Manifestation of Vishnu as Buddha and Kalki ||16||

1Agni said: I am describing the manifestation (of Vishnu) as Buddha, by reading and hearing which one gets wealth. Once in the battle between Jivorand asuras, devas were defeated by the daityas (demons, sons of Diti).
2They sought refuge in the lord saying, “Protect us! Protect us!”. He (Vishnu), who is of the form of illusory delusion became the son of Suddhodana.
3-4He deluded those demons. Those, who had abandoned the path laid down in the Vedas, became the Bauddhas and from them others who had abandoned the Vedas. He then became the Arhat (Jaina). He then made others as Arhats. Thus the heretics came into being devoid of vedic dharmas.
5-6They did such a work deserving hell (as reward). They would receive even from the vile. All of them became mixed Dasyus and devoid of good conduct at the end of Kaliyuga. Of the Vajasaneyaka veda (Suklayajurveda) only fifteen sections will be existing.
7Non-aryans in the form of kings would devour men who wear the costumes of righteousness and have a taste for unrighteous thing.
8-9Kalki, as the son of Vishnuyasas, (and having) Yajnavalkya as the priest would destroy the non-Aryans, holding the astra and having a weapon. He would establish moral law in four-fold varnas in the suitable manner. The people (would be) in the path of righteousness in all the stages of life.
10Hari, after discarding the form of Kalki, would go to heaven. Then would come the Kritayuga as before.
11-13O Most virtuous person! Men would remain devoted to their respective duties of castes and stages of life. Thus, in all the Kalpas and Manvantaras the manifestations (of Vishnu) are innumerable, some already past and some yet to come off. Whoever reads or hears the stories of the manifestations of Vishnu would get all desired things, become pure, and attain heaven along with his race. In this way, Hari settles the righteousness and unrighteousness. Hari is the cause of creation etc., and after manifesting (in different forms) he has returned.