Genealogy of Svayambhuva Manu ||18||

1Agni said: Satarupa of ascetic disposition (becoming) desirous gave birth to two sons Priyavrata and Uttanapada and a beautiful daughter from Svayambhuva Manu.
2-3From (Devahuti) the wife of Kardama, (were born) (two daughters) Samrat and Kuksi. Uttama was born as the son of Uttanapada through Suruci. And Dhruva was born as the son (of Uttanapada) through Suniti. O Sage! Dhruva did penance for three thousand celestial years for gaining fame.
4Becoming pleased (with him) Hari conferred on him a firm position above the sages. Having seen his progress Usanas recited the (following) verse:
5O what a strength his penance had! How well-heard of! What a wonderful thing that the seven sages are situated, placing Dhruva in front of them.
6-7Sambhu gave birth to Sisti and Bhavya from Dhruva. Succhaya bore five blemish less sons from Sisti, (namely), Ripu, Ripunjaya, Ripra, Vpkala, Vrikatejasa. Brihati bore the brilliant Caksusa from Ripu.
8Cakuusa begot Manu through Puskarini (also known as Virini) (daughter of Virana Prajapati). Ten excellent sons were born to Manu through Natjvala.
9(They were) Oru , Puru, Satadyumna, Tapasvin, Satyavak , Kavi , Agnistu , Atiratra, Sudyumna, and Abhimanyu.
10Agneyi bore six great sons to Uru—Anga, Sumanas, Khyati, Kratu, Angiras, (and) Gaya .
11Sunitha bore only Vena from Anga. He, who was not a protector, and was delighted in doing sins was killed by the sages with their kusa grass.
12Then for the sake of progeny, the sages churned his right hand. When the hand of Vena was churned King Prthu came into being.
13Having seen him, the sages said, “This person will make the subjects happy and will attain great valour and fame.
14He was born with a bow and an armour as if consuming (everything) by his lustre. Prthu, the son of Vena, the predecessor of the ksatriyasy protected the subjects.
15That lord of the earth is the first among those coronated after the Rajasuya (sacrifice). From that (ceremony) were born the clever (singers) suta and magadha.
16-17The two heroes praised him. He became a king by pleasing the people. For the sake of (getting)grains and for the existence of the subjects, the cow (earth) was milked by him along with the celestials, sages, gandharvas, nymphs, manes, demons, snakes, plants, mountains and people.
18The earth being milked in their respective vessels gave milk as much as (they) wished. (All) sustained their lives with that.
19Antardhana and Palita , the two righteous sons were born to Prithu. From Antardhana, Sikhandini begot Havirdhana.
20Dhisana, of the family of Agni gave birth to the six sons—Pracinabarhis, Sukra, Gaya, Krsna, Vraja and Ajina from Havirdhana.
21(He was known as Pracinabarhis) because the kuSa grass were facing the east as he was praying on the earth . The lord Pracinabarhis was a great progenitor.
22Savarna, the daughter of Samudra (the lord of the ocean) bore ten Pracinabarhis. All of them were known as Pracetas. and were proficient in archery.
23Practising the same religious austerities, they all did severe penance, remaining in the waters of the ocean for ten thousand years.
24Having got the status of a progenitor and pleased Vishnu, they came out (of waters) (and found) that the earth and the sky were overspread with trees. They burnt them down.
25Beholding the destruction of trees by the fire and wind produced from their mouths, Soma, the king (of plants) approached these progenitors and said:
26-27“Renounce (your) anger, I will get you this most excellent maiden Marisa, (born to) (the nymph) Pramloca and the ascetic sage Kandu (who was nourished) by me. Having known the future (I have) created (her). Let (she) be your wife, capable of multiplying the family. Daksa will be born to her who will multiply progeny.”
28-30The Pracetas married her and Daksa was born through her. That Daksa, having mentally created the immovables, movables, bi-footed beings and the quadrupeds, then created the (sixty) daughters (of whom) he gave ten to Dharma, thirteen to Kasyapa, twenty-seven to Soma, four to Aristanemin, two to Bahuputra, two to Angiras.
31By mental intercourse the celestials, serpents and others (were born) to them in the past. I shall describe (you) the creation of Dharma through his ten wives.
32The Visvedevas (were born) to Visva, Sadhya gave birth to the Sadhyas. The Maruts came into being from the Marut and the Vasus from Vasu.
33The Bhanus (were) the sons of Bhanu and the Muhurtas (were born) to Muhurta. Ghosa (was born) to Dharma through Lamba. Nagavithi was born of Yami.
34All that belonged to the earth were born of Arundhati. Sarikalpa (was born) from Sankalpa. The stars were the sons of moon.
35The eight Vasus are known by the names—Apa, Dhruva Soma, Dhara, Anila, Anala, Pratyusa and Prabhasa.
36Vaitandya, Srama, Santa, and Muni (were) the sons of Apa. Kala, the destroyer of the Universe (was the son) of Dhruva. Varca was the son of Soma.
37Dhara had the sons Dravina, Hutahavyavaha, Sisira, Prana and Ramana through Manohara.
38Purojava was (the son) of Anila and Avijnata of Anala. Kumara, the son of Agni, was born in a clump of reeds.
39Sakha, Visakha and Naigameya were his younger brothers. (He was known as) Karttikeya (as he was the son) of Krttika. (He is also known as) the ascetic Sanatkumara.
40Devala was born from Pratyusa. Visvakarman (was born) from Prabha and was the architect of thousands of sculptures and the architect of celestials.
41Men earn their livelihood by this art of architecture and of (making) ornaments. Surabhi begot eleven Rudras from Kasyapa.
42O Most pious man! By the favour of Mahadeva (Siva) (who was) thought of (by her) in her ascetic observances Sati gave birth to Ajaikapad, Ahirbudhnya, Tvastri and Rudra.
43-44Visvarupa, the great illustrious and fortunate (was) the son of Tvastri. Hara, Bahurupa, Tryambaka, Aparajita, Vrsakapi, Sambhu, Kapardin, Raivata, Mrgavyadha, Sarpa and Kapalin were the eleven forms by which the entire world, both movable and immovable were pervaded by hundreds and thousands of Rudras.