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Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Rajasuyarambha Parva 13-19

– 19 –

Rajasuyarambha Parva – Continued

Praise of Jarasandha

1Krishna said: Sometime after, the great ascetic the illustrious Chandakaushika came again to the kingdom of Magadha
2Being overjoyed at the arrival of the Rishi, Brihadratha with his ministers, priest, his son and wives went out to receive him.
3O descendant of Bharata, worshipping the Rishi with water to wash his feet and with Arghya, the king offered him his on with the whole of his kingdom.
4O king, the illustrious Rishi accepted the worship of the king and thus spoke to the king of Magadha with a delightful heart.
5O king, everything is known to me thought my spiritual sight. O king of kings, hear what this your son will be.
6-7(Hear also) what will be his beauty, excellence, strength and courage. There is not the least doubt that your this son will grow in prosperity and will obtain them, endued as he is with great prowess. No king will be able to equal your greatly powerful son in prowess.
8As other birds, can never equal the speed of Vainata’s son (Garuda). All those that will stand in his way will meet with certain destruction.
9O king, as the river can make no impression on the mountain, so the weapons hurled upon him even by the celestials will not be able to make any impression on him.
10He will blaze forth above the heads of all that wear crowns on their heads. Like the sun he will rob ail other kings of their splendour.
11The kings who are rich in their armies and troops will meet with destruction at the hand of your son like insects in the fire.
12He will seize the growing prosperity of all the kings, as the ocean receives the rivers swollen with the waters of the rainy season.
13As the wide earth bears all kinds of produce and supports those that are both good and bad, your this greatly powerful son will support all the people of the four orders.
14All the kings will remain obedient to him, as all embodied beings remain obedient to the wind, which is as dear to beings as the self.
15This Magadha prince, this mightiest of all mighty men in the world, will see with his physical eyes the god of gods, Rudra, the slayer of Tripura, Hara.”
16Having said this, the Rishi, thinking of his own business, dismissed that layer of foes, the king Brihadratha.
17The Magadha king then re-entered his capital; and summoning all his friends and relatives, he installed Jarasandha on the throne.
18The king Brihadratha became greatly disgusted with all worldly pleasures. After the installation of Jarasandha, the king Brihadratha followed by his two waives went into a forest to lead the life of an ascetic.
19O king, after his father and mother had retired into the forest, Jarasandha brought numerous kings under his sway by his velour.
20Vaishampayana said: Having lived for a long time in the forest and practiced asceticism, (the king) Brihadratha ascended to heaven with his wives.
21As told by Kaushika, the king Jarasandha received the boons and ruled the kingdom after obtaining the (sovereignty of the) whole world.
22Sometime after, when the king Kansa was killed by Vasudeva (Krishna), an enmity arose between him and Krishna.
23O descendant of Bharata, the greatly powerful king of Magadha whirled a club ninety nine times and he hurled it towards Mathura from Girivraja (his capital).
24Krishna of wonderful deeds was then living in Mathura. That excellent club fell at a distance of ninety-nine Yojanas.
25Seeing well all the circumstances the citizens (of Mathura) all went to Krishna and told him all about the fall of the club. The place where the club fell was near Mathura, and it was known by the name of Gadavasana.
26He (Jarasandha) had two supporters named Hansa and Dimbhaka, both incapable of being killed by any weapons, both were learned in the science of politics and morality, and both were in counsel foremost of all intelligent men.
27I have already told you before every thing about these two greatly powerful heroes. My opinion is that these two heroes and Jarasandha were more than a match for the three worlds.
28O hero, O great king, it was for this reason that the powerful Akrura, Andhaka and Vrishni tribes, acting from policy, did not fight with him (Jarasandha).

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