Manifestation of Vishnu as Krishna ||12||

1Agni said: I shall describe the genealogy of Hari (Krishna). Brahma (was born) from the lotus in the navel of Vishnu. (Sage) Atri (was born) from Brahma. Then Soma (was born). Pururavas was born from Soma.
2Ayu was (born) from him (Pururavas). From him (was born) Nahusha and then Yayati. From whom Devayani gave birth to Yadu and Turvasu.
3Sarmitshta, the daughter of Vrshaparvan (gave birth to) Druhyu, Anu and Puru (through Yayati). The Yadavas (came) in the race of Yadu. Vasudeva was the foremost among these.
4-7From Vasudeva through Devaki (was born Krishna) in order to remove oppression on the earth. Once the sons of Hiranyakashipu (became) the six embryos in the womb of Devaki being led by the meditative-sleep cast by Vishnu. The seventh child in the womb of Devaki that was strong was transferred to (the womb of) Rohini and (was born) as the son of Rohini . Then Hari the four-armed (manifested) in the sky on the eighth day of the dark fortnight and being adored by Devaki and Vasudeva (was born) as a child with two arms. Vasudeva took (the child) to the couch of Yasoda, being afraid of Kamsa.
8-10Yasoda carried the daughter (born to her) and left it at the couch of Devaki. Having heard the cries of the child, Kamsa (came there and carried the child) and smashed it on the stone slab in spite of being obstructed by Devaki. Having heard the voice in the heavens that, “My eighth birth would be your death”, and being infuriated all the children born were killed (by him) after they were left with him by Devaki as promised (by Vasudeva) at the time of their marriage. The girl who was thrown (on the slab) (bounced) to the sky and said:
11“O Kamsa! What is the use of throwing me (to kill me). One who would kill you, that lord of all the celestials had born (already) for the removal of oppression on the earth.”
12-13Having told so she (disappeared). And she having killed Sumbha and other demons and being praised by Indra (was known differently as) the Arya, Durga, the source of the Vedas, Ambika (the mother), Bhadrakali (beneficent Kali), the beneficent, Ksemya (bestower of peace), propitious, (and) multi-armed. I bow unto her. Whoever reads these names at the three twilights will get all cherished desires fulfilled.
14-15Kamsa also sent Putana and others in order to kill the boy. (Bala) Rama and Krwa, being entrusted by Vasudeva to the custody of Nanda, the husband of Yasoda, for their protection from the fear of Kamsa and others, were living at Gokula with the cows and shepherds.
16They (two), the protectors of the entire world became the protectors of cows. (Once the boy) Kr$na was tied to the mortar with a rope by the bewildered Yasoda (to contain his sportive mischiefs).
17-20He went in between the two Arjuna- trees and uprooted them. And the cart was made to roll away by a kick of the foot. Putana, who was intent on killing (him) was killed by that seeker of the breast (milk) by sucking her breast. Krishna, who had gone to Vrindavana (grove of holy basil), drew out the (serpent) Kaliya, resident in the waters, from the waters of (the river) Yamuna and conquered it and was praised by (his brother) Bala. (He) made the Talavana (palymyra grove) secure after killing (the demon) Dhenuka (in the form of) an ass (and) after having killed (the demons) Ari^a (in the form of) a bull (and) Kesi in the form of a horse. Abandoning the festivity for Sakra (Indra), the ritual of protecting the cows was made to be observed.
21The mountain was borne and the rain (caused to fall) by Indra, was warded off. (Then) Govinda (Krsna) was saluted by IncJ ‘a and offered with the peacock (plumes).
22Festivities for Indra were again caused to be done by Krishna, after being pleased. Riding a chariot he went to Mathura and was praised by Akrura, as directed by Kamsa.
23Being attended to by the devoted and sportive shepherd women, he having killed the washerman who did not get (the clothes), seized the clothes.
24-26Wearing the garland along with Rama (Balarama) he blessed the garland-maker. He made upright the hunchbacked woman who had given him unguent. He killed the demon Kuvalayapida (in the form of) an intoxicated elephant. Even as Kamsa and others were looking on, he entered the (wrestling) court and fought with those (wrestlers) on the dais. Much strength was shown by the wrestler Canura and Mushtika. The wrestlers Canura and Mushtika and others were killed by them.
27-28Having killed Kamsa, the ruler of Mathura, Hari (Krishna) made his father as the ruler of Yadavas. Asti and Prapti, the wives of Kamsa where the two daughters of Jarasandha. Being entreated by them Jarasandha besieged Mathura and fought with the Yadavas with arrows.
29-31(Bala) Rama and Kp$na came to Goman taka leaving Mathura. After conquering Jarasandha, the despiser of Vasudeva (Krishna) and of Paundraka he made Dvaraka as his capital and stayed there being surrounded by Yadavas. Having killed (the demon) Naraka, the son of the Earth, he (Krishna) brought 16000 daughters of the celestials, gandharvas and yakshas (kinds of semi-divine beings) and married them, as well as the eight (girls) Rukmini and others.
32-34(Then) the killer of Naraka, (seated) on the (bird) Garuda, in the company of Satyabhama and with the jewel store and other jewels after having conquered Indra in the heavens and brought the (divine tree) Parijata planted (it) in the house of Satyabhama. Having learnt the (science of) astra and Rostra (use of weapons) from Sandipani (rescued) his son and brought him (to him) after conquering the demon Pancajana and was well-worshipped by Yama (the god of death). He killed (the demon) Kalayavana (by a ruse) and was worshipped by (the king) Mucukunda .
35He worshipped Vasudeva and Devaki the devotees and brahmins. Nisatha and Ulmuka were born to Revati through Balabhadra.
36Samba (was born) through Jambavati and other sons were (born) through other (wives) to Krishna.
37-39Pradyumna was born through Rukmini (to Krishna) and was forcibly taken away on the sixth day by Sambara and thrown into the ocean. A fish seized him. A fisherman (caught) that fish and brought it to Sambara and Sambara (gave it) to Mayavati (the maid). Mayavati having found her husband inside the fish, nourished him with respect. She also said to him, “I am Rati. You are my husband. You are Kama (cupid) and made bodiless by Sambhu (Siva). I was forcibly taken a (captive). I am not his wife. You (are) knower of magic. You kill Sambara.”
40Having heard that Pradyumna killed Sambara and went to Krishnna along with (his) wife Mayavati. Then Rukmini was happy.
41-42From Pradyumna Aniruddha was born, who was the husband of Usa and was highly intelligent. Bana (was) the son of Bali (and) his daughter (was) Usa. (His city was known) as Sonitapura. By (his) penance (he) was (treated as) son of Siva. “Bana! You will be waging a war (as indicated) by the fall of flagstaff,” said Siva to Bina, becoming pleased.
43-44Having seen Gauri (Parvati) sporting with Siva, Usa was desirous of (getting) a husband. Gauri said to her, “The person seen by you in your dream on the twelfth day in the month of Vaishakha (the second month in the Hindu new year) will become you husband”. Usa becoming happy on these words of Gauri, saw him (that person) (in dream) while she slept in her house.
45-46Knowing (that person )united with herself, she (identified) Aniruddha from the drawn portraits (of princes J through (the assistance of) her friend Citralekha (and) brought that grandson of Krishna from Dvaraka (to her place) by the daughter of Kumbhanda, the minister of Bana. Aniruddha went and made marry with Usa.
47-48(Bana was) informed (of this) by his mobile guards. Aniruddha had a fierce fight with Bana . Having heard this from Narada, Krishna (went along) with Pradyumna (and) Balabhadra (and) remaining on the Garutja (vehicle of Vishnu) conquered the fires and the fever related to Mahesvara (Siva).
49There was a fight between Hari and Sankara (Siva) with arrows. Nandi, Vinayaka, Skanda and others were conquered by Tarksya (Garuda) and others.
50When Sankara (Siva) yawned, Vishnu (employed) the missile Jrimbhana and cut the thousand arms (of Sankara). Protection was sought by Rudra (Siva).
51-53Bana was animated by Vishnu. The two-armed (Vishnu) said to Siva, “What protection was offered by you to Bana (is identical with) that (offered) by me. There is no difference between us and one who (thinks of) any difference goes to hell. Vishnu was propitiated by Siva and others. Aniruddha in the company of Usa and others, having gone to Dvaraka, amused himself along with Ugrasena and other Yadavas. Vajra (was) the son of Aniruddha. He learnt all knowledge from Markandeya.
54-55Balarama was the killer of (the demon) Pralamba (by whom) there was the dragging of the river Yamuna. The destroyer of the monkey Dvivida and the destroyer of the pride of Kauravas, Lord Hari amused himself in many forms along with Rukmini and others. He produced many sons and innumerable Yadavas. Whoever reads the account of the lineage of Hari, that person would have his desires fulfilled and attain Hari.