Description of Creation ||17||

1Agni said: I shall describe now the creation of the universe, which is the sport of Vishnu . He who creates heaven etc. is the beginning of the creation and is endowed with qualities and is without qualities.
2Brahma, the unmanifest, was the existent being. There was no sky, neither the day nor the night etc. Vishnu having entered the nature (Prakrti) and the soul (Purusa), then agitated them.
3At the time of creation, the intellect (Mahat) (emanated first). The ego (Ahankara) came into being then, and then the evolutes (Vaikdrikas) , the lustre (taijasa), the elements etc. and the darkness (tamasa) .
4Then emanated the ether, the sound-principle from the ego. Then the wind, the principle of feeling and the fire, the colour-principle came into being from it.
5The water, the taste-principle (came into being) from this. The earth is known as the smell-principle. From the darkness (born of) ego, the senses (came into being) (which) are lustrous.
6The evolutes are the ten celestials and the mind, the eleventh sense. Then the lord Svayambhu Brahma became desirous of creating different types of beings.
7He created waters first. The waters are referred to as n fir ah because they are the creation of the Supreme spirit.
8Since his motion was first in them, he is known as Narayana. That egg lying in the water was golden in colour.
9-10From that, Brahma was born of his own accord, whom we know as the self-born (Svayambhu). Having lived (in it) for one full year, the Hiranyagarbha , made that egg into two, the heaven and the earth. Between those two pieces, the lord created the sky.
11-13The ten directions supported the earth floating on the waters. Then the lord of the beings (Prajapati) desirous of creation, created time, mind, speech, desire, anger, attachment and other counter-parts. From the lightning he created thunder and clouds, the rainbow and birds. He first created Parjanya (Indra). Then he created the Rik hymns (Ricahi), Yajur hymns (Yajumsi) and the Saman hymns (Samani) for accomplishing the sacrifice.
14Those who want to accomplish, worship devas with these (hymns). The higher and lower beings (were created) from the arms. He created Sanatkumara and Rudra, born of anger.
15He then created the sages Marici, Atri, Angirasa, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu, Vasistha, who are regarded as the seven mind-born sons of Brahma.
16O! Excellent one! these seven (sages) procreated (many) beings and the Rudras. Having divided his body into two, he became a male with one half and a female with another. Then Brahma procreated children through her (the female half).