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Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Rajasuyarambha Parva 13-19

– 16 –

Rajasuyarambha Parva – continued

Consultation for killing Jarasandha

1Yudhishthira said: O Krishna, depending only on courage, how can I send you (to Jarasandha) out of selfish motives and out of the desire of the imperial dignity?
2I consider Bhima and Arjuna as my eyes and you Jarasandha as my mind. How shall I able to live without my eyes and mind?
3Even Yama cannot defeat the powerful army of Jarasandha who himself is endued with terrible velour. What velour can you show against him?
4This affair that promises to terminate otherwise may lead to a great mischief. It is my opinion, therefore, that the proposed task should not be undertaken.
5O Jarasandha, O excellent, man, listen to what I think. To desist from this act seems to be beneficial to me. My heart is full of misery to-day. The Rajasuya sacrifice seems to me very difficult to be accomplished.
6Vaishampayana said: Partha (Arjuna who had the excellent bow(Gandiva), the couple of inexhaustible quivers and the car with the (Ape) standard and also that Sabha, spoke thus to Yudhishthira.
7Arjuna said: O king, I have obtained the bow, the weapons and the arrows, and also energy, allies, dominions, fame and strength. They are all difficult to be obtained, though they may be often desired.
8All famous men of learning always praise in good society the nobleness of descent; but nothing is equal to prowess. There is nothing I like more than prowess.
9One, born in a race famous for velour, but without velour, is scarcely worthy of regard. One who is bom in a race noted for velour and also possesses valour is much superior to the former.
10O king, he is in every way a real Kshatriya who increases his fame and possessions by the subjugation of his enemies. He who is possessed of velour, though he has no other merits, will vanquish his enemies.
11One, who is endued with all accomplishments, but who is destitute of velour, can hardly ever accomplish anything. Every merit exists by the side of velour in an incipient state.
12-14Concentration of mind, exertion and destiny, (these three) exist as the three causes of victory. One who possesses velour but does act with carelessness can never win victory; It is for this that a many endued with strength sometimes suffers death at the hands of his enemies. As meanness overtakes the weak, so folly sometimes overtakes the strong. A king therefore, who is desirous of victory, should forsake both these causes of destruction.
15If for the purpose of performing out sacrifice, we try to kill Jarasandha and to rescue the kings kept prisoners by him for his cmel purpose, there could be no act higher than this in which we could employ ourselves.
16If we do not undertake the task, the world will always regard us as worthless. O king, we have certainly the ability, why should we then be regarded (by the people) as worthless?
17Those that have become Rishis with the desire of obtaining peace of mind get the red clothes with ease. Therefore, if we defeat the enemy, the imperial dignity will be easily obtained by us. We should, therefore, fight with the enemy.

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