Origin of the Kauravas and Padavas ||13||

1Agni said: I shall narrate the (story of) Bharata (which has) the description of the greatness of Krishna. Vishnu removed heavy oppression on the earth having Pandavas as the instrumental cause.
2Brahma was born of the lotus in the navel of Vishnu. (Sage) Atri was the son of Brahma. From Atri was born Soma. From Soma, Budha was born. From him (Budha) was born Aila—Pururavas.
3-4Ayu (was born) from him. King Nahusha was then (born). Then Yayati, then Puru (were born successively). In his race (was born) Bharata. Then king Kuru (was born). In that race (was born) Santanu. From him (was born) Bhisma (as) the son of the Ganges. (His) brothers Citrangada and Vicitra (virya) were born to Santanu through Satyavati.
5-8After Santanu’s death, Bhisma who had no wife, (governed and) protected his brother’s kingdom. The young Citrangada was killed by the Gandharva Citrangada. The two daughters of Kauraja, Ambika and Ambalika brought (as captives) by Bhisma, the conqueror of the foes, (became) the wives of Vicitravirya. He (Vicitravirya) died on account of consumption. With the consent of Satyavati, from Vyasa, King Dhritarastra was (born) through AmbikA and Pandu through Ambalika as sons. From Dhrtarastra through Gandhari hundred sons (were born) with Duryodhana as the first.
9By the curse of a sage then he (Pandu) died on account of union with his wife at the hermitage of Satasringa, theft Yudhisthira (was born) to Pandu through Kunti from Dharma (Yama).
10(Similarly) Bhima from Vata (God of wind), Arjuna from Sakra (were born) and through Madri, Nakula and Saha- deva from the Asvini kumara. Pandu died when (he was) in union with Madri.
11Karna, born to Kunti, when she was a virgin, became a dependent of Duryodhana. By destiny there was enmity between the Kurus (Kauravas) and Pandavas.
12The wicked Duryodhana burnt the Pandavas in the lac house. The Pandavas escaped from the burnt house along with their mother as the sixth.
13Then at (the place) Ekacakra, in the house of a brahmin, they all remained in the attire of an ascetic after killing the demon Baka .
14They went to the fair at Pancala and in the svayamvara (self-choice) of Draupadi. The well adorned Draupadi was obtained by the five Pandavas.
15Then (they) were known to have got half of the kingdom by Duryodhana and others. The divine bow Gandiva and the excellent chariot were obtained from the Fire god.
16And in the battle, Arjuna got Krishna as the charioteer and inexhaustible arrows and similarly the missiles (known as) Brahma and other weapons (were obtained) from Drona. All were proficient in (the use of) arms.
17-18(Acting on the words of) Krishna, Arjuna put out the fire at the Khandava forest. And the Pandava (Arjuna) having obstructed rains (caused by Indra) with the shower of arrows, conquered the countries in different) directions. Yudhisthira ruled the country along with the (other) Pandavas. (He performed) the Rajasuya (sacrifice) (spending) plenty of gold. Suyodhana (Duryodhana) could not bear that.
19-20Being directed by brother Duhjasana and by Karna. who had been enriched by him, he won over Yudhisthira in dice, (being assisted) by Sakuni in playing the dice. His kingdom was also won by conceit. Those in the court laughed at him. Yudhisthira being won, went to the forest along with the brothers.
21 -24He spent twelve years in the forest as promised (by him) along with (the sage) Dhaumya and Draupadi as the sixth, feeding 88000 twice-borns as before. Then (he) went to the King of Virata, with the other names, the king (Yudhisthira) unrecognised as the brahmin Kanka, Bhima as the cook, Arjuna as Brhannala, (their) wife (Draupadi) as Sairandhri and the twins. And Bhimasena killed Kicaka in the night as he was desirous of winning over Draupadi. And Arjuna conquered the Kurus, who were engaged in seizing and lifting the cows. (Hence) they were recognised as Pandavas (by the Kurus).
25-28(Then) Subhadra, the sister of Krishna, gave birth to- Abhimanyu, from Arjuna. And (King) Virata gave his daughter Uttara to him. Dharmaraja (Yudhi^hira), the master of seven akshauhini , was (ready) for the war. That Krishna, the messenger, having gone to the intolerant Duryodhana said to that lord of eleven ahjauhini, “Give half the kingdom or five villages to Yudhisthira. Or else (you) fight (with him).” Hearing (these) words, Suyodhana (Duryodhana) said to Krishna, “I will not give land (even of the size) of a needle tip. I will fight engaged in seizing; it.”
29Agni said: Having shown the invincible omnipresent form (and) being honoured by Vidura, (Kr?na) returned to Yudhisfhira and said to Yudhisthira, “Fight with this Suyodhana (Duryodhana).”