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Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Anudyuta Parva – 74-81

Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Anudyuta Parva 74-81

– 74 –

Anudyuta Parva

Re-summoning of Yudhisthira

1Janamejaya said: How did the sons of Dhritarashtra feel when they came to know that the Pandavas had with Dhritarashtra’s permission left Hastinapur with all their wealth and jewels?
2Vaishampayana said: O king, having learnt that the Pandavas had been commanded by the wise Dhritarashtra to return to their capital Dushasana soon went to his brother.
3O best of the Bharata race, having come before Duryodhana (sitting) with his counsellors he spoke thus in a sorrowful heart.
4Dushasana said. O great car-warrior, the old man has thrown away, what we earned with so much trouble. Know that he had made over the whole of that wealth to our enemies.
5-6Vaishampayana said: Thereupon, Duryodhana, and Kama, all exceedingly proud and vain-being united together and wishing to counteract the Pandavas went in haste and saw the king Dhritarashtra, the son of Vichitravirya. They spoke to him these smooth and artful words.
7Duryodhana said: O king, have you not heard what the learned Brihaspati, the preceptor of the celestial, said on morals and politics when advising Shakra (Indra).
😯 chastiser of foes, (he said), “Those enemies who always harm by force or stratagem should be destroyed by every means”.
9If we gratify with the wealth of his Pandavas, the kings of the world and then fight with the sons of Pandu, what reverse can overtake us?
10When one places on his neck and back angry snakes full of venom, which has come to bring about his destruction, is it possible for him to take them off?
11O father, equipped with weapons and seated on cars, the Pandavas will annihilate us like angry and poisonous snakes.
12Even now Arjuna, attired in armour and furnished with couple of quivers, is proceeding, frequently taking up the Gandiva (bow) and breathing hard and casting angry glances around.
13We are told that Vrikodara (Bhima), hastily ordering his chariot to be made ready and then riding on it, frequently whirling his heavy club is proceeding along.
14Nakula also is proceeding with the sword in his grasp and the semicircular shield in his hand; Sahadeva and the king (Yudhisthira) have made signs clearly indicating their intentions.
15Having ascended their cars which were full of all kings of weapons, they are all whipping their horses, (so that they might soon reach their capital) to assemble their forces.
16Persecuted (as) they are (by us), they cannot forgive us for those injuries. Who is there amongst them who will be able to forgive the insult to Draupadi?
17O foremost of all men, be blessed. We shall again gamble with the Pandavas in order to send them to exile in the forest. We are able to bring them under our sway in this way.
18Attired in skins, either they or we, having (first) been defeated at dice, shall go into the forest for twelve years.
19The thirteenth year shall have to be spent in some inhabited country without being recognised. If recognised, an exile for another twelve years shall be the consequence(of such recognition).
20Either they or we shall live (according to this engagement). Let therefore the game begin. Throwing the dice, let the Pandavas once more play.
O best of Bharata race, O king, this is our highest duty. This Shakuni is highly proficient in the whole science 21We shall in the meantime be firmly rooted in the kingdom and making alliances (with other kings), we shall be able to get together a vast and invincible army and to keep them content.
22O king, O chastiser of foes, we shall then be able to defeat the Pandavas if they reappear. Let this plan recommend itself to you.
23Dhritarashtra said: Then bring back the Pandavas, even if they have gone a great way off. Let them come and throw dice once again.
24Vaishampayana said. Thereupon, Drona, Somadatta, Vahlika, Goutama, the son of Drona, the powerful son of Vaishya (Vidura).
25Bhurisrava,, Bhisma, and the mighty carwarrior Vikama all said, “Let not the play commence. Let there be peace.”
26But disregarding the counsels of all his wise friends and relatives, Dhritarashtra ever partial to his sons, (again) summoned the Pandavas.

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