Mode of anointment for the preceptor ||28||

1-2I shall describe the anointment of the preceptor as the son would do and by which an aspirant would become accomplished and a diseased would get rid of the disease, the king (would get his) kingdom, a woman would get a child and also destruction of impurity. Pictures made of earth and endowed with gems are to be placed in the middle, the east etc.
3Thousands or hundreds (of them are placed) in a circular form and Vishnu in the east and north-east at an elevated place in an altar.
4Having placed all of them the aspirant (should assign) his son in parts. After having worshipped well the anointment should be performed preceded by songs etc.
5Men should offer yogic seats etc. requesting his favour. The preceptor also should announce the terms and the pupil (initiated) into the secrets then becomes the recipient of all (that he wants).