Ascendance of Pandavas to heaven ||15||

1Agni said: O Brahmin! When Yudhisthira was ruling the kingdom, Dhritarastra went to the forest along with Gandhari and Pritha (Kunti) and passed from one stage of life to another.
2-5Vidura was burnt by the forest fire and ascended heavens. Thus, Vishnu removed the oppression of demons and others on the earth, for the sake of dharma and for the destruction of adharma and having the Pandavas as an apparent cause. Having the curse of a brahmin, as a pretext, he destroyed with the club, the race of Yadavas who were oppressing (the world) Then (he) installed Vajra (son of Aniruddha) in the kingdom. On the directive of celestials, Hari himself having discarded his body at Prabhasa, is being worshipped by the residents of heavens at the worlds of Indra and Brahma. Balabhadra, (who was) a form of Ananta, reached heavens in the nether world.
6Hari, the imperishable lord, is always to be contemplated upon by those who meditate (on him). Without him (at Dvaraka), the ocean flooded the city of Dvaraka.
7-8Partha (Arjuna), having performed the obsequies of Yadavas, and having offered the waters of oblation and money, felt grief-stricken when the women, who were the wives of Vishnu (Krishna), were carried away by the shepherds (using) the clubs as weapons and defeating Arjuna on account of the curse of Astavakra .
9-12Being consoled by Vyasa, he thought, “My strength remains only in the presence of Krsna.” Having come to Hastinapura, Partha then informed Yudhisthira, his brothers and the guards of the people. That bow, those weapons and the chariot and those horses were lost in the absence of Krishna, just as a charity made to a person not well learned (would be lost). Having heard that (news), the intelligent Dharmaraja (Yudhisthira), having established Pariksit in the kingdom, set out on his final Journey to relinquish this world along with Draupadi and his brothers, after having realized the transitory nature of the mundane existence and repeating 108 (names) of Hari.
13Draupadi, Sahadeva, Nakula, Phalguna (Arjuna), Bhima had fallen on the way (of their march). The king was grief-stricken.
14Mounting the chariot brought by Indra he reached heavens along with his brothers, having seen Duryodhana and others and Vasudeva and becoming happy. This is (the story of) Bharata told to you. Whoever reads this, goes to heaven.