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Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Rajasuyarambha Parva 13-19

– 18 –

Rajasuyarambha Parva – Continued

The birth of Jarasandha

1The Rakshasi said: O king of kings, be blessed, I am a Rakshasas woman, called Jara. I am capable of going everywhere at will. Worshipped by all, I live in your house in joy.
2I am a Rakshasi who always wander from house to house of men. I was formerly created by the self-create (Brahma) and was named Grihadevi (household goddess).
3-5I was endued with celestials beauty and I was placed (in the world) for the destruction of the Danavas. He, who with devotion paints on the walls (of his house) and likeness of myself who am young and who have children, must have prosperity in his house. He, who does not do it, must meet with decay and destruction. O lord, a likeness of myself surrounded by many children, is painted on the walls of your house. Placed their, I am daily worshipped with scents, flowers, incense, edibles and various objects of enjoyments.
6Therefore, O virtuous man, I always think of doing some good to you. It happened that I chanced to see the fragments of the body of you son.
7On my accidentally uniting them, a boy was bom. O great king, it has so happened only out of your good fortune. I have been mere an instrument (in reviving the child).
8I can swallow (even) the mountain of Meru, what I speak of your child. I am gratified with the worship that I receive in your house; therefore the child is returned to you.
9Krishna said: O king having said this, she disappeared there and then. Obtaining the child the king then entered his own house.
10The ‘king then caused all the rites and ceremonies of infancy to be performed on the child; he ordered a festival to be observed in Magadha (by his subjects) in honour of the Rakshasas woman.
11The father (the king) who was equal to the Grandsire, then bestowed a name on that child. As the (fragments of the body of the child) was united by Jara, he was named Jarasandha.
12The greatly powerful son of the Magadha king begin to grow up in bulk and in strength, like a fire into which libations of Ghee have been poured. He delighted the heart of his father and mother, increasing day by day like the moon in the white fortnight.

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