Procedure for bathing prior to a religious rite ||22||

1Narada said: I will (now) describe the (mode of) bathing preceding (any religious) act. Having taken a clod of earth accompanied by (meditation on) the man-lion form (of Vishnu), and making it into two parts, (one has to do) mental bathing with one part of it.
2Having immersed (one’s body in waters) and having partaken (three drops of) water and assigning (on the body) with the lion (man-lion) one has to get himself protected. Then one has to do bathing as laid down, being preceded by the control of the breath.
3Meditating on Lord Hari in one’s heart with the eight- syllabled mantra (Om namo Vasudevaya, Om namo Narayanaya or Om namo Narasimhaya), the clod of earth (is made) into three parts on the palm and protection in (all) the quarters (is achieved) with the recitation of (the mantra) for the lion (man-lion).
4-7With the recitation (of the mantra) of Vasudeva, having mentally resolved the sacred water and having rubbed the body with vedic mantras and having adored the image of deity and having remembered the aghamarshana (sukta) which destroys sins) and putting on a cloth, perform the (following) rite. Putting water on the palm, accompanied by mantras and wiping off waters on the palm, controlling with the Narayana (mantra), the air is inhaled and water is let off. Then contemplating on Hari, offering waters (of oblation) and reciting the twelve-syllabled (mantra), appeasing all others with devotion commencing in order with the seat of meditation, the mantras up to all the guardian deities of the quarters, the sages, clans of manes, men, all beings and ending with the mobile (beings) are placed.
8Then having assigned limbs (for the different deities), withdrawing the mantras one has to go to the house for performing rites. In this way, one has to bathe with the mulamantra.