed by you, by Rama, or by Arjuna. O Keshava, what shall I say? You are my highest authority in everything. Having heard this, the able speaker Bhima then spoke these words:
11Bhima said: The king, who is without any exertion, or the king who being himself weak and without resources, enter into hostility with one who is strong, perishes like an anthill.
12It is often seen that even weak king may defeat a strong enemy; and he may be come successful in his attempts by his wakefulness and by using policy.
13(We have) in Krishna policy, in me strength, and in Partha (Dhananjaya) victory. Like the three (sacrificial) fires, we shall bring about the death of the king of Magadha (Jarasandha)
14Krishna said: Men of immature understanding begin an act without having an eye to what may happen in future. It is, therefore, not a self-seeking enemy with immature understanding is ever forgiven by a sensible man.
15-17It has been heard by us that in the Satya Yuga, Yuvanashva brought every one under his sway, by the remission of taxes, Bhagiratha by kind treatment of his subjects, Kartavirya by his great asceticism, the lord Bharata by his extra ordinary prowess and Maruta by his prosperity, and thus they became emperors. O Yudhishthira, you who wish to acquire the imperial dignity, have all the (above mentioned) five qualities.
18O best of the Bharata race, the son of Brihadratha, Jarasandha, is (also) one such (a candidate for the imperial dignity). One hundred families of kings have failed to oppose him.
19He is ruling over an empire by his own great prowess. The monarchs that wear jewels wait upon and worship Jarasandha. Wicked from his childhood, he is not satisfied even such worship.
20Having become the foremost of all be attacks with force the kings that wear crowns. There is not to be found a single king who does not pay tributes to him.
21O son of Pritha, thus has be brought under his sway one hundred kings. How can then a weak king approach him with hostile intentions?
22O best of the Bharata race, kept as they are prisoners in the temple of Shiva like so many animals to be offered to the sacrifice, do not these kings feel the greatest possible misery?
23A Kshatriya who is killed by weapons (on the field of battle) is ever considered to be blessed. Why shall we not then assemble together and oppose the king of Magadha?
24He has already brought under his sway eighty-six kings, only fourteen (more) are wanted to make the number of one hundred complete. As soon as he will collect them (the fourteen others), he will begin his cruel act (sacrificing them before Shiva).
25He, who will be able to prevent him from doing this act, will surely earn blazing fame. He, who will defeat Jarasandha, will certainly become the emperor of all the world.

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